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November 29, 2010

Next Step - Blades of Steel

The first set of Blades of Steel concepts are in and it's time to vote! Voting runs until Sunday at 11:59pm. As does the next block of concepts. Refer to the BLADES OF STEEL tab for the next teams and rules. This next round, we'll be stricter on the rules.

I had a poll on the side of the page asking about the new Blue Jackets sweater.
Image courtesy

31 votes were cast and 10 of those people didn't like the jersey. 8 thought it was average, myself included. 8 thought it was good and 5 thought the jersey is the best ever!

As I said, I like the polls on the side of the page and now I'll be starting a weekly poll on current issues in the NHL. We start with scoring sensation Steven Stamkos. How many goals will he score this year? 50 in 50?!?!?!

November 27, 2010

Boston had best Winter Classic jersey.

In a vote that was much closer than I thought it would be, Boston edged out Pittsburgh's 2008 Classic sweater by an 18-15 score!Thus, readers have named Boston's 2010 Winter Classic sweater the best of the New Year's Day jerseys!

That was a fun voting tournament. I personally like the informal polls on the page. I hope to get a weekly poll started having to do with hot topics that week in the NHL.

Got some more Blades of Steel concepts!

Brad - Vancouver
Brad - New York
Stephan - New York
Brad also sent his Blades of Steel logo!
Submit your Blades of Steel concepts for Vancouver and New York by tomorrow at 11:59pm EST

Brad also sent in these great retro St Louis Blues concepts
St Louis Blues conceptSt Louis Blues concept
Stephan sent in this retro based green Canucks jersey.
Vancouver Canucks concept
Leave your feedback in the comments section.

November 26, 2010

Ducks "Release" 3rd & Concepts

So, the Ducks played in their new third jersey earlier this afternoon and pretended like we all haven't seen the jersey for the past month and a half.This for me is the worst new jersey of the season. Glen had a write up on HJC when the jersey leaked which you can find here. Hopefully sometime this weekend I would like to put up my 2010-11 new jersey rankings!

Tonight I'll start off with Blades of Steel contest entries.
Ryan - New York
Tex - Vancouver
Leave your feedback at the bottom of the page!

With the recent release of the Blue Jackets' new third there will be people (myself included) who will want to show you what they would've done. Brian has done that here and done a very nice job of sticking with the same idea Columbus had, but gearing it along the same theme as their current jerseys.
Columbus Blue Jackets concept
Jack sent in these nice Lightning concepts
Tampa Bay Lightning conceptsAnything would be better than the generic Reebok paint-by-numbers template that they use now!

Stephan sent in this cool Bruins concept
Boston Bruins conceptIt's a melting pot of the 1948 logo, early 50's jerseys, and 20's-30's colours.

To finish off, here is a great set of Leaf jerseys by Tex.
Toronto Maple Leafs concepts
If you've got a Blades of Steel concept, the deadline is Sunday at 11:59pm EST. Click on the BLADES OF STEEL tab for all the rules.

Send your concepts to;

All of the people who sent in their concepts greatly appreciate your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.

November 25, 2010

Columbus Thirds!

The best kept jersey secret since the era of Edge was the Columbus Blue Jackets new alternate jersey. The Jackets managed to keep the internet free of leaks and hints right up until the jersey's release last night. Other than the Icethetics info (cannon logo) the most reliable info on the jersey was this over on CCSLC.
When I saw that information I made this concept with a cannon logo from the promo helmet we all saw.(Thanks to Connor for the logo) Obviously I was way off.

Lets start with the good;
1. The unique number font. I like that the font is different from what the typical sports numbers look like and it works on a jersey.
2. White shoulder yokes. The only other team wearing white shoulders are the Penguins 3rd jersey. So I give Columbus credit for going that route.
3. Keeping it simple. I appreciate that Columbus didn't try to be too different. It seems whenever a team tries to be really different they fail miserably.
The bad;
1. Circle logo. I discussed this nearly a year ago to the day. It is no longer acceptable to me to have a "classic" circle logo. It's just a lack of imagination.
2. Looks like every other jersey. While it's a decent looking jersey, it looks like every other jersey we've seen over the last three years. PuckDrawn has a great article about how similar all of these new jerseys are. Check it out here.
3. Vintage white for the sake of vintage white. When Minnesota did this they were the first team so it was cool. Now we have everyone using vintage white like they've all been around for 60 years. Some teams just don't fit with vintage white, like Columbus. Original 6 throwbacks, ok... Winter Classics..ok. Minnesota, ok (because they were first). Anyone else...NOT OK!

Finally, this jersey looks good.If any other alternate hadn't come out in the last 2 years then this jersey would be good. However, that's not the case and this jersey has copy-cat written all over it. I can't give this jersey a 3 so I will give it a 2.9 out of 5.

What do you give it? Rate it on the poll on the side...

*Sorry if this post doesn't make sense. I'm into my third rum and coke!

November 23, 2010

Blades of Steel...ching!

Got the first set of Blades of Steel concepts.

Stephan - Vancouver
Stephan - New YorkFor both concepts, Stephan has used the coat of arms for the respective cities.

Just a couple of notes, try to keep the NHL logos off of the neck insert, tags, etc. Maybe the Reebok logos also, but that's not a big deal. Another point is to try and stay away from white jerseys. The idea is to use the two colours provided as the main colours and other colours as accent colours. It's all okay though, we'll be pretty loose on the guidelines this round.

Ryan - VancouverI used a basic V for the logo and the waves across the middle of the jersey are from the city flag. I also tried to use a vintage looking font.

Check out the Blades of Steel tab if you're interested in submitting a concept for this fun competition.

November 22, 2010

HJC 1st Year Anniversary!!

Today marks HJC's 1st year of existance! Lets hope there's 10 more in the future. To celebrate I created a new logo! What do you think of it?

Also as part of the celebrations, I have launched the new contest! Go check out the BLADES OF STEEL tab to find out all about it! It's a little more detailed and will take a lot more time than what we have been doing, but I think it will be a lot of fun. Let me know what you think of the new contest.
Next order of business is the Winter Classic jersey tournament. The finals has the Bruins sweater of 2010 going up against the Pens 2008 jersey. Here are the final tallies from round 2.

BOS 27
WSH 11

CHI 19
PIT 20

Wow, Pittsburgh only won by 1 vote! That's the closest vote we've had yet on HJC!

Finals voting will run until Friday at 11:59pm (eastern)

I hope you like the new look...or maybe you don't. Either way, feedback is greatly appreciated either by comments below or by email.

November 20, 2010

Tex wins! Tex wins!

I guess it's only fitting that a guy named Tex won the Dallas Stars competition. Way to go, and here's his winning entry.

Tex's Dallas conceptAs a prize, this entire post will feature more of his concepts! Any words in italics are Tex's words.

Boston Bruins conceptThe really,really,really yellow home was my version of the jersey used in the early '40's, but since I couldn't find the "Bruins" wordthing i just used the shoulder patch B. The road jersey is almost exact to the '48-'49 one, except I removed the 24-49 thing. And to finish it off the alternate based off the numbers up front football like design used from '36-'48, but with the old color scheme.

Montreal Canadiens conceptI used the logo from 1912-1917 and the "CAC" patch used from 1911-1912. I think they should ditch the red for blue, but that's just me.The alternate logo was used in the recent jerseys but I wanted to change the color scheme a bit.

New York Rangers conceptThe wordmark was used from 1946-1947 and the patch was used from '26-'27. I liked the new heritage or whatever jersey scheme so I used it, also I wanted to do a red 3rd so I did.

Remember, that I will be giving HJC a mini re-launch on Monday afternoon. Included will be a brand new logo for the site and a new and more in-depth competition.

PS - Let Tex know what you think about his concepts and leave a comment below.

November 17, 2010

Winter Classic Jersey Tournament - Round 2

First round voting is done in the Winter Classic Jersey Tournament!

Here were the final scores:

PIT'08 - 23
BUF - 17

CHI - 24
DET - 15

BOS - 31
PHI - 9

PIT'11 - 17
WSH - 21

In the semi-finals I have reseeded the jerseys based on how many votes they received in round 1. So, Boston(31) will face Washington(21) and Chicago(24) will face Pittsburgh 2008(23).

Voting for this round will run until Sunday 11:59pm (eastern)

November 16, 2010

Competition On!

Sorry about the delay. I nearly forgot that we still had the Dallas Stars concepts to vote on! You can find the concepts under the "Dallas Stars Comp" tab. The poll is on the RIGHT side of the page.

While we're all here, I have a few concepts that came in.

Dylan sent in a Preds concept.
Nashville Predators conceptI think the Preds are heading in the direction of this colour scheme and with the promotion of the current alternate they would need a new one. The font isn't the best in my opinion and I think the lighter blue should be less prominent.

Jack from GLD is next
New York Islanders conceptI think either one of these would be a great as the new alternate next season. I wouldn't be surprised to see the lighthouse logo appear as a shoulder patch such as Jack has done.

To finish off, Tex.
Vancouver Canucks conceptTex sent in this vintage Canucks concept. He really plays on some of the features I'd like to see on jerseys.
1)Permanent patch on the front of the jersey
2)Logos in the arm stripes instead of shoulder patches
3)Vintage white coloured jersey

November 13, 2010

Oilers Champ

The winning Oilers concept as chosen by HJC readers, with 30% of the votes is this one...The winning entry was sent in by Tex! Congrats Tex!

Refer to the "COMPETITION" tab for the next contest.

Rangers new Sweater

Last night, as we all know, the Rangers released their not so secret heritage/3rd jersey. I would have to think this will return next year under the "3rd jersey" title. The 85th anniversary patch makes it a "heritage" jersey. As do the retired numbers inside the hem of the jersey, but as I was reading, those are only there on the sweaters available at MSG.

The Rangers will wear their regular pants with the sweaters as Ryan Callahan shows us here.Some people are saying that the name on the back is straight, but I see a slight curve. Maybe it's just me?I see it even more on this Lundqvist sweater.It looks like is either selling the jersey without the 85th anniversary patch on the right shoulder, or they just didn't put it on for the promo photos.

Good looking sweater. Simple and classic, just how I like you all know. I'll give it a 4/5. It looks really sharp and fits well onto the Edge jersey. I would give it five, but there's nothing on it that blows me away.

What do you think of the new jersey? Leaving a rating and/or comment below.

November 12, 2010

Concepts Because of New Thirds

Oh oh, voting for concept jerseys has gone down significantly! Only 18 votes for Oilers jerseys with only 20 hours to go. By the end of Ducks voting there were over 100 votes. Maybe it's time to move on to other projects? Any ideas? Email them to me.

Now for the less depressing...concepts!

The Rangers are going to reveal their new 3rd jersey in the upcoming hours (as if we haven't seen it). On that topic, Jack sent in these simple and clean New York concepts.
New York Rangers conceptsJack's white jersey is a nice addition. That would be great as a third jersey also. He brought back the thin blue stripe between the red and white stripes, such as they had in the 80's.

Trevor made a couple of Blue Jackets jerseys based on the canon logo found on some merchandise.
Columbus Blue Jackets conceptsTrevor said he used a Civil War theme basing his entire design after a Union Artillery uniform.

I made this Red Wings concept
Detroit Red Wings conceptThe striping is from the 1929-30 Detroit Cougars jersey. The script on the front of the jersey is the same font that Ford uses. Ford calls Detroit it's hometown, but most already knew that.

Here's another one of my creations
Vancouver Canucks conceptIt's a retro inspired Canucks jersey. With the success of the 40th anniversary jersey, I think it's only a matter of time before the "stick-in-rink" logo becomes the main crest. Thus, leaving a void at the 3rd jersey position. With retro jerseys the "in" thing right now, this would be a good option.

That's all. Email all of your concepts, comments, questions and bitching to;

November 11, 2010

Non-competition Concepts

With the concept comp's going on I haven't posted any of the other jerseys I have been sent. So, here we go!

Brian sent in this Nordiques concept.
Quebec Nordiques conceptBrian informed me that it is based on a french canadian series called "La série Montreal Québec".

Jack sent in these concepts...
Boston Bruins conceptThis is based on their old heritage jersey posted below the image.

Washington Capitals conceptThat red jersey would be a great 3rd! Simple, but not too simple and sticking with their unique striping tendency.

Connor sent in a great set of Canucks jerseys
Vancouver Canucks conceptVancouver Canucks conceptVancouver Canucks conceptI love the retro look of these! Great to see the full body Johnny Canuck on a jersey.

Finally, during the summer I was sent a whole lot of images and marks pertaining to the Winter Classic. I haven't had anywhere to post them so I will post them now. The first one, I added the jerseys to. It is being used on various merchandise.