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June 30, 2017

Friday: Adidas Ad Nauseam

By now, most of y'all have either listened to the podcast or read some of the other writers' views on the new Adidas Adizero uniform unveiling, so I'm not going to bore you with another team by team analysis of the changes.  Quick recap of the winners: Minnesota, Colorado, and Carolina; and the losers: Nashville, New Jersey, and Ottawa.  That's all I'm going to say, if you want more detailed opinions from me, listen to the podcast from last weekend here.  We had a lot of fun recording it, and I think y'all will really enjoy listening to it.

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Here are the brackets for the 2017 HJC Open. Good luck!


In voting this week, we have the regular COTW vote from June 23-29 running until next Friday at noon.  We also are in the opening rounds of the HJC Open!  If you have made it past the round robin opener, entries for the next round are due by Tuesday at noon.  Voting starts that night and runs until Friday at noon.

COTW June 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Round of 16 entries (due Tuesday @ noon ET)

Now on to today's concepts!

Adam G.- Vegas Golden Knights

Our first concept of the day is Adam G.'s design for the Vegas Golden Knights.  Right off the bat, I'm amazed at how similar this design is to what Vegas actually went with, so kudos for that.  I mean swap out the black body for grey, and you've got an exact copy of the home set minus a hem stripe.  The away set is very similar as well, if you just swapped the cuff and upper arm coloring and eliminated the black stripe.  I will say that the lack of a hem stripe does leave it kind of blank, especially with such a simplistic striping pattern on the arms.  Execution is done well, a lot of people miss the TV numbers on the left rear, so well done there.  Final verdict: a good concept, but it's missing some things that I think would greatly help, and the actual set is just so great that it's kind of ruined Vegas concepts for me.  7.5/10

Anthony C.- Kalamazoo Wings

Next up we have Anthony C. with a design for the Kalamazoo Wings.  The color balance on both sets works really well, the red as the main secondary color on the light jersey complements the red as the primary in the dark jersey.  I also like that the striping is a consistent pattern across both jerseys and the pants, although I would have liked to see something a little more adventurous.  The shoulder patches on the light jersey are a bad call, they just blend into the jersey completely.  The main crest works better because of the blue text, but I wouldn't mind seeing a recolored version just to shake things up a bit.  The contrasting cuffs are unnecessary, as they would be covered up by the gloves anyway.  Same execution errors as usual, no socks and no helmet logos.  Final verdict: not a bad design, but execution errors hold it back, especially since you've shown that you can do so much better.  7/10

Anthony C.- Wheeling Nailers

Anthony's second concept of the day is a design for the ECHL's Wheeling Nailers.  It appears that Anthony took the hem stripe from the parent club Penguins' home jerseys and put it on both home and away stripes and hem.  To be completely honest, it's kind of just boring.  There's very little going on in the jersey, and the Nailers logo, not exactly exciting itself, doesn't really help.  The most redeeming part about this jersey is the nails in the stripes, and that doesn't even work on the light set.  But you did include helmet logos!  Still would have liked to have seen socks.  Final verdict: Kind of a boring design with some design flaws.  6.5/10

Denny J.- Buffalo Sabres

Our next concept of the day is Denny J.'s design for the Buffalo Sabres.  This design reminds me of what I was most afraid of in the move to Adidas, that they would keep the three stripes on the side panels that they used for the World Cup of Hockey uniforms.  Thankfully, they avoided that in the actual uniforms.  Other than that, this is not a bad set.  I like the use of royal blue rather than navy, as well as the elimination of grey from the color scheme.  I really like the striping on the away jersey, it's a nice improvement on the more basic pattern that they have used in the past and present.  The elimination of the front numbers is fantastic, for the life of me I have no idea why they insist upon sticking to it, other than they fact that maybe they like being the only ones who do.  I'm not a fan of the two-tone collar on the away, especially when the front part just blends into the yoke.  Final verdict: a pretty good concept, but the Adidas stripes kill it for me.  7.5/10

Dylan N.- Vancouver Canucks

Wow. This is truly a thing of beauty.  This template is fantastic, and the uniform is even better.  I love the departure from the orca logo, and the subtle V striping is a great idea.  The side panel design reflects the arm striping without matching it exactly, and it works much better than a hem stripe would here.  The color balance is fantastic, and I love the Johnny Canuck V as a secondary logo.  Hands down the best concept I've reviewed in my short tenure here.  Final verdict: Words fail me.  This is a magnificent concept.  10/10 and my COTW NOMINATION!!!!!

FC Macbeth- Scotland vs. England

Our next concept of the day is FC Macbeth's design for a game between Scotland and England.  I'll start with Scotland.  I like the idea of the flag across the yoke, and while I'm not usually a fan of the phantom yoke, I think it works here.  I also really like the flag design on the gloves, that's a great look.  While I appreciate the idea of the tartan in the striping, I think it's just a little too busy and would look kind of murky when seen in action.  I'm not a big fan of the font choice, and I think the shade of blue used is a little too light for Scotland.  Finally, the logo on the helmet and breezers looks like a square instead of a rectangle for the flag.  Now on to England.  I really like the flag design in the body, and the crest in the middle of the cross works really well.  I know I said last week not to use white gloves, but given that it matches the body and flag design, I'm not completely against it here.  I also like the simplistic striping on the arms, it keeps it from being too busy when combined with the striping on the rest of the jersey.  I'm not a fan of the secondary logo since there's no gold anywhere on the rest of the uniform.  It's way too small and high up on the shoulders, and it's really unnecessary on the socks.  Given that it's a semi-traditional looking jersey, I'm not sure that I would have gone with the angled striping on the breezers.  Also, the red numbers on the back blend into the striping design a little too much.  As for execution, the name and numbers on the back of both are way too big, and the numbers are too close together.  Also, there are parts of the breezers (left bottom Scotland, waist England) that weren't colored in, and that's just lazy design work.  Final verdict: You're definitely improving, but your execution still needs work.  6/10

Noah B.- Florida Panthers/ Miami Heat

We end the day with two entries from Noah B.'s city mashup series, this one for the city of Miami. Noah does a good job here of combining the identities of both the Heat and the Panthers, and it actually works pretty well.  I like the use of the Heat's striping patterns used in the same style as the Panthers', it actually looks pretty good.  I also like that you stuck with the numbers on the shoulders and the patches on the sleeves like the Panthers do, and I'm glad you started recoloring the shoulder patches to match the rest of the uniform.  The continuation of the striping on the pants is great, as well as the attention to detail in stopping it at the inner thigh.  While I do like that you changed the basketball in the Heat's logo to a puck, it's still falling through a hoop, and that kind of bothers me.  While I know the heat use italicized numbers, I really hate them in general and wish you would have stuck with the Panthers' font.  As for execution, there's a patch of grey below the hem on each jersey that shouldn't be there.  Final verdict: a good combination of the Heat and the Panthers.  8/10

Noah B.- Los Angeles Dodgers/ Kings

We wrap up today's concepts with Nah B.'s mashup for the city of Los Angeles, featuring the Dodgers and the Kings.  Once again, Noah does a great job of combining the two teams' identities.  The Kings' template actually works really well in blue and white, and the minimal striping matches the Dodgers' identity as well.  The white tab at the front of the collar works on both jerseys, as it complements the striping on the home set and breaks up the collar and piping on the away.  Again, I'm happy that you started recoloring the shoulder patches to match the rest of the uniform.  I think the TV Numbers should be red on the blue jersey, both to better match the Dodgers and to help with the color balance.  While I do like the interlocking L and A logo, I think it's better suited to the helmet and breezers, and would have liked to seen the Dodgers' script logo with the ball turned into a puck (similar to what you did above).  Not only do I think it's a better main logo, but it would help bring more red into the design to help with color balance.  Once again, that grey area below the hem detracts from an otherwise well executed design.  Final verdict: a good combination of two identities, but some execution errors hold it back.  8/10

That's all for me today! See y'all next Friday!

June 29, 2017

Thursday: Insert Another Adidas Post

Hello everyone, welcome back!

I told you all last week that I would recap my thoughts on the new Adidas jerseys this week in order to save my thoughts for the podcast, so if you haven't listened to that yet, check it out right here. These aren't going to be my thoughts on the team's branding itself in large part, only on the changes from Reebok to Adidas. I'm also going to avoid talking about the different front/back colored collars as well, as most are awful, and there's no need to repeat that over and over again. Anyways, here they are:

Anaheim Ducks: Not much has changed, nothing to comment about here.
Arizona Coyotes: See Anaheim.
Boston Bruins: The simplification of the font outlines, and the slight change to the font, is a great move. Looks ever so slightly better. Not sure how I feel about the yellow socks, but that was probably the biggest surprise of the night.
Buffalo Sabres: Removal of the piping and pit stains are a good move, but otherwise they're a bit of a disappointment for not changing more. Nothing too bad, though.
Calgary Flames: Why oh why would you keep those flags? At least they got rid of the piping, and like Buffalo I think we were all hoping for more of a change.
Carolina Hurricanes: Another surprise of the night, and a very pleasant one. Love to see the return of the flag striping, and glad to see it subtle and not too overbearing. Plus, the design is much less plain in the first place. Second largest improvement of the switch.
Chicago Blackhawks: See Arizona.
Colorado Avalanche: While I personally don't love the mountain striping (it's borderline dated if you ask me, though maybe that's just because it hasn't been worn for about 10 years, and maybe that'll change next year), just about anything would be an improvement on the current set. Biggest winner of the switch.
Columbus Blue Jackets: I would have again hoped for a change, but their jerseys are far from awful and the font is a big improvement.
Dallas Stars: See Chicago
Detroit Red Wings: See Dallas.
Edmonton Oilers: Edmonton, you almost had it. All you had to do was keep last year's alternate, swap it to navy, create a matching road, and call it a day. Instead you managed to screw it up. While I don't dislike the TV numbers on the shoulders either, moving them back to the arms is more of a lateral move.
Florida Panthers: See Detroit.
Los Angeles Kings: See Florida.
Minnesota Wild: What an improvement. For one the set is at least somewhat consistent now, and the return to a green jersey is a great move. I wish the Wild could have a consistent set for once, but I'll take this.
Montreal Canadiens: See Los Angeles.
Nashville Predators: I'll admit these are growing on me a bit more from the initial leak and unveiling, but they still look way too plain. Second largest losers.
New Jersey Devils: These jerseys look like long sleeve shirts. As I've mentioned on the podcast, I just can't get that imagery out of my head. They went from a classic design to a long sleeve shirt. In reality, all they need to do to fix this is add hem stripes. As it stands, though, they're the biggest losers of the switch.
New York Islanders: For the most part you can just see Montréal, but the blue outline on the white jersey is a welcome addition.
New York Rangers: See Montréal.
Ottawa Senators: Many people consider Ottawa a loser, but I don't. They didn't lose anything, they just kept the same design, more or less. They're more of a disappointment for staying pat than they are a loser. The new font is looking to be an improvement, though.
Philadelphia Flyers: See Rangers.
Pittsburgh Penguins: See Philadelphia.
San Jose Sharks: See Pittsburgh.
St Louis Blues: The one small change made for the Blues are going from yellow to white numbers, and I'm a fan. Maybe I'll change my opinion once I see them in use, though.
Tampa Bay Lightning: The Bolts also didn't change much, but moving away from a lace-up collar to a normal one was a good move, along with dropping the "Tampa Bay" script on the road jersey.
Toronto Maple Leafs: See San Jose.
Vancouver Canucks: See Toronto.
Vegas Golden Knights: Now technically, this is the only team that I can't just comment on their changes, since these are their inaugural jerseys. Personally, I'm a big fan. The shiny gold looks so much better than a flat, Vegas Gold-like color, and while the red could probably be removed from the stripes, I think it adds a nice bit of pop, though I would put some on the hem too. The subtle patterns in the logo and sleeve striping are some of the best parts of the uniform as well, and such a great touch. While not perfect, the Knights are going to be looking pretty good out there, and I'm sure I'll be buying one as well (take a guess as to who it'll be, this shouldn't be hard if you know me and read my posts).
Washington Capitals: See Vancouver.
Winnipeg Jets: See Washington.


This week in voting we have the voting for the HJC Open's round robin, along with the usual COTW vote. Be prepared to submit a new concept for the next round of the Open if you make it, as the entry will be due on Tuesday as opposed to the normal Friday deadlines.

COTW June 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Round Robin vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Anthony C. - Peterborough Petes
+Simple and bold striping.
+I like the removal of black.
-I would swap the logo colors on the dark jersey.
+I like the number style.
-The striping in general is a little boring and uninspiring for my liking, and doesn't even seem to be inspired by their past (unless I'm missing something).
-I'd like to see helmet and/or pants logos.
Overall: 6.5/10

Anthony C. - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
+Glad to see them in something other than Red Wings copies.
+Another simple, bold look.
+While it could be improved a bit, the back numbers don't blend in to the chest stripe too bad.
-I'm a bit confused at the inconsistent TV number placement, though. If I were you, I'd leave them above the stripes on both jerseys.
-Again, pants and helmet logos would be a welcome addition.
Overall: 7.5/10

Burkus Circus - 2018 Stadium Series
+Now these are some wilder designs, perfect for a Stadium series game.
+The use of the leaves on Toronto's jersey is a great idea, and the logo choice works out pretty well so that way it's not an overload.
-Honestly, I'd make the hem leaves a tad larger, and the arm leaves just a tad smaller, as the TV numbers are pretty cramped.
+Now for Washington, this would be a perfect occasion to bring back that logo.
+The side paneling with the stars and the star incorporated into the full length shoulder yoke are actually great ideas, and I'm surprised I haven't seen it sooner.
+The shoulder numbers are a great choice here, as otherwise they're a bit too low.
-The logo is a bit too high on the jersey, because as of now there's no space for the C and A patches, and the front numbers are cramped.
-Speaking of the front numbers, I'd just drop those entirely.
-This game would have been a great opportunity for a red vs blue color-on-color matchup.
Overall: 8.5/10

+Another Stadium Series game for the Pens would be a great opportunity to bring back the Robo-Pen and the gray.
+The use of the 90s striping works out well, and it's modernized well by keeping it consistent across the jersey.
-I really have no clue why the logo is tiny and off-centered, but I would just put it back to normal.
-I'd also like to see more black and gold on the jersey, rather than gray being the primary color (excluding white).
+Columbus' jersey in general looks pretty nice.
-I just can't really get behind it as a Stadium Series jersey, it's just a tad too traditional to me.
-I've also never been a huge fan of the hat logo, but I also think it would be much better if it broke out from the roundel.
-For a Columbus Stadium Series game, I would totally give them a red jersey instead of blue.
Overall: 7.5/10

Dylan Wonka Nowak - Nashville Predators
Long time HJC readers will understand Dylan's crossed out name...along with Phil's comment yesterday.
+Another nice and unique concept from Dylan, chances are you haven't seen anything like this before.
+I absolutely love the seemingly fang inspired shoulder stripes. great way to improve on the ones they had last year, and they work really well for side panels too.
+Keeping their previous striping pattern is a great way to keep a bit of their past in the design.
+Good look keeping their current typeface for the numbers and the current shoulder patch.
+For once, I think the collar pentagon works out contrasting from the collar, because the fang stripes blend perfectly into the collar.
-Minor, minor execution detail, but the pants logo looks a tad too close to the stripe; it should face more towards the front if I'm not mistaken.
-I would love to see what a road jersey would look like based on this. I would imagine that the areas inside of the yoke and side panels would stay in yellow, but I'd love to see your interpretation of it.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW Nomination

Ethan B. - Calgary Flames
+I think a lot of people would love to see the Flames return to their original colors, so this is sure to please them. I'm also one of them, so it pleases me.
+While I wouldn't be against their original striping returning, I never mind seeing something new (well, as long as it's good...).
-Not really sure why you have phantom yokes on both jerseys. Those are generally something to stay away from.
-I would also switch the colors on the road jersey's striping to balance the colors.
-The yellow arm stripes are both angled to match the template, though the inside stipe is perfectly horizontal. Unless this was intentional, this needs fixed.
-The entire execution of this concept is very sloppy and pixelated, but that'll improve as you keep practicing, so don't get discouraged by that.
Overall: 6/10

F.C. Macbeth - Brazil vs. Argentina
+I like the ideas you're working off of here, especially for Brazil. While gradients don't work well on hockey jerseys, gradient striping isn't bad.
-The logo for Brazil works fine, but drop the arched wordmark, and probably raise the striping up a tad higher.
-While the black on the Brazil jersey works well to contrast the name and numbers, it doesn't make much sense. I'd just go with the blue from their flag.
-The name and numbers are also much too low. You're using a template with a shoulder yoke that's supposed to encompass the name, yet you put the name halfway over the stitching for said shoulder yoke.
-Now for Argentina, I'm not sure how well vertical striping would work on a hockey jersey, but if you're going to use it I think this is how you should do it.
-Except for on the back, where you interrupt it for the name and then continue it with a few awkward looking triangles. Just stop it at the namebar, if you ask me.
+The black makes a bit more sense on this jersey, to match their soccer team, if nothing else.
-The numbers you used look more like soccer numbers than hockey numbers.
-White pants are still a no-go for hockey jerseys, so I'd go with either blue or black.
Overall: 6/10

Noah B. - Edmonton Oiskimos
+Another solid combination in Noah's city mashup series.
+Using one team's striping pattern in the other team's style works out really well, and this is no exception.
+Good color balance here.
-As you know I don't mind shoulder numbers in general, but I don't think they work here. Move them back down to the arm, and put the Oilers logo on the shoulder instead, because it's pretty awkward where it is right now.
Overall: 8/10


And that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.

June 28, 2017

Wednesday: More Podcast!

So this past weekend we recorded yet another podcast after the official reveal of the Adidas jerseys. Suffice to say, there was a lot of clowning around as puns were flying. I was lucky to join in late as I got home from work earlier than I expected that night. Once the puns started flowing that luck seemed to have run out for me. Have a listen here.

VOTES: Concept of the Week and the HJC Open this week. After this weekend the Open Cup is going to move very fast, so also get your next couple of rounds ready just in case. 


COTW June 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Round Robin vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Anthony C: Los Angeles Kings Concept

Based on your recent work, this looks like a concept that you had lying around and forgot to send in, because it looks careless. Notice the TV numbers out of order. with a 67 on the back (albeit squished towards the nameplate and yoke) there is a 76 on the sleeves. On the back view the number should be on the left sleeve, though cut off from the template view. Pant stripe is inverted from the main striping pattern. No socks and no helmet logos hurt too.

Rating: 65%

Anthony C: Los Angeles Kings Concept II

This is much better, just on an execution note, not even a presentation note. While this seems to be a recurring theme in Ottawa for their concepts, it works great here with the Shield logo for the Kings. The alternate logo works well, and the numbers in the arm striping stand out well. I'd love to see a view of the back though.

Rating: 92%

Burks Circus: 2018 Winter Classic Concept (NYR vs. BUF)

We have fairly basic jerseys here with an old school look suitable for the Winter Classic. Each team gets a retro look mixed with an older style wordmark. I'd love to see the backs of the jerseys. Also, I don't know how the league will take to having Buffalo wear white as the home team (by ridiculous, tax-evading technicalities on behalf of the Rangers), since they were the only team to wear white at home in the history of the Winter Classic.

Rating: 78%

Burkus Circus: NHL100 Classic Concept (MTL vs. OTT)

On these jerseys we get a bit of a soccer feel, with logos placed over the player's hearts instead of dead center on the chest. It works well for the sash pattern for the Habs but seems unnecessary for the Sens. With the throwback idea, I wonder how the vintage white would look for the Senators and that crazy barber-like pattern you employ here. Backs of the jerseys?

Rating: 72%

Burkus Circus: THE Ohio State University Buckeyes Concept

A couple of things here:

1) You can't just slap a Nike logo on the upper half of a side panel of a jersey for a Reebok template. Either place it where it belongs right of that template line or just use the Nike template. 

2) That phantom yoke needs to go

3) Those pants do not fit at all. 

4) Those front numbers need breathing room. Normally I'd say scrap them but it's the NCAA so I'm used to it from them. Move the wordmark logo down too while you're at it.

Rating: 58%

Dylan N: Buffalo Sabres Winter Classic Concept

Limiting the vintage white to the logo, laces and numbers is genius, because blue and yellow can totally work without white as a color scheme. A unique fauxback design that I would love to see on ice. I'd love to see the back of this. Well done Dylan (You'll forever be Wonka to me and a few others here)

Rating: 93%

FC Macbeth: China PR vs Chinese Taipei Concept

Same issue here as I saw with Anthony's first Kings concept. The number on the back differs from the TV numbers, 39 vs 93. The nameplate number and yoke are spaced out too much. Push it up higher on the jersey. Not a bad design in general, just messy in terms of execution.

Rating: 62%

FC Macbeth: Myanmar Concept

There is way too much going on here. The multi-colored arms are cool but the striking underneath it distracts from a good idea. Double brown can work as we see with the AHL's Hershey Bears, just not with yellow pants. Name and number are too far down. You misspelled Myanmar on the nameplate. Red socks don't work with a white jersey and white socks don't work with a brown jersey. The helmet holes towards the front should be black because they are holes, not elements to be designed with color. Helmet straps are rarely colored beyond white and black. Inside of the jersey is a different shade of brown than the outside. 

Rating: 40%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



And that will do it for me here today. Make sure you listen to the podcast. I had a great time recording it with the staff here, so I'm sure you'll have a good time listening to it. See you next week!

June 27, 2017

Tuesday: Adidas Recap and Review

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! As we all know, Adidas unveiled all of the Home sweaters in a big event last week. A few teams have already shared their road jerseys, and most have stayed the same... We still have yet to see the Preds and Oilers road jerseys, which will probably have the biggest changes. 

I'm going to share my review of all the jerseys. You're probably sick of these, but I believe this is the last one... 

Here's Adidas's photo of all the jerseys... (Don't ask me why it's not alphabetical) (Via Barstool sports)


Montreal Canadiens-I like the blue added to the collar, but the collar sucks in general. The tie downs make it worse 8.5/10 
Ottawa Senators- No change? TERRIBLE. Also the font is a slight downgrade. 5.5/10 
Florida Panthers- No major change. Collar with the tie-down doesn't look that bad... 
Toronto Maple Leafs- Collar not wrapping all the way around is dumb... 8/10
Tampa Bay Lightning- Same as Toronto...I think the road looks cleaner now, but I like the "Tampa Bay" wordmark above the logo. It separates them from the Leafs... 7/10
Boston Bruins- WHO THE HECK GOT RID OF GOLD SOCKS?!?!?!?!?!? 7/10
Buffalo Sabres- No piping? YES! Still Navy? And silver? Uggh. Front numbers? WHAT THE HECK??? 6.5/10
Detroit Red Wings- Not a single stitch changed 10/10!!!! 

Pittsburgh Penguins- Screwed up the collar. Downgrade 7.5/10
Columbus Blue Jackets- I love the font upgrade! The sock pattern is also interesting. No major changes though... 7/10 Still no road jersey
Carolina Hurricanes- Storm Warning Flags? Check. Black? Check. 10/10? Check. (Wait a minute... No changes on the road jersey??? Ummm ok... 9/10)
New York Rangers- Same classic sweater, but the collar sucks... 8.5/10
Washington Capitals- What's so special about 2007? Huge opportunity to change and nothing... 6/10 
New York Islanders- The collar is a disappointment, but the blue outline on the road logo is an upgrade! 7.5/10
New Jersey Devils- Change for the sake of Change. HUGE downgrade. 3/10
Philadelphia Flyers - No major changes... Good! 7/10


Nashville Predators- LOL Wut? It looks like a Walmart Knock off you'd buy for your kid who has no idea it's not real... Huge downgrade... 4/10 (No road jersey yet)
Colorado Avalanche- Biggest winner! They actually did something right! I LOVE the mountain pattern. And the Colorado "C" patch fits with the branding better than the Yeti foot actually... But the road jersey not including the steel blue is a little odd... 8.5/10
Chicago Blackhawks- No Change, except for the collar... 9/10
Minnesota Wild- I was very pleasantly surprised at how good these are! The mismatched stripes actually work really well somehow! The whole look is very vintage! 9/10
St. Louis Blues- I really like the white numbers. It's really a change for the sake of changing, but it does look good! The St. Louis Flag hanger effect is also nice. 8/10
Dallas Stars- No major changes, and the collar doesn't look as bad as others. But the "Victory Green" collar insert is dumb. Saying "Stars" or "Dallas" worked much better... 8/10
Winnipeg Jets- Again no major changes. Collar isn't as messed up as others. I'm still hoping that they fix the white jersey's socks, but I'm not holding my breath... 7/10

Vegas Golden Knights- Fantastic first look! Much better than I would have guessed! Although the equipment might mess it up a little. The lack of Black on the road jerseys is a bit odd however... Jerseys- 9/10
Full uniform set- 7.5/10 
Los Angeles Kings- A little more silver added to the collar, but not much else changed. A terrible choice not to add a hem stripe to match the road jersey... 7/10
Vancouver Canucks- Not much changed other than the collar, which is disappointing. But the sleeve stripes match the socks better which is great! 7/10
Arizona Coyotes- Collar changes to black and nothing else changes... 7.5/10
Anaheim Ducks- Collar downgraded it from a 7/10 to a 6/10
Edmonton Oilers- I like the striping pattern, although it would look better if it was closer to the blue sweater from last year with sleeve cuffs... It's also not as good as the Orange jersey from last year. So downgrade... 7/10 (Still no road jersey)
San Jose Sharks- I was super excited when I saw the new shoulder patches, but then it ended up being only new shoulder patches. No tail stripe added... 7.5/10
Calgary Flames- Garbage. Plain and simple. And while removing the piping was good, extending the side panels was not. So nothing really changed essentially. 4/10

We also have our regular COTW voting, as well as the HJC Open Comp! The entries for the next round was due today, at noon, so I hope you got those in... The voting for those will close on Friday at Noon...

COTW vote (June 23-29)
HJC Open Quarter Semi Final entries (Due Tuesday @ noon ET)

 On to the concepts!!!!!


Anthony C.- Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
Anthony starts us off with his Red Wings concept!
  • I like the 2014  Winter Classic striping pattern! I also like how it's reversed to match better
  • Keeping the arched nameplate is great! 
  • Seeing the Red Wings with white Sleeves is weird, but it looks good here
  • Where are the socks??? I can assume that they'll reflect the striping pattern on the sleeves, but you never know. I mean the Bruins (usually) have gold socks... So maybe your socks were gonna be black??? How am I supposed to know?
My rating: You included gloves, but not socks? You've been sending in concepts for quite a while now, this should be something you always include in your concepts... 7/10

Anthony C.- Minnesota Wild (NHL)
Next up we have Anthony's concept for the Minnesota Wild!
  • I like the striping pattern! 
  • The cream shoulder yoke also works well
  • The red numbers on the road jersey look great!
  • You have the Wild's logo rotated wrong. has the logo facing straight up like your logo, where it actually is rotated down a little... Like seen in the alt logo that is on  
  • The main logo also looks a little small. 
  • The cream jersey doesn't look bad, but NHL rules state that the road jersey needs a white helmet, so the dark helmet wouldn't work reallistically, and a cream helmet wouldn't look good. 
  • Again... SOCKS?????
My rating: In reality, the cream jersey probably wouldn't work, and you didn't include socks again 7/10

Burkus Circus- 2018 NHL All-Star Game in Tampa
Burkus Circus's first concept of the day is for the All Star Game next year!
  • I the overall style of each jersey!
  • I like the idea of having the East in the Bolts main colors, and the West in their secondary colors! 
  • The stars on the stripes is a great idea!
  • The stars on the black jersey should be white...
  • It would also be nice to see the East's NHL logos in blue and white... 
  • I would like to see some equipment as well...
  • The back side of these jerseys also would be nice to see, as the blue on grey doesn't work the best
  • The shade of black on the jersey is different from the NHL logo... 
My rating: The All-Star jerseys are a pretty big task to design, and these feel incomplete... There's no socks or equipment... 7.5/10

Burkus Circus- Winnipeg Jets
Burkus's next concept of the day is an alternate jersey for the Jets!
  • I really like the striping pattern! 
  • Good logo choice
  • I like the tie-down collar
  • I don't like the double grey color scheme. Using a grey and the light blue would have worked better... 
  • I also don't like the new font. The Jets current font would have looked good with this jersey.
  • Navy N&#OB don't work on a dark grey jersey... 
  • Main logo is up a little too high
My rating: A decent look, but some interesting design choices hold this back... 6.5/10

Dylan N.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)
Up next is Dylan's Vegas Knights concept, from before the Knights had an identity!
  •  I really like the logos! 
  • Number font is also great!
  • The color scheme really fits the Knights identity.
  • Presentation is fantastic! 
  • I love the chevron sleeve pattern! 
  • I don't like how the sock pattern doesn't match the sleeve pattern... It shouldn't be angled on the sock, but it should match a little better... 
  • I'd also like to see the dark jersey for this... 
My rating: Great presentation for a identity that matches the current Knights pretty closely! 8.5/10
FC- Laos (ASEAN Series)
FC contiunes his ASEAN hockey series!
  • The slanted chest stripe is a good Idea, and swapping the direction on the home and road looks great! 
  • The captain's patch also looks great! 
  • I don't understand almost any of your artistic choices in this ASEAN series... 
    • The color schemes never match the flags, and the striping patterns are random, and thrown on... The body, sleeves, socks, and pants do not have any matching striping pattern... 
      • The color schemes are also COMPLETELY different on the home and road. How exactly are we supposed to think that this is the same team?  
    • You also added black in really random parts on this concept... In the back of the collar, on one of the socks... 
    • You also over do the equipment... Most NHL teams share the same color breezers and gloves for both the home and road. Helmets are different, but that's because the white jersey has a white helmet... 
      • White breezers also generally look AWFUL on a team... No one has pulled it off...
  • The back numbers are also really big, and placed too far down
  • You forgot TV numbers
My rating: I don't mean to insult your creativity, because it's obvious that you're very creative, but these have too many ideas through on to one jersey, nothing matches, and there are many execution errors... Try and simplify everything, and maybe only use one idea. If you use the arm stripes, then everywhere else needs that consistency. If you go with the great idea of the slanted chest stripe, then stay consistent with that, and use thick white stripes on the arms and socks. You're almost there, but you need to focus on the little cues and rules that are part of a good jersey. You have to know the rules to break them properly. (Look up all of the jerseys on to see the history of NHL jerseys, and see what kinda rules teams generally follow to look good.) 4/10 for the jerseys...

FC- Laos Alt. (ASEAN Series)
FC adds a third jersey for Laos! 
  • The crossing of the color schemes looks good here!
  • Unfortunately see above...
My rating: (See above) 4/10

Ryan C.- Winnipeg Jets (NHL) 
Last but not least we have Ryan's Winnipeg Jets concept!
  •  I really like the WHA striping pattern! It works really well with the current logo! 
  • I also like that you kept the same font, but un-italicized it! The red numbers also work well on the road jersey
  • The simple pants striping looks good!
  •  The stripes don't all seem to be the same width... The tail stripes are thinner than the arm stripes...
My rating: A great update for the Jets, merging all the eras! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!!


 Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!

June 26, 2017

Monday: Adidas Alternate Perspective

Welcome to another HJC Monday post!

Of course the Adidas jerseys have generated quite a bit of thought about which teams nailed it and which teams failed it. Colorado, Carolina and Minnesota are in the former category, while Nashville, New Jersey and Ottawa are in the later. We have yet to see the away jerseys, but unless there's another Carolina or Minnesota away, they'll be similar to the home, with the exception of Vegas.

By now you've likely heard the HJC Podcast regarding the Adidas jerseys, reviewing  all of them, and you know my thoughts on them. However, a good friend of mine, who is an HJC reader as well as jersey collector and hockey aesthetic aficionado, has his own list. I decided to enlist his help for this, as while we agree on a lot of jerseys, there are certain ones we agree to disagree on or have opposite opinions of. Usually he's able to find the good in jerseys I don't like, or the flaws in jerseys I like to help further my opinions and more nuance. With that said, here's Corey's take on the 31+ Adidas jerseys unveiled.

Anaheim Ducks - Nothing new to see here. I was hoping that they would fix the striping on the white jersey so that they don't have identical striping on the home and away. The phantom yoke is still on the home jersey, but they still look good overall. 6.5/10
Arizona Coyotes - Nothing new with these jerseys either and I don't think they needed to. Nice jerseys and the black on them is growing on me 6.5/10
Boston Bruins - Only minor change to the jerseys are that they eliminated black from their numbers on the home jersey and will now use the same colours as they did on their first alternate under Reebok. The yellow numbers with a white outline works much better. 7/10
Buffalo Sabres - Buffalo has eliminated the piping but kept the grey border on the stripes. Eliminating the grey striping would have bumped up the rating of these, especially the away jersey where the grey is hardly visible. They get points for looking better but still slightly underwhelming 5.5/10
Calgary Flames - I still don't know why they keep the Alberta and Canada flags on the shoulder. Yes, I understand that they play in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Having said that, Calgary is not the capital of Alberta or Canada. It's just a city. The mountain logo shoulder patch from the script alternate would have been much better. They did follow the trend of removing the piping so it is an improvement. 5/10
Carolina Hurricanes - Wow! These jerseys are beautiful. The black on the hem is fantastic. One criticism of Carolina since day one is that their uniforms look like pyjamas. The black gives a nice break from the red. And we see the return of the warning flags (they were on the alternate jersey so they never really left, but I digress). The way they executed the warning flags covers all their bases. Fans of the warning flags are happy to see them back and people who think they're tacky are happy that they're not prominent. Overall great job. 9/10
Chicago Blackhawks - When you already have the best jerseys in the league, there is no need to make any changes. 9.5/10
Colorado Avalanche - When you have a season as bad as they did, what better thing to do than to go back to the look when the team achieved its most success? That exactly what Colorado did here. Now I know some people were looking for the alternates to become the primary home jersey, but this appeases traditional fans. The Colorado Rockies logo doesn't work as a primary logo either, as the only connection with the clubs is that they played in the same city. They are different franchises and should have separate identities. Keep the Rockies logo as an alternate down the line. 7/10
Columbus Blue Jackets - Just one minor change here. A new font. The jersey still looks fine. No cannon logo as the primary logo, but fingers crossed for that to happen soon. 6/10
Dallas Stars - Now one Dallas is one of my favourite jerseys in the league. Having said that, it would have been nice to see matching striping on the home and away. Instead it's exactly the same as before. One minor addition is the words "Victory Green" inside the collar. 6.5/10
Detroit Red Wings - Detroit looks how Detroit always looks. It's a classic design and should remain that way. Well that is until they put a Little Caesars add on their jersey...that thought makes me very sad. For now let's just enjoy them as they are. 7.5/10
Edmonton Oilers - While I like that they darkened the blue, I am not a fan of the thin stripes. I was hoping for the exact same design with the darker blue. As of this writing I have not seen the away uniform, but where I was expecting a white version of the Orange they wore up until last season I'm now expecting to see the aways look very similar to what they wore last season. Also disappointing to see the numbers back on the arm as I was a fan of them being on the shoulder. Overall I'm let down by these. 5/10

Florida Panthers - Despite rumours that they were going to have changed to their uniforms, the jersey has remained in tact from the jerseys unveiled for last season. I'm happy that they didn't change anything as I'm a fan of the new look. Switching the patch to the arm and numbers to the shoulder is unique and makes the jerseys stand out. 7/10
Los Angeles Kings - Much of the same from the Kings. Being that I absolutely love their alternate jersey from last year I would've like to see a grey jersey, but a certain new team that happens to be in the same division has apparently cornered the market for grey. Still a decent jersey. 6.5/10
Minnesota Wild - They finally decided which logo to use on their jerseys, and it's their original logo. From what I've seen, the away jersey will remain the same. Their new home jersey is equally as beautiful as their away. The wheat colour with that shade of green work really well and the chest stripe is a nice touch. The red stripe on the arms looked weird at first, but I guess they needed to put more red somewhere. 8/10
Montreal Canadiens - Again, we knew we wouldn't see a major departure from the traditional Habs jerseys. I'm not sure how I feel yet about the laces on that collar, but I'll give it a chance. Being a Canadiens fan, the only change I would like to see is if they got rid of the white border on their numbers on the away jerseys. I think reverting back to the blue numbers with a red border would freshen things up a bit and bring back memories of when the team was a Cup contender. They added part of the team motto to the inside of that collar, which is a excerpt of "In Flander's Field" in French. 7.5/10
Nashville Predators - I never thought I'd say a team should keep their piping, but Nashville should have kept the piping. This jersey is just way too plain for my liking. The space between the logo and the hem is way too big and having less blue is a downgrade. Although I will say that the back of the jersey looks fine. They kept the guitar strings on the numbers and the blue numbers help it look, well...less gold. 4.5/10
New Jersey Devils - Finally something new from the Devils. Coming from a franchise that a few seasons ago wouldn't even change their design for the Stadium Series game (they simply used the retro jersey in the Edge cut), it's a change that I think is overdue. It's a bit plain, but I'm a fan. The yoke no longer extends into the shoulder and the hem is now have added a green hanger effect commentating their 3 Stanley Cup wins. 7/10
New York Islanders - I am probably in the minority when I say I will miss the black "Brooklyn" jerseys, but since they won't be playing in Brooklyn it had to go. The blue trim around the logo on the away jerseys is a small detail that makes a big difference. Would've been nice to see the stripes that represent their Stanley Cup victories (even inside the collar would be fine), but it's a minor complaint. 6.5/10
New York Rangers - They put grey around the collar of their away jerseys why? It's a head scratcher for sure, but it's such a minor detail that I'll let it slide. "New York" in the font style of their alternate jerseys can be found inside the collar. It's still a great jersey, no matter how much useless grey is on the collar. 7.5/10
Ottawa Senators - If there was any team that needed a new look it was the Sens. Instead they squared off the white and black on the sleeves and side panels and got rid of the stylized numbers and letters. If they were going to keep the centurion logo, then keep the same font. They managed to take an outdated and ugly jersey, and make it worse. 2/10
Philadelphia Flyers - The retro look isn't a bad look, but the Flyers are capable of doing something new. Their last 2 alternates and their Stadium Series jerseys are proof of that. Ideally, they should ditch the vintage design and opt for something new. Keep the inverse coloured name bars if it's that important, but a change would be welcomed. 6/10
Pittsburgh Penguins - The defending Stanley Cup Champions will retain the same look and boy is it a good look. Those white jerseys are a thing of beauty. 8/10
San Jose Sharks - Not what I had hoped for but I am excited for the future. The alternate logos revealed (although not used) last year are finally here. The design is the same but with new shoulder patches it looks like we may see a logo change down the line which would be an upgrade. Teal jerseys will always score some extra points whether the jerseys are good or bad. 7/10
St. Louis Blues - I am of the opinion that St. Louis had one of the top 5 jerseys in the league last year. I think these prove that to be a fact rather than an opinion. The design is the same, but they have white numbers on their home jerseys and do they ever look great. The St. Louis city flag was placed inside the collar so extra credit for that detail. 8.5/10
Tampa Bay Lightning - They still look like the Leafs. Please add some black. 4/10
Toronto Maple Leafs - The Leafs just changed their jerseys last season so there was no changes made. It's a nice, clean looking jersey. 7.5/10
Vancouver Canucks - ...They did nothing. They kept the jerseys exactly the same. Huge missed opportunity here. The orca logo just doesn't work anymore. The script above the logo looks out of place. If you've had the same jersey since the last rebranding then why wouldn't you change something? It's not a classic design like Chicago, Detroit or Montreal. After a decade of people buying this exact jersey do they think people will shell out money for something they likely already have at a higher cost than before? That being said, I'm a fan of the striping and colours. 3/10
Vegas Golden Knights - Well we all expected it and we got it. A grey home jersey. This jersey looks great. They used the perfect amount of red, as I think they would be very plain without it. The textured design in the gold is a nice touch. The home jersey looks like a suit of armour which was definitely the goal. The white gloves are a bit weird, but this is a jersey review so I won't let that factor in here. I can't wait to see them hit the ice in these. 8/10
Washington Capitals - This is the only team I will not fault for leaving things unchanged. The logo still looks modern but the striping is a bit dated. It gets a pass because the look is still fairly popular. 6.5/10
Winnipeg Jets - I'm not going to say that it's time for something new from Winnipeg, but it's awfully close to being time for something new. I'm a fan of the current look and I expected it to stay pretty much the same. With that being said, I hope it doesn't stay the same for much longer. I don't think they should go old-school Jets (although they should wear the 2016 Heritage Classic as a throwback), but maybe start with an original design as an alternate a few years down the line and see where things go. For now, I'm fine with them sticking to the design they've had since relocating from Atlanta. 7/10

Do you agree? Disagree? Tell me in the comments and I'll pass it along to Corey!

Have you voted for COTW? I'm up for this week's so you totally should. I'm kidding of course, as we have 3 solid concepts that were the best of last week. Remember to vote by Friday as usual.

The HJC Open is in full swing with the round robin. 16 spots are available, pick your favourite 5 and by Friday, we'll see which artists move on to the round of 16 next week. Votes are due Friday at noon.

COTW June 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Round Robin vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

On with today's concepts

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Dino W.)

+ Nice arm striping, goes well with the yoke colour wise
+ I'm not totally against the idea of using the Arizona 3rd jersey side panels on a more classic jersey, like Dino has chosen here, and with a couple changes it'd really work
+ Good execution

- The side panels need an outline to help with colour balancing. Having that outline will add white to the sides of the black jersey, and allow for you to make the side panels black on the white jersey and have it match the yoke
- Shoulder patches are an odd choice considering you've chosen the centurion head for the logo. The O logo looks decent, but because of the vintage white in the shield patch, it stands out
- Would have liked some red in the numbers

Rating: 6.75/10

Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: BurkusCircus)

+ I've seen this idea attempted a couple of times before with the side panel Vs, and it works well here as it doesn't conflict with the Vs in the arm 
+ Excellent logo choices
+ One thing that really helps the jersey stand out against Vancouver's other jerseys is the big green yoke, I really like that
+ Small detail, but the 3 stripes on the back of the collar looks really good!

- The NOB is very blurry, and the 97 Player makes me thing you got it from, which is okay but you could always use the templates page to find all the fonts you need. If it's simply a resizing issue then that's different 
- Would like to see the socks have a V in them 

Rating: 7.5/10 

Team Cambodia ASEAN Concepts (By: FC Macbeth)

+ The home (I think it's home anyways) jersey looks pretty good, with a couple execution changes I'd really like it
+ Logo chosen is pretty good as well
+ Execution wise this concept isn't bad

- The biggest issue with this concept is some of the design choices. Why is there a Legend of Zelda style tri-force on the helmets? Why does the away jersey have light blue, lavender and yellow on it? At first I thought the FIFA team did this and if was a call to them, but they have a red and black clash. If there's any significance to it it'd be nice to but as is, I have no idea why. The fun fact section would be the perfect place for that, instead of what Cambodia called itself 40 year ago. 
- Execution wise, the Captain's C/A is too small, the NOB is too low on the jersey, and there are no TV numbers where that patch of colour is on the yoke bands
- The arched script might look better if the temple logo was smaller, but as is it looks blocky and stretched out 

Rating: 5/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ Call me crazy, but I love this pattern with Tampa's logo> I think it's the big white arms with the white logo and even the use of piping as a break between the arm striping and the arm band
+ Good logo choices and colour balancing 
+ Decent execution

- Big missed opportunity to add black back into the colour scheme on the pants, piping and numbers
- NOB is too close to the numbers and those numbers are too small 
- No helmet logos
- This template does not work well with a tie down 

Rating: 6.5/10 

Toronto Maple Leafs Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Love the idea of a negative space T with the Leaf, while we'd never see it on a jersey in reality, it'd look great on a T shirt
+ The font chose for the numbers looks really good with that modern leaf
+ Also good job making the Vegas shield logo shape work decently with the Leafs, never would have expected that
+ Good execution

- Big problem with the striping- too similar to Tampa Bay, especially with the extra grey added to it 
- Shoulder patch is desperately needed, something similar to Vegas's shoulder patch with the CN tower or something would look amazing 

Rating: 7/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Anthony C.)

+ Solid colour layout on both jerseys
+ Most of the Flyers look is intact while basing them more so on their previous alternates another rival team's jerseys 
+ I will say the white jersey is one of the better Flyers non-traditional look I've seen
+ Good execution

- Yeah, no beating around the bush, the Flyers should never wear something similar to the Pens, no matter how good the white jersey is, I know BPoe and Steven would never allow it
- Still no helmet logos 
- If you want to make this jersey more for the Flyers, adding a Keystone patch would help massively 

Rating: 7.25/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept (By: BurkCirk)

+ Previous shoulder patch looks great with grey as the main jersey colour
+ Decent striping pattern
+ Better than that are those awesome bolts on the arms
+ Decent execution 

- The Stars/Blackhawks WC numbers need an outline if they are to work on grey 
- Not sure why the shoulder patch was chosen as the primary logo when the usual primary logo would honestly look better

Rating: 7/10

Sherbrooke Phoenix QMJHL Concepts (By: Stéphane S.)

+ Beautiful altered logo that makes it look much cleaner than the current logo
+ Excellent use of the Chicago 16 SS jersey template, with its own twist 
+ Fantastic colour balancing
+ Perfect execution 

- One small gripe is with the shading on the white jersey being slightly too dark, but that's way more a personal preference thing 

Rating: 10/10 COTW Nom from me!