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March 25, 2017

Saturday: Hat-Trick

The winner of the COTW vote for March 10-16 was Chris W's Warriors concept!

Full Results

This is Chris' 2nd COTW win of the year. This was a fantastic concept and well deserved by Chris. It seems many times his concepts will make the weekly vote but come in 2nd or 3rd place. His concepts typically are COTW worth so it's good to see one come through here.


The new COTW nominees for March 17-23 have been posted on the side of the page in the black poll. There are seven concepts in this week's vote, which is one more than I like to have. However, this week the winners of the Pairs Competition DT Concepts & JJ have their winning entry in the vote. Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern.



We had a week's worth of entries into the Hat Competition and now we shall vote! You can see the entries by clicking the banner at the top of the page. That will take you to the COMPETITION page where you can also vote for the Top 3 entries. The winner of this competition will move into the next COTW vote. Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern.



Your chance to win stuff is coming on HJC! Soon we will begin to sell digital portraits of jerseys. $5 for one or $10 for 3. All dollars are in Canadian Dollars and funds will be collected via PayPal. With every portrait that you purchase you will receive a free ticket into our draw to win a prize. So if you buy one portrait you will get one free ticket into the draw. If you buy three portraits you will get three free tickets into the draw. There's no limit to how many portraits you can purchase and thus there is no limit on how many free tickets you can receive via portrait purchase.

We are still working on the prize, but it will likely be a gift certificate to a licensed NHL merchandise retailer. I hope to have all of the details straightened out this week. So look for this sale to begin at any time. Follow our social media feeds (Facebook & Twitter) for up-to-the-minute updates on when the sale begins and when the draw will be held.


The Stanley Cup Playoffs will begin on April 12, which is 19 days away. That means the HJC Playoff Pool will be returning! This may be the simplest playoff pool you've ever entered. You simply pick the team that will win the series and in how many games. You get points for getting those right and the person with the most points at the end of the playoffs will be the winner. We also only go one round at a time. This isn't like March Madness where you have to fill out your bracket beforehand.

So keep an eye out for the announcement that the Playoff Pool has begun in April. Again, following us on Twitter or Liking us on Facebook is the best way to stay up to date with HJC!


COTW March 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Hat Competition Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

March 24, 2017

Friday: Red and Green?

Could the New Jersey Devils be returning to their red and green colour scheme next year?

If you asked me 24 hours ago, I would've been confident the answer was no.  Why?  Because when we first learnt the Devils were getting new uniforms, it was reported that their current colour scheme would not change.

However, yesterday evening Phil B (HJC's Wednesday writer) directed me to the following tweet, which shows some marketing material sent to Devil's season ticket holders.

As you can see, their red and green colour scheme is used here, as well as the slogan "True Since '82" (which is the Devils inaugural year, and of course when their red and green jerseys debuted as well).  Additionally, if you look on the season ticket membership page of the Devils official website, you'll see a banner which also uses their old red and green colour scheme (pictured below).

Image from NHL.com/Devils

So what does all this mean?  I honestly don't know.  It could be nothing, just the Devils marketing department using nostalgia to try to sell more season tickets (or they could be trying to mislead us jersey enthusiasts).  It's also possible that these are actual clues towards the Devils new look, and they are returning to their original colour scheme for next season.

For right now I'm going stick with the original reports and guess their colour scheme isn't changing, but I wouldn't be surprised either way.

What colour scheme do you think the Devils will use next season?  And which one do you want them to use?  Let us know in the comments.


Here are the final Hat Competition entries...

Lucas D:

Vaughn R:

Good luck to all those involved!


Now that the entry phase is over, the voting phase of the Hat Competition is about to begin.  The COTW vote is in the process of resetting as well.  Expect those polls to appear on here sometime tonight.

COTW Mar 17-23 vote (ends next Friday @ noon Eastern)
Hat Competition vote (ends next Friday @ noon Eastern)


Lindsay Muskies, by Anthony C:

We start off today with three concepts from Anthony C, including this concept for the Lindsay Muskies of the OJHL.  The overall design of the primary jerseys is nice, it's a good simple striping pattern.  I don't like the wordmark as a shoulder logo though, nor the blue numbers on the white jersey, or the team name on the pant stripes (at least with that font).  The striping pattern of the third jersey is okay, but it's nothing special.  The white hem trim should be ditched though, plus the yellow in the gaps of the wordmark look out of place without any yellow elsewhere.  As for the execution, the collars were left uncoloured, the stitching should stop at the hem stripes, and the sleeve numbers and shoulder logos should be contained within the template.
Rating: 5/10

Steinbach Pistons, by Anthony C:
We go from the OJHL to the MJHL for Anthony's second concept, which is for the Steinbach Pistons.  I have a few small issues with this striping pattern, but the overall idea isn't bad.  Those small issues are the phantom yoke (this would look better without it), the lack of light blue on white jersey's socks, and the pant stripe which doesn't really match anything (I think blank pants would be better).  I also don't like how Anthony overuses this number font, it's the same as his previous concept and several other of his recent concepts.  As for the execution, the collars were left uncoloured, the stitching should stop at the hem stripes, the sleeve numbers and shoulder logos should be contained within the template, and the area inside of the hem should match the colour at the bottom of the jersey.
Rating: 5/10

Calgary Mustangs, by Anthony C:
Anthony's last stop today is in the AJHL, with a concept for the Calgary Mustangs.  I quite like this simple striping pattern, it looks especially nice on the blue jersey where the yellow and white both contrast a lot.  I also like the placement of the secondary logo on the sleeve stripes, and it's nice to see Anthony using a different number font.  As for the execution, the collars were left uncoloured, the stitching should stop at the hem stripes, and the TV numbers and sleeve logos should be contained within the template.
Rating: 6/10

Virginia Commonwealth University, by TC Moore:
Next up we're leaving junior hockey and heading to school, for a Virginia Commonwealth University concept from TC Moore.  The first thing I noticed about this concept is that the arm and hem stripes were very busy, from a distance all those stripes get muddled together and don't look good.  I do like the Penguins-style coloured upper arms though.  Also, all the logo choices look good, as does the choice of number font, however the back numbers are a bit too big.  Last of all, I really like the yellow helmet that's paired with the yellow jersey.
Rating: 7/10

Team Mongolia, Mike F:

We've reached team number 50 of Mike's National Teams Redesign series, which happens to be for Mongolia (surprisingly not the first Team Mongolia concept on HJC).  I like the striping pattern of the first three jerseys, I've always been a fan of this style of yoke.  However, I don't like all the white on the yellow jersey, I think either red or blue should be used as the secondary colour.  The logos on all three jerseys look good, I especially like the blue jersey's logos.  I also think the vintage jersey is nice, it's not remarkable but it's a very solid design.
Rating: 8/10

Anaheim Ducks, by Tyler M:
Our next concept is also part of a series, part of Tyler's "NHL Road Alts" series to be specific.  He's used their original striping pattern and lots of orange, and I think both of those choices were good decisions.  I also like that their current logos and number font were used.  Speaking of the numbers, I think it was a good idea not to use any orange for them, it helps balance out all the orange in the striping.  However, I think the collar could be a bit better, maybe by using an orange collar insert or maybe a solid black collar would look best.
Rating: 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning, by Lucas D:
Our last two concept both come from Lucas, a Florida Panthers concept and this Tampa Bay Lightning design.  These jerseys definitely say "Lightning", not only due to the lightning bolts on the hems and arms, but also with the nods to their original jerseys.  What's not to like about this striping pattern?  My answer is nothing, however I wish blue could be incorporated into the logo somehow, it looks a bit strange without any.  Also, I'm not completely sold on the blue helmet and gloves, it's a unique choice, but I don't think they quite fit with the jerseys.
Rating: 8/10

Florida Panthers, by Lucas D:
Our post ends with Lucas' aforementioned Florida Panthers concept, which takes inspiration from Florida's state flag.  To be honest, I wouldn't want these to replace the Panthers current jerseys, but I love it as a concept.  The Florida-state-flag stripes are really cool, especially with the logo turned into a roundel to better match the seal on the flag.  I also like how the sun logo was used similarly on the arm stripes.  I don't have any real complaints, but I do think the numbers would look better with a blue outline instead (or no outlines) since the striping is already sans-gold.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


That's all folks!

March 23, 2017

Thursday: Green and Gold

Hello everyone, and welcome back!

With St. Patrick's Day last week, we all know there were a lot of minor league teams wearing themed jerseys, and even the NHL wore special jerseys for warmups. But one design that got overlooked by everyone else here, was Wilkes-Barre Scranton's.

Photos from citizensvoice.com
Now in a sense I can see why they didn't get much attention, I mean they aren't exactly the most innovative jerseys. The main reason I'm even sharing this: look at how great those colors look. That bright green color goes great with the large blocks of yellow, and it's a shame that more teams don't actually use this color scheme. I also like the black pants for some reason, I think it's a similar case to these North Stars jerseys, which I absolutely loved the black accent stripes on.


Simple voting this week, as we only have the weekly COTW vote. We also have the hat competition, which is something different for us, so if you're into that, go design and submit a hat!

COTW Mar 10th-16th vote (Ends March 24th @ Noon EST)
Hat Trick Competition (Entries Due March 24th @Noon EST)

Hat entries, including yesterday's, as there was a bit of an error, and they were not visible on mobile.

Adam G.

Ethan B.

John E.

Matthew C.

Ryan H. (Those are some bold predictions you have there.)

Thomas J.

Anthony C. - Orangeville Flyers
+Though the logo is still too similar for my liking, changing up the jerseys to differentiate them from Philadelphia is a good idea.
+Hard to go wrong with traditional striping.
-I would make the top stripe bolder, though.
-The hem trim should be black on both jerseys, instead of leaving it white on the white jersey.
-As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of the TV numbers leaking off of the template.
-The fonts could use an improvement, especially considering that you use this number font on many of your concepts. Mix it up a bit.
Overall: 6.5/10

Anthony C. - St. Michael's Buzzers
+Not sure why, but I've always loved this jersey design, and it looks even better when the Marlies wore it on the Edge cut.
-An exact copy of it isn't a very creative concept, though. I could understand the reasoning behind this if it was a Leafs concept, but create something unique that a team can call their own, instead of being Leafs copies.
-Again, not a fan of the nameplate.
-I don't like how that script looks on a jersey, either. Their regular M logo would be a much better fit.
-The font could use an improvement again, as you've used this one on multiple concepts as well.
-Same issue with the TV numbers/patches leaking off the template.
Overall: 6/10

Anthony C. - Wheatley Omstead Sharks
+Another more unique idea than the current navy blue Lightning copies they use now.
+Glad you utilized their double blue color scheme.
+Simple striping is a good option.
-The alternate seems to have a bit too much influence from a different Sharks team if you ask me...
-No need to add black into the mix, either. It just black for black's sake.
-The vertical text looks too large, too close together, and goes too far down the chest as well.
-This concept has many of the same issues as the others, including the TV numbers/patches leaking. I'd like to focus on the font again, as it's the same one as you used in the first concept. It's called Industry, if you don't believe me. Be a bit more unique with your font choices. Go somewhere like Dafont and look for some free fonts that you think would work on your concepts, or get them somewhere else. Just don't use the same ones every few concepts.
Overall: 6/10

icyDinosoar - Netherlands
+Thanks for telling us which jersey is home and which is road...but you are aware that there isn't a rule that the home jersey must be on top, right? No need to call yourself a stupid idiot over it...
+These jerseys both have some interesting ideas on it, and they could work really well with some development.
-The two jerseys seem disconnected from one another, though. They look like they're meant to be two separate sets. Pick one style and go with it.
+My personal favorite is the away design. The flag chest stripe looks really nice.
-Wrap it all the way around the chest, though, and have a matching pattern on the arms.
-The font really doesn't work well for this jersey, in my opinion. The front numbers also do nothing but crowd up the jersey.
Overall: 7/10

John E. - St. Louis Blues
+Adding the yellow definitely looks better on the white jersey...
-Bit of a color imbalance, though. The white and blue are competing for dominance. Keep the blue the primary color.
-I also still think you need to add one more hem stripe to match the arms, or remove one of the arm stripes. No need for the inconsistency.
+I'm not sure if you designed that font or not, but it looks gorgeous on this jersey. Fits really well with the logo.
-I think you could probably go without the yoke on the white jersey. Would clean up the jersey a bit.
Overall: 8/10

This was also sent in by John, and I'm not really sure I'd consider this a concept, but it's definitely a neat piece of memorabilia. I'd love to have a shirt with this design on it, and it definitely shows that you know your Blues history.

Joseph S. - Boston Bruins
-NHL 17 isn't exactly the best for creating uniforms, but it can work well on occasion. It's also not a bad way to start your interest for concept creating, but if you're serious about creating more I recommend finding a method other than NHL.
+I like the amount of yellow you have on the home jersey. I always love seeing as much color as possible on a jersey.
+That yoke/arm design on the road jersey is actually pretty neat. I think it would work better for a different team, though; it doesn't really fit into the Bruins' identity.
-The home and away jerseys are pretty plain, overall. They could use more to them, and a hem design wouldn't hurt either.
-I'm not a fan of the coloring of that logo.
+The alternate jersey is the best of the bunch for sure, and a monochromatic look could be really nice. I'm actually doing something similar for a Bruins concept.
-The phantom yoke really doesn't work.
-The numbers would look much better filled in, and that goes for the home jersey too. While this wasn't made for an outdoor game, this tweet sums up what I think about them being just outlined.
Overall: 6.5/10

Lucas D. - Arizona Coyotes
+This design seems to be a nice way to combine their original uniforms and their current ones.
+It's a nice combination of modern and traditional. While the pattern isn't the kachina pattern, it fits well.
-I personally don't think that white and vintage white/sand/wheat work well together. I'd either make the road jersey entirely sand, or change the sand in the stripes to white.
+I like the Coyotes' number font, so I'm glad you kept it.
-Personally, I'd use both shoulder patches on both jerseys, instead of using one on each.
-Minor gripe, but the NHL100 patch overlapping the arm a bit doesn't look the best...
+Good color balance on the set.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

Mike F. - Greece
+Flag striping always looks pretty nice. This is no exception.
+I like the shield/crest that I assume you designed.
+I seem to say this every week, but that vintage jersey is nice and..well..vintage. It actually reminds me loosely of Montréal's road jersey, which is one I love.
+That alternate is sure something. The double blue and that stripe pattern look great.
-Not a big fan of the front "logo" though. I think you could make that still work without having it so...large.
+Like I also seem to say often, these look like they belong in NHL17.
Overall: 8.5/10


And that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!

March 22, 2017

Wednesday: The Home Stretch

After the games tonight, there's about 2 weeks until playoffs begin. But there's one MAJOR one tonight you can see in the states on NBCSN since SportsNet seems to want to shove the Leafs down your throat north of the border, for they'll be carrying the Leafs and Jackets on the main SportsNet channel.

I'm talking about Islanders-Rangers. Wednesday Night Rivalry, live from Madison Square Garden. The rivalry dating back to 1972 has gotten extremely more important for the Islanders as they try to take advantage of a potential collapse from the Bruins in order to get into a playoff spot. The Leafs currently hold the last spot, HOWEVER they are one point back from the Bruins for the final Atlantic Division spot with two games in hand. They control their own destiny at this point. The Islanders are 3 points back from the Leafs for the final wild card spot, yet they are 4 back from the Bruins in general with two games in hand. If the Leafs surpass the Bruins, with a win tonight over Columbus, the Islanders will control their own destiny. Buckle up. We have a three team race for two spots at the moment. This will be fun.

Yesterday-ish's post: http://hockeyjerseyconcepts.blogspot.com/2017/03/tuesday-ish.html


None to report at the moment, though playoff logos should be coming soon and I expect them to be the same as the last half a decade.


I love hats. I have about 30 collected from over the years between the Islanders and any sort of soccer, either MLS, EPL or NWSL soccer. So this competition speaks to me. Design a hat for a team. That's it. We have a template available on the competition page if you want it, OR you can find plenty of them online.

Entries so far:

Thomas C:

Displaying TCMoorePHIHat.jpg

Ethan B:

Displaying NHL Outdoor Game Hats (HJC Comp.) - Ethan Black.png

John E:

Displaying CanuckHat_JohnElbertson.png

Adam G:

Displaying Canucks Hat - Adam G..png


COTW. That's it. A bit of a break from last week. That changes next week. Enjoy the one vote while you can.


COTW Mar 10th-16th vote (Ends March 24th @ Noon EST)
Hat Trick Competition (Entries Due March 24th @Noon EST)


Anthony C: Team Italy (IIHF) Concept

So it looks like you have not heeded my advice from last week. Cut the numbers outside the template. The armpit spaces should not be colored differently on this template as a true Nike template has mesh there that is colored the same as the body of the jersey. Never mind the fact that it doesn't look good at all. Even for Il Azzurri. The double blue is nice and the font is cool, but it also suffers from a color balance issue on the white jersey.

Rating: 45%

Anthony C: North Kawartha Knights (Central Ontario Junior C.) Concept

Same issues here as I've seen for the past few weeks. Combined with a disgusting looking phantom yoke, stitching not stopping at the hem stripes and a colored hem trim and hem stripes coexisting. Also on a personal note I hate shoulder numbers. They can fit on the sleeves between the striping and the yoke. And personally I also think this template does not work well with design work on this blog.

Rating: 37%

Anthony C: Toronto Marlies (AHL) Concept

Add mismatching striping to your long list of execution errors and a poor font selection. A little bit of advice for you, because although I may seem harsh right now, I want you to succeed, because I've seen this pattern before with submissions. One of our best artists here at HJC had a similar issue that you're facing when he first started here, and that's quantity over quality. We have received numerous submissions from you and they've all been sub-par. What I highly recommend is that you slow down, take the time to notice execution errors that we point out, and learn from that. Don't send in all these ideas at once because I have seen brilliant ideas thrown away because of poor execution. Don't let that happen to you anymore. Good concepts take time to perfect. Use that time wisely.

Rating: 40%

Brooks F: Concept

The late 90s Kings redesign had brought an interesting shield logo and a glorious crown logo. This lion with sunglasses is from the shield and an interesting logo choice, combined with bold chest striping, almost sash-like and one you could see as realistic for the Stadium Series, though it seems like those jerseys are trending to simplistic jerseys. Execution is spot on and the font choice fits here.

Rating: 87%

Ethan B: Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Concept

This concept is a decent idea (especially the alternate with some yellow for once), but execution drags this once down: The numbers and letters are too small and sorely need an outline, maybe two. I'm not a fan of using their alternate logo as a primary on the main set, especially since I'm no fan of roundel logos to begin with.

Rating: 60%

Mike F: Team Georgia (IIHF) Concept

A nice red and white scheme here with a beautiful pattern on the main set. I wish it was matched on the socks. The alternate is genius. Take the Red Wings look but make it better by using that white space on the arms to put the flag of Georgia into the pattern. The Vintage look is average and the black equipment has got to go.

Rating: 80%

Mike F: Concept

An inspiration from Pittsburgh brings us a beautiful Irish concept that I think would've been better suited for last Friday's post (cough, cough, Ryan...). Anyway, I've loved this look even though I despise the Pens. Seeing the Russia-like pattern idea on the hem works well, with the stripe set outlined. That orange alternate needs to be put in production right now. The arms look like a bit of what I like to call "Paint-bucket Syndrome" but it works GLORIOUSLY. The vintage concept Is close enough to the main set, though I wish the hem stripes were spaced out with white separating the stripes. Solid pants for that one would be ideal.

Rating: 95% (Disclaimer: I am 0% Irish)

Thomas M: Los Angeles Kings Concept

This concept gives off a Winnipeg Jets vibe with the striping. The recolored crown looks ok, but I think it could look a bit better.  if purple was the dominant color. The alternate is nothing special though I am a bit of a fan of the striping pattern. Biggest takeaway here: Yellow on White. The colors get lost in each other. avoid that.

Rating: 70%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



As the season draws to a close, we might do something special here in advance of the postseason. Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in another sub-optimal podcast from us. I'm totally down for it. Get your votes in and get to scoreboard watching Islanders and Bruins fans!

Tuesday... ish

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! Well kinda... After some problems with email, and getting the concepts sent out, we figured it out! Of course, it was too late for a post actually on Tuesday, so here we are on Wednesday afternoon with the post! Check back later today for the regular Wednesday post! 

We also have our regularly scheduled COTW voting, as well as our new Hat competition! Don't forget to check those out, and enter! 

COTW Mar 10th-16th vote (Ends March 24th @ Noon EST)

Hat Trick Competition (Entries Due March 24th @Noon EST)

On to the concepts! 

Mike F.- Bosnia & Herzegovina (EA Sports; IIHF)  
Mike starts off today with Bosnia & Herzegovina for his IIHF redesign!  

  • WHOA. That's a lot of stars... They do work however. I really like the large stars on the Vintage alt. 
  • Striping pattern on all of the jerseys is great! Doesn't match a lot of your other work!
  • I like the gold socks for the blue jersey. It reminds me of the Bruins! 


  • The pants pattern on the regular jerseys and the vintage alt. don't match at all. The single yellow stripe on the Alt. would work the best for all of the sweaters. 
  • I don't like the yellow helmets for the home and road. Those should be white and blue, respectively. 
  • The white jersey has too much yellow. It needs more blue... 

My rating: I like the inspiration from the current B&H jerseys, and yet you made them your own! Just a few color balance issues are holding back this set. 8/10 

Chris W.- Avonlea Avengers (Fictional) 
Chris is next up with a set for the fictional Avonlea Avengers, based off the show about Anne of Green Gables!  Here's the link that shows you his inspiration! 

  • I like the vintage pattern, especially with the sleeve cuffs! 
  • The colors are fantastic! I also like the idea of a grey jersey for the road jersey! It's sorta like baseball...
  • The vintage Alt. looks great! 
  • I'm also assuming that you made the logos yourself, and these are fantastic! 
  • Number font on the regular jerseys looks good


  • As much as I like the grey road, I'd like to see that as an alt. and have a maroon jersey be the road design.
  • The number font looks good, but the drop shadow is a little distracting. It creates more of a floating effect, instead of just an extended number, i.e. the North Stars and the Rangers 

My rating: It's a classic looking set, but yet it has a modern element to it. 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!! 

Anthony C.- Brampton Beast (ECHL)
Anthony has the next concept for the Brampton Beast! 

  • I like that the look mimics their NHL affiliate, the Habs, a little more... 
  • Striping pattern looks good.
  • The Leaf logo on the shoulder looks good


  • It needs more red
  • The numbers are way too big.
  • Remember, you don't need to show the whole number for the TV numbers. You can erase what is outside of the template
  • You need to do something to the collar, you can't just leave it blank
  • No faux shoulder yoke

My rating: It's better than some of your other concepts, but it still needs work... 6/10

Anthony C.- Sherbrooke Phoenix (CHL; QMJHL)
Anthony continues with the Phoenix! 

  • I like the striping pattern


  • You should continue the shoulder yoke all the way around on the white jersey
  • Don't fill in the bottom of the hem if you have hem stripes
  • The Bird logo on the bottom of the back hem and the sleeves looks bad
  • Your breezers shouldn't take up the same room as a jersey does! Make those smaller! 
  • Never add vintage white and regular white. The road jersey logo should be a regular white

My rating: Decent but lots of errors... 5/10 

Anthony C.- Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
We get another concept from Anthony! This time we get a Maple Leafs concept!

  • Striping pattern looks decent
  • I like the leaf TV number patches... 
  • The road looks the most like a historic Leafs jersey 


  • NO FAUX SHOULDER YOKES. I know that a lot of people tell you that on other days too... You filled it in on the road jersey, so why not the home jersey? 
  • The leaf logo on the Home jersey has a different shade of blue, as well as the leaf above the wordmark on the breezers. 
  • The breezers should not have the wordmark. The Leafs are not the Browns... 
  • You need to do something to the collar. You can't just keep leaving those blank. 
  • The template stitching should also stop at the tail stripes. The template crosses over the tail stripes on the road jersey.

My rating: Some good ideas, but lots of execution errors... 5/10

Anthony G. 
The Anthony party continues, but this time with Anthony G!

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins SS template actually looks great for the Preds! 
  • I love the yellow hem stripe on the white jersey


  • There's not much to say here, because it's just a recoloring of the Pens SS jersey with the Preds logo on the front. 
  • I don't like the Canucks font. Nashville's would have been better, and the guitar strings would have been easier to see. 

My rating: It looks good, but there's not a whole lot of creativity here... 7/10

Tyler M.-S.- Colorado Avalanche road 3rd (NHL) 
Tyler has the next concept of the day, an Avalanche road third! 

  • I like the striping pattern
  • I LOVE the polo collar on the sweater. 
  • I like how the hem and sock striping don't have a lot of blue, just like the Rockies
  • The sleeve length yoke looks great! 
  • I like the crossover of the Avs and the Rockies! 


  • I would like to see this in Avs colors... 
  • Also, it looks like the nameplate is arched, but it need to be more defined... 

My rating: A great mash-up of Colorado hockey history! 8/10

Mike F.- UAE (EA Sports IIHF) 
Mike finishes off today with a UAE concept! 

  • I really like the Red jersey! The striping pattern on all of the jerseys are fantastic as well! 
  • I also like the all-red letters and numbers on the vintage jersey


  • The home jersey needs more red. It's a huge presence on the road jersey, but almost none-existence on the home... 
    • This goes the same for the vintage alt.
  • The white helmet on the green jersey doesn't work...

My rating: A decent concept, but some color balance issues, just like your other concept for this post... 


Sorry for today's post being SUPER late, but that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!