HJC's Social Media Administrator, William B. presents The Random Competition!

A list of all 31 NHL teams has been provided. Beside each team two colours are listed, a primary colour (Colur 1) and a secondary colour (Colour 2). These colours have been taken from all the other NHL teams and have been randomly listed.
It's your job to select a team and use the colours listed beside that team to create a concept!
You are not required to re-colour the team's logos, but it would be pretty cool if you did.

There must be at least ONE jersey on your entry and no more than THREE.
All material must be on one image.
Your name or some sort of ID must appear on your entry.

One entry per person.

Send entries to:
Entries due: Friday, May 5, 2017 @ noon Eastern


Phil Beck Designs said...

Question: can white appear as a third color for any of the above teams?

Brooks Freeman said...

Ya you pretty much need white with some of these because the two Colors would clash too much.

Ryan said...

Yes, white can be a third colour

In fact any colour can be a third colour.

Phil Beck Designs said...

I figured as much Brooks, but considering I was part of the monochrome competition here I just wanted to clarify.