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August 21, 2017

Monday: What To Expect From Adidas

I'm back. I didn't really go anywhere too far. I was camping this past weekend. And thanks to Jets96 for taking over on Saturday. So now here we go, a Saturday on a Monday.

The winner of the COTW-July vote was Ryan H. (that's me)


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This is my 2nd monthly win of the year. I also won back in April. I'm quite surprised to win this one as I thought there was a stronger case for every other concept to win. Thanks to everyone who placed a vote for my concept. This Preds jersey will be back for the 3rd Quarter Vote


The winner of the COTW vote for August 4-10 was Chris W!

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Chris rings up his 3rd COTW win with this brilliantly executed KHL jersey set. This is Chris' first win since early March. Congrats Chris!


The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page in the black poll. Log into a Google account and you will be able to place a vote up until Friday at noon Eastern time. If you don't have a Google account you can still look at the nominees on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.


The winner of the Hockey Card Competition was Vaughn R!


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This is Vaughn's first ever competition win, so well done! Vaughn's hockey cards will now move into the COTW vote this week going up against another concept of his and an Oilers concept from Burkus.


The new competition that has begun on HJC is a simple ReDesign competition for the ECHL's Toledo Walleye. Click the banner at the top of the page to check out the rules. You do have an extended deadline for this competition souse the time to make your concepts flawless. Put in that detail that you may not normally have time for. Entries are due on September 1st!


Okay, before I start this rant about what I see Adidas will be giving us jersey nerds this season let me preface this whole piece by letting you know that most of this will be my opinion. I don't have inside information, I'm just looking at pictures and websites that are available to everyone and forming my own conclusions. I will say that Adidas deserves a shot when their jersey products come out. However, I will be giving them only one single tiny shot based on what I have read so far.

Most of you know by now that Adidas won't even be making the replicas. Fanatics will be making the replicas. There will be no Adidas logos on the jersey, despite every NHL player having Adidas logos on their jerseys. Despite this the jerseys are meant to replicate what you see your favourite NHL players wearing on the ice, but if you're a big jersey nerd like me, that will just not be good enough.
Fanatics is advertising the replica jerseys as "The First Official Jersey Made Just For Fans". That sounds like "It looks like what the players wear on the ice, but it's not close so feed the fans some BS line so they feel good about spending lots of money on our product".
Yahoo Sports
Taking a look at the images we've been supplied by Fanatics I see that the jerseys will fit the same way a hoodie does. So now I'm removing all ideas of how a jersey is constructed and replacing that with how a hoodie is constructed. Again taking a look at the pictures I can see that none of the logos (both team & NHL) or numbers are embroidered type patches. They all appear to be flat, plastic, heat pressed logos. They seem exactly the same as what you get with the replica Reebok Edge shoulder patches.
What I expect from Fanatics is a hoodie with heat pressed logos and numbers on it. Now add a price tag of $160 for blank jerseys and $200 for numbered jerseys. That sounds terrible to me. So terrible that I have no interest in even trying one of these jerseys. Moving on!

Authentics! This sounds promising! Well not exactly, you see authentics have never really been exactly the same as the on-ice jerseys either. For that you would actually have to purchase a game-worn, game-issued, or team issued jersey.
The good news first, Adidas authentic jerseys will be made by Adidas and feature Adidas logos. The price of Adidas authentics will also be considerably lower compared to Reebok authentics. They are expected to retail around $200 blank and $250 with a number.

Now here comes the bad news...
Indo-Edge 2.0
That's right! Adidas authentic jerseys will be made overseas. I do not know if it will be in Indonesia, but Adidas is Reebok's parent company so you can try to put the pieces together. When Reebok moved production of their authentic jerseys to Indonesia there was an uproar because the quality deteriorated so drastically that it affected sales. Reebok moved production of the authentics back to Canada quickly.

On-ice Adidas jerseys (Blues & Canadiens)
Take a look at the image below, just inside the collar. In the same location with the on-ice jerseys you can see some words that say "Made In Canada". However from what I can see on the authentic jerseys (below) it does not say "Made In Canada". It may say "Made In Indonesia", but we will have to wait to see.
Adidas is now making the authentics and as far as they may be concerned there is no other authentic NHL Adidas jerseys to compare these new ones to. Why does this matter to a hardcore jersey nerd like myself? The on-ice jerseys are made in Canada.

The final difference that I've seen is the little black circle containing the Adidas logo on the bottom-left hem. Adidas just had to sneak that little bit of branding on there. They could have left that of, as they do with the on-ice jerseys, but nope. Everyone has to see that it's Adidas. It's like Wayne and Garth going backstage at the Alice Cooper concert. The jerseys that you saw at the Expansion & Entry Drafts were on-ice jerseys. The jerseys you purchase in stores will only look like those some ways.


Last week I posted a just for fun poll searching for the BEST Star Wars film. Here are the results...


This ranking shows how many 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place votes each film received. A first place vote is worth three points. A second place vote is worth two points and a third place vote is worth one point. The total points each film got is listed on the right.

How did Revenge of the Sith finish higher than Rogue One? I'm not surprised to see Episode I and II down at the bottom of this list but I am a little surprised to see Ep I finish higher than Ep II. Both a terrible movies, but I found Ep II more tolerable than Ep I. They really could just get rid of Phantom Menace and never talk about it again.

As a die hard Star Wars fan I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I may like Force Awakens better than A New Hope. Either way they are both excellent films! I liked Ep VII so much that I helped my kids name our new dog Captain Phasma. Can someone explain to me how Ep VII makes over two billion dollars worldwide, but to this point no one knows where my dog's name is from?

Got something to say about these results? Let's hear about it in the comments section. Between this poll, the two COTW polls, and the competition poll this one received the most participation!


COTW Aug 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Toledo Walleye entries (due September 1st @ noon ET)

August 20, 2017

Sunday: The (not so) Big 3

Afternoon All. Welcome back. I'm just going to dive right in but you guys know what you need to do as HJC citizens!

COTW Voting Due Friday @ Noon

FC Macbeth- Montreal Canadiens
Positives: This positives about this in it's entirety is that you have a cohesive set. Otherwise things just go down hill.
Negatives: The name and numbers are too spaced out, the striping on the arm is so thick that it's just too much with the yoke itself. Also, you could have toned down the striping a bit.
Positives: 4/10

Jets96- Dallas Stars 
Positives: For a second I thought this was another re-do concept (kidding) but I really like the two green striping on the arms and hems with the black jersey. It gives it a really early 90's feel to it with the vintage stars logo.
Negatives: The gold numbering is killing me with the thin lettering. It's just so overpowering on the back. Also, the phantom yoke could be tossed.
Overall: 7.75/10

Zack R- Grand Rapids Griffins
Positives: The striping design on the arms does give off a 80's vibe to it and the numbering and logo give me a race theme on the jersey. Overall good looking jersey.
Negatives: Nothing on the jersey is really a negative I just think that you could have made your presentation a little cleaner.
Overall: 8/10

I don't feel like giving a COTW today so I'll let you guys decide and see you next week!

August 19, 2017

Saturday: It's in The Numbers

Welcome to the Saturday post, you know it's Jets96 instead of Ryan, so if to you I'm the Lisa Simpson or Poochie of the HJC writers, feel free to skip. You'll see Ryan's Weekend Update on Monday where my post would usually be.

During a conversation with the other HJC writers, the subject of Leafs jerseys came up, and the fact that the Leafs, to my surprise, made a subtle change to their numbers between the 2000-01 and 01-02 seasons. Quick history lesson- Following the 1996-97 season, the Leafs would take their dive into the late 90s design trends and for the only time in their history, wore round numbers full time. Most fans like this look in passing, but the numbers were squared off, though had the same silver outline and would continue to through the CCM 550 era. In the first year of those squared numbers, the silver outline was A LOT thicker on the tv number.

Case in point, my lovely model Dmitry Yushkevich will show you:

Thick outline for 2000-2001

Thick outline from 2001-07

It's difficult to tell, but come the 2003-04 season, with the over the top trends of the 90s finally dying down, it's a lot cleaner of a look when the silver is minimal However there is something really nice about the thick outline of the 2000 jerseys. It doesn't look like much, but for a fan looking for an authentic jersey from that year or just likes over the top trends, it makes a difference.

So with this in mind, let's look at some other short lived subtle number and font styles teams have had over the past several years, why they changed, and what kind of difference it makes.

Calgary Flames 2003-04 black name font.

Photo from Calgary Herald 
When the Flames introduced the new home red jerseys in 2003-04, they were a huge hit. Even today they are widely regarded as some of the best jerseys the team had ever worn. The jersey did have its growing pains in the beginning. Originally, the entire jersey was supposed to have all black numbers, logo and name font. Fans would complain throughout the beginning of the season, and white name font was used instead for the rest of this jersey's life and up to and including the current jerseys. The funny thing is despite this change, the black name jerseys don't fetch much more than the regular version with the horse head shoulder patch. The main reason being most fans fans a 2004 Stanley Cup Finals patch, which would mean the white NOB to be authentic. 

1991-92 Minnesota North Stars green name font

Photo from
Very few photos exist of these numbers, and for a good reason. When the North Stars brought out their new 1991 logo and jerseys, their font matched the numbers a lot more, and admittedly would have added some character to these otherwise bland jerseys that looked A LOT better in Dallas. Similar to Calgary though, the numbers were hard to read, particularly on the black jersey, where green letters were very hard to read even with the tiny white outline. Rather than changing the colour of the names to green to white, they scraped it all together and brought in a block font. If you can actually find one of these Minnesota jerseys, it might be something to ask your local jersey place to try to do, but you'd need to know someone who knows the font. 

1977-78 Toronto Maple Leafs Harold Ballard Stunt

Photos from

The Leafs in the 70s were the pinnacle of mediocre for a playoff team, and very likely would have been a Cup contender, particularly in 1977-78, if not for the antics of Harold Ballard. Besides the coaching carousel and trading a young Bernie Parent for nothing, Ballard felt that jerseys should never have names on their back. The NHL mandated for the 1977 season that both jerseys need names, even the Cleveland Barons and Colorado Rockies had names on their jerseys, but Ballard stuck to tradition. The NHL gave him an ultimatum, $10k fine or you put 3 inch letters on the jersey, but like a smart ass kid, Ballard made the letters on the back of the blue jerseys blue (you can see the outline on the photo of the left. The NHL was not amused, so then Ballard put a blue name bar with no jerseys. The team would put regular letters for 1978-79, but for Leafs fans, it's just another reason why the 70s sucked for them. This one is the easiest of the fonts mentioned to get done, all you need is to tell the jersey place to use the blue letters for the white jersey. You'll get lots of thumbs up from Leafs fans for a good sense of humour. 

1982-83 Detroit Red Wings Fancy Font

Photo from the
When Detroit's red jersey started using white numbers rather than red with a white outline in 1937, that was the last time the Red Wings changed their numbers from then until 1982, and they would not change from 1983 until now. For one season, the Red Wings decided their block font wasn't unique enough, and instead chose these rounded numbers for one season along with an arched namebar. They look nice enough, and looked great on the 2014 WC jerseys, but I could not see these being used full time. Who knows? Maybe if the Wings had won a cup that year they'd feel more natural. If you want these, so long as the place you're getting the numbers done at did the 2014 WC font, all they'd need to do is cut the numbers from the regular material.

2000-01 Columbus Blue Jackets Fat numbers

Photo from International Hockey Archives

The Blue Jackets are one of the few teams to have worn a rounded font for their entire history; it's something that defines their look. However the original numbers worn in 2000 compared to the numbers of any other year have one major difference; width. The 0s and 8s particularly are A LOT wider on the 2000 jerseys. My lovely model Geoff Sanderson has the best example. It's a subtle difference, but a truly authentic inaugural Blue Jackets jersey would have the numbers on the right along with the patch and making sure to have the beautiful Stinger patch.

Any fonts I missed? Which one would you want on a jersey?

All week the HJC writers have been giving you ideas for concepts, so I have one for you. Use an old font and build a jersey around it! Maybe the English D logo and the fancy Red Wings font? Or a fat font with Stinger? Get experimental! And hey, give Yushkevich some love, Leafs fans!

Voting is pretty simple this week! We have the COTW vote which is NOT up yet. Stay tuned for that as Ryan is away on a trip until Monday, when that vote will go live. 

On with today's 3 concepts! 


Toronto Maple Leafs Concepts (By: FC Macbeth)

+ FC, your execution in this concept is the best I've seen from you yet. There's a lot of thought put into this concept and I look forward in seeing you continue to improve
+ I am now a fan of the Leafs logo on a chest stripe thanks to the 2016 CC jerseys, and the 67 stripes look fantastic on the chest
+ While the template makes the jersey feel like 2009 and not 2017, but it kind of works
+ I like the inclusion of grey

- The blending of eras here works for most of the jersey, but some things need to change. Mainly the shoulder patches from the 70s not really working with the current lead
- Those leaf patches are done properly...but they're upside-down 
- The namebar and numbers are too far apart, and I think that's because the numbers are too low

Rating: 7.5/10

Washington Capitals? Concepts (By: Sebastian B.)

+ I will say this, the Washington Senators capitol building logo makes a great shoulder patch in the 1996-2007 colour scheme
+ Home jersey with the bronze arms has the right idea
+ Numbers are done well, though a little small on the back

- The white jersey is very plain without having the blue arms. Columbia blue arms would save the at jersey along with some small hem striping and that small amount of striping on the arms under the black on the bronze arms
- Script is very pixelated
- Reason why I say this is a Capitals? concept is because there's nothing other than the name that says if this is meant for the Caps, or the Sens, or if this is a cross over
- Sourcing your logos is always nice, but unless you want a URL on the back of the white jersey 
- Would be nice to see some gear
- Reebok hasn't used the vector logo since Spring 2011on the back of the collar

Rating: 4.5/10

Friendship Middle School Firebirds Concepts (By: Chris W.)

+ When I was in middle school, you were lucky if your team wore Buffalug templates. These would be amazing for a middle school to wear, especially that alternate
+ Logos are all really well done and chosen well across all 3 jerseys
+ Home and road remind me of the 97-00 Leafs mixed with the podium jersey Flames, two of my favourite jerseys of that era
+ Great execution

- NOB is a little small 

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from em!

August 18, 2017

Friday: Two Kings and a Czar

Hello again and welcome to another Friday post!  It's beginning to reach the time of year when my NHL withdrawals begin to take over.  I spent all of last night watching highlight videos on Youtube on everything from best hits to goalie freakouts.  It's getting bad, y'all.  It's also reaching the time of year when we see a slump in the number of concepts being sent in, as I'm sure y'all have noticed.  I don't know if it's the heat making people sluggish, or just the fact that hockey is sort of "out of sight, out of mind" during this period, but I say it's time we change that.  I know that I'm not innocent in all of this, as I haven't been contributing as many concepts as usual either, but I think we need to gear up for the new season with some new concepts.  We have a bevy of outdoor events that we could make one-offs for, with the usual Winter Classic and Stadium Series games as well as the NHL 100 Classic.  We also have an entirely new uniform system to work with, and I know that y'all have teams that you think could have done better.

Just gonna leave this here...

So my charge to you, dear readers, is to go out and make some concepts to show Adidas where they went wrong.  Even if you aren't familiar with design, we have a great tutorial section on the site here, which I myself used when I was first starting out.  I was just a reader like you who thought I'd give it a shot, and lo and behold, it led to a job.  You never know until you try.

New voting will begin with Ryan's post on Monday, along with the announcement of this week's winners.

Now on to today's concepts!

Burkus Circus- Team Russia

Our first concept of the day is Burkus Circus' design for Team Russia.  Right off the bat, I like the chest stripe that helps give the jersey the look of the Russian flag.  The gold in the striping does a good job of tying the logo in with the jersey while still being minimal enough to preserve the flag design.  I'm a big fan of the continuation of the flag motif in the collar, it's understated enough to be considered among more traditional multi-colored collars, but it's different enough to pop.  I've never been a huge fan of the script under the main logo, but if you chose to keep it, I would have liked to have seen a font for the name and numbers that better matched it.  I don't like the look of the gold numbers, especially on the white arms, but I can't really think of a color that would work better with this design.  I also would have liked to have seen the breezers, just to get a better idea of the overall look of this set.  Final verdict: a decent set, but nothing that I think will unseat their current uniforms.  7.5/10

Jets96- Los Angeles Kings

Next up is our very own Jets96 with a concept for the Los Angeles Kings.  I love the return of the purple and gold color scheme, I think it adds some vibrancy to their identity, and helps them match the Lakers, their cohabitants at the Staples Center.  While I don't necessarily hate the silver and black, I think that this color scheme makes for a more exciting look for the kings.  I also love the return of the original crown logo, it's much better than the home plate logo that graces their current set.  I like the nod to tradition with the gold helmet, and those gloves look great.  I'm not really keen on the generic cookie-cutter template that was used by the Avs and Preds, and when used here without the piping, it looks even more bare.  With such a modern looking jersey, I don't like the traditional striping on the breezers, either leave them blank or use a more modern striping.  I was never a huge proponent of the "Los Angeles" text on the bottom of the jerseys, and it becomes even more cluttered here with the addition of the team name.  With the text on the front, the more basic name and number font looks out of place, just use their current set.  Final verdict: a step in the right direction for the Kings, but a little too generic.  6.5/10

Joe D.- Los Angeles Kings

Our final concept of the day is another design for the Kings, this time coming to us from Joe D.  Once again, I love the move away from the home plate logo as a main crest, it works a lot better as a shoulder patch.  I like the simplicity of the single grey stripe given the complexity of the diamonds in the cuff and hem pattern.  At first I didn't really like the diamond patter with white extended all the way down, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it.  It reminds me of the fur trim on the capes that you always see worn in old time royal portraits, which I think is a great design choice for a team with such a regal name.  I'm not sure how I feel about the white collar, while it is traditional, I think it might help the color balance to have it be silver.  Not a fan of the numbers on the breezers, it looks a little too amateurish for me.  Might also make the main crest a little bigger.  Final verdict: a nice set for the Kings that I think would make a great alternate.  8.5/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!

Well, that's all for me this week, see y'all next Friday!

August 17, 2017

Thursday: Sudbury Redesign

*** Edit by Ryan *** 

Hey guys! As you know my regular post comes every Saturday. You get the voting results and the new nominees. You also get contest updates and some more. Well this Saturday will NOT be that type of post. I will be away so Jets96's regular post will happen on Saturday. Then all of the regular stuff that happens on my post will happen on Monday. Essentially Jets and I have switched days for this week.


As you guys have seen recently, we don't have too many concepts to present today. This works out well for me because this week has been my busiest all summer, so a light post makes things a lot easier for me. On the plus side for you guys, I actually have some news to report on for once!

A few days ago, the Sudbury Wolves unveiled a new set of jerseys for next season, which appear to take influence from their 1989-2009 white uniform:

In my opinion this is a huge upgrade, though that wouldn't have been hard to accomplish considering their previous uniforms were just a Reebok EDGE cookie cutter design. Their logo still needs a major upgrade, though, and I'm not sure how I feel about the number typeface chosen; I think it works but I think there are better options. Not much to complain about though, as all they're doing right now is improving.

Despite this improvement, there are still many CHL teams with designs ranging from mediocre to awful, and some that just copy an NHL team. My challenge for you guys this week is to redesign some of these teams into a better and/or more unique look. Or, if you'd prefer, just redesign a team that already has a good look and improve on it.


This week has a few more votes than usual, with the COTW vote as always, the COTW-July vote, and the voting for the hockey card competition, you can be sure to get your voting fix in this week!

COTW-July vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW Aug 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hockey Card Comp Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Burkus Circus - Edmonton Oilers
+This is a great way to combine the Oilers' past, while giving them a new look for this new era, and also incorporating some new ideas.
+I like the influence taken from the old WHA jerseys without directly copying them.
+Changing the colors around on the jerseys is a big help in giving them a new look. The square shoulder yoke and the shoulder stripes also give them something they've never had before while still fitting well on these jerseys.
-I think royal blue would have been a better choice if you were making blue the primary color. I only think the navy works for the new Oilers because it's a secondary color, rather than the primary.
+The road jersey could probably use a bit more blue, but other than that the colors are balanced well.
+I like the oil drop incorporated into the arm and pants striping.
-I'm not a big fan of your coloring of the logo. I'll admit it's grown on me since I first saw it a few days ago, but I still think the normal coloring would look much better.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW nomination

Jets96 - Montréal Canadiens
-What in the....
+If nothing else, I have to give you a lot of credit for stepping out of the box on this one.
+Despite how strange this concept may be, I really like how you still tied this into their current look.
-Quite frankly, I really hope this isn't the future of hockey jersey design. I don't mind an asymmetrical look, but this one is a little bit too crazy for my tastes.
-Not really sure the point of the extra logo on the one arm.
+I think you made a good choice to include the shoulder yoke, as otherwise the jersey would look insanely unbalanced.
-Unless it's just me, the TV numbers look a tad small.
-Personally, I think that if you're going to do something crazy like this to the jerseys, yet something that's also pretty simple, go all out and do something crazy and simple on the pants and/or socks too. Imagine giving the players a sock to match the jersey for their right leg, and one that matches the other arm for the left leg, for example. That might look awful, but who knows, and for something as crazy as this it would at least make sense.
Overall: 7.75/10

Sebastian B. - Chicago Bears
+I was originally going to give you a downgrade for doing nothing much aside from recoloring the Hawks' jersey, but this is actually pretty similar to the Bears' striping in the first place. Happy coincidence, ain't it?
-However, I still think you could have done a few things to differentiate the two teams. For one, I would add a third orange stripe on the blue jersey's hem, or just stay faithful to the Bears' pattern but with only two of the three stripes. On the road jersey, I would change the hem striping to match the sleeve striping, but that's just to keep it consistent.
+I think you chose the right logo to use, and I don't mind the typeface either.
-The logo looks a little big.
-The numbers and name on the back and the TV numbers are all very pixelated.
-The TV numbers are also incorrectly placed. The 9 should be on one side of the template and the 2 on the other, rather than them both being placed on the same side. Take a look at either of the other concepts on this post if I didn't explain that well.
-Not sure why you have front numbers on the blue jersey and not the white, but I'd remove them from the blue jersey anyways.
+I actually like the use of the NFL's captain patch on this jersey.
-I think a neat touch would be to put it on the other side of the chest, though, like they do in the NHL.
Overall: 7/10


And that's all from me this week! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.

August 16, 2017

Wednesday: Bueller?

Three concepts this week. From two artists. I know it's August but my goodness we need your help here. You would think that with the new Adidas jerseys revealed we would have an influx of new ideas to replace some of the new duds, like Nashville, New Jersey and Edmonton, or even some that still need replacing like Ottawa, Columbus, Washington and Calgary.

So this is my challenge to you: Exactly what I mentioned above. Replace those jerseys, because the teams need them scrapped like yesterday. And be creative with it. Don't just replace them with old jerseys. Get new ones.

NEWS: The Belleville Senators have recently unveiled a better look than their parent club. We saw the pictures on Sunday and we cannot wait for Ottawa to get that set, right? RIGHT?

VOTES: The Hockey Card top 3 vote is ongoing, as are COTW and the July COTW (I'll still refer to it as concept of the month or COTM) votes.


COTW-July vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW Aug 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hockey Card Comp Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Matt G: Arizona Coyotes Alternate Concept

While this does seem rather generic, I like it. A lot. Matt uses the vintage white/sand color in the Coyotes color scheme to create a classic look for the team. The number font is sort of a modern take on classic numbering, with rounded edges. I kind of like it. Nothing stands out to me though.

Rating: 85%

Matt G: Arizona Coyotes Throwback Concept

I won't spend too much time on this because we have another Adidas-ification, strike that, Adizeroed (thanks to an anonymous reader) concept here as the original Coyotes look is transferred onto an Adidas template. Only difference is the lack of a number outline, which is a slight improvement. Again, nothing special, but something I want to see on ice. 

Rating: 80%

Vaughn R: Montreal Carabins vs Ottawa Gee Gees (U Sports, formerly CIS) Concept

Looking at the existing jerseys for these universities, obviously its an improvement because the Carabins use recolored Rangers jerseys (black substitutes red) and the Gee Gees use the Edge-ified Coyotes jerseys. Personally I don't like how the blue stands alone against the black on the Montreal jersey. The jersey itself seems fairly dull. As for the Ottawa jersey, the only thing I hate is the colored name bar. The bar should not be there but even if it is fine there, it isn't big enough because ofhow bold the font is.

Rating: 75%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:


 Not enough concepts to have a standout one here 

I hate when I can't nominate a concept for COTW. It sucks, because usually I am blown away by some of the work you guys put it. And with three concepts, none of which blew me away, I had no choice. I'm sorry. Hopefully you guys can send some stuff in. I have a couple of things in progress now so hopefully I can share that with you guys soon. Until next week.