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HJC is looking for a new writer for  

Here are a few points that may help you get the position
  • Good grammar (this is the most important thing!!!)
  • Already writing for a blog or your own blog (not mandatory)
  • Attention to details

To be a HJC Writer you'll need a Google account (Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, etc.), to know your time zone in relation to Eastern time zone, and to be creative. You can always sign up for Google account after you get the position.

Every HJC post goes live at 4:30pm Eastern time, each day. You can schedule posts to go live and you can schedule Facebook & Twitter postings using our Hootsuite account.

Now download the concepts below and write a mock HJC post.

Write the mock post using the HJC layout, but I also want to see your personal style.
Don't be phony, be honest. If a concept sucks feel free to say so, but be prepared to say why in a professional and constructive manner. If a concept is great, don't stop there. Tell us why it's so great to you. You're not giving the popular opinion that everyone is going to agree with. We want to hear YOUR opinion.

I'm a stickler from grammar, but I know no one will be perfect. However, I require that the posts don't look sloppy, juvenile, or uneducated. Always cite where pictures and other non-concept material comes from. Also, only obtain your pictures and non-concept material from DIRECT sources.

One big thing that I am looking for is to see if you can catch on to how things are done with minimal instructions. 

You can submit your mock post by emailing a Word (or other type of word processing doc) file, a PDF, or a direct link where I can find your mock post. Make sure to look over your post before you send it in and make sure it's formatted nicely. It will matter in the final decision.

If you have a blog of your own, provide a link to it if you think it will help you get the position.

Email mock posts to:
(Use MOCK POST in the subject line)

Mock posts due by: Sunday, April 23, 2017 @ 6pm Eastern