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July 22, 2017

Saturday: This End Is Nigh!

The winner of the 2nd Quarter Vote was JJ!

Full Results

This is certainly a surprising result to me. Not that JJ's concept isn't worthy, it is. However I really thought Dylan was going to walk away with this one leaving JJ and myself in its trail. With the win though JJ's concept has become quite decorated with badges, making it all the way to the COTY Semi-Finals (held in February 2018) from a competition! Congrats JJ.


The Final of the 2017 HJC Open is set. Number one seed Jake takes on number ten seed, and Thursday writer, Brendan.


What a great Semi-Finals it was! Let's take a look at the results from the two votes:


Out of the four concepts submitted for this round, Brendan's was my favourite.
But now we look ahead to the final. Jake and Brendan should be sure to check out the HJC OPEN page as there is one added rule for the Final. Entries are due on Tuesday by noon Eastern time.

By this time next week I will be announcing the winner of the HJC Open. That artist will receive a championship plaque. I always like to make a big deal out of the announcement. This year I was thinking about doing a LIVE podcast to reveal the winner. It would happen around 11:30pm ET on Friday, July 28. If this is something you would like to see then leave lots of comments below. If there is enough interest then it will happen.


The winner of the COTW vote for July 7-13 was Noah!

Full Results

This is Noah's 2nd COTW win of the year. The other was his Dallas Stars/Cowboys crossover. So it seems that if Noah keeps sending in concepts for cities that start with the letter D, he should win COTW every time. Those are just the facts, you can't argue with facts! Congrats Noah.


The new COTW nominees for the week of July 14-20 have been listed on the side of the page. Those logged into a Google account will be able to see the poll and place their vote by Friday at noon Eastern time. There are four great concepts to choose from and that will make this week's results very interesting.


All of you have been waiting patiently for the next competition while the HJC Open wraps up. I can reveal what that competition will be.

The Hockey Card Competition!

You will be asked to make a hockey card concept, or a set of cards (approximately no more than 12). I will allow some time for you to complete this competition and to refine your entry. The entry phase will end August 11. There also won't be many rules. The bare minimum will be to show us the front of your hockey card.

Let me know in the comments section if you are excited about this idea or if this competition will fall flat on its face.


HJC Open Final entries (due Tuesday @ noon ET)
COTW July 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Talk to you guys next Saturday!

July 21, 2017

Friday: Panthers and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Whoever said no news is good news obviously never worked as a writer.  We're in the middle of the offseason, which means there's nothing really new to report, so I'll just go straight into voting news.

This week we have the normal COTW voting for July 14-20, which ends Friday at noon EST.  We're also into the final round of the HJC Open!  Entries for the two finalists are due Tuesday at noon EST, and voting on the final round will end Friday at noon EST.  Congratulations to the two finalists, Jake M. and HJC's own Brendan P. (aka BPoe), and to everyone who participated in the open this year.

HJC Open Finals entries (due Tuesday @ noon EST)
COTW July 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)

Now on to the concepts!

Anthony C.- Vegas Golden Knights

Our first concept of the day is Anthony C.'s design for the Vegas Golden Knights.  At first glance, I was wondering where the red went, but then I saw that you eliminated it from the shoulder patch, so it actually works well.  I like the contrasting arms, and the simplistic striping was the right choice.  While I do like the choice of gold as a dominant color, I would have liked to have seen more of the steel grey in this set.  I might have gone with the alternate logo on the pants, as the main logo blends into the breezers a little too much.  As for execution, I'm very happy that you've started giving us a look at the back of the jersey.  The only error I can see is lack of numbers on the white helmet.  Final verdict: a well executed, good looking set for the Golden Knights.  9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!

Ben B.- Anaheim Ducks

I love the return of jade and eggplant to the Ducks' color scheme, it's what I grew up with, and I think it's miles ahead of the current gold, orange, and black.  I also love the Wild Wing mask logo and the striping pattern used here, which is continued on the breezers.  While I do like the recoloring of the logo on the white jersey, the yellow sticks on the dark set is out of place, as it's nowhere else in the uniforms.  While I do like the Ducks' font for their current set, I'm not sure if it works well with this identity.  The sleeve stripes are way too high up on the arm, which forces the TV numbers up until they're almost in the yoke.  The name on the back is too close to the yoke, and the numbers are a little too low, especially with the hem stripe so far up.  Also, while you've recolored the logos on the jerseys, you use the original on the helmets, which creates three different color schemes for the logo, making it just way too confusing.  Final verdict: a good idea, but a lot of execution errors hold this one back.  5/10

Christian L.- Nashville Predators

Our next concept is Christian L.'s design for the Nashville Predators.  Right off the bat, it's a vast improvement over the Preds' current rain slicker jerseys.  I like the striping pattern, but I might have gone with all white striping on the yellow jersey to bring make it more consistent across the two and help the color balance.  I love that you put the shoulder patch on both shoulders, it's a great logo and I've never understood why they only put it on one.  While I appreciate the work you put into making a new logo, I'm not sure that I like it more than what they currently use.  As for execution, the logo on the breezers is a little too close to the inner thigh, the name on the back is a little high, and the TV numbers are too big.  Final verdict: a good set, but some execution errors detract from it.  8.5/10

Ethan B.- Milwaukee Bucks

Ethan brings us what I believe is the first entry in an NBA series, this one for the Milwaukee Bucks.  I really like this color scheme on a hockey uniform, even if some might think that a team from Wisconsin being so similar to the Wild's color scheme is sacrilege.  I like the striping pattern, and the roundel logo in the arm striping looks really good.  The logos area little pixelated, especially the one on the dark set.  The socks should have striping that better matches the arms, not the breezers.  I've never been a fan of numbers on the shoulders, and I think with the logo in the striping you could still get away with TV numbers on the arms.  As for execution, the inside of the bottom of the jerseys should be green on the light set and vintage white on the dark set, and the name on the back is a little too high.  Final verdict: a decent design, but basic execution errors detract.  7/10

Jets96- Florida Panthers

Our next concept comes to us from our very own Jets96, this one for the Florida Panthers.  I like this as an idea for a third, it pays homage to their home uniforms from 2011-2016, but with the new, cleaner, jumping panther logo.  Solid striping pattern, and I like that you didn't go with the full length yoke.  Love that you bucked the Panthers' normal shoulder numbers, that's a design that I wish would unceremoniously disappear.  I like their usual arm patches on the breezers, but I would have gone with the shield logo on the helmet.  Not a big fan of the gloves, and I'm not sure what your fascination lately with a different colored cuff on the breezers has been about.  Final verdict: a very good design overall, but there are some questionable design choices that detract.  8/10

Lucas D.- Florida Panthers

Lucas D. brings us our second Panthers concept of the day.  This one seems to be based on the flag of the state of Florida. I give you points for creativity, but I'm not a huge fan of this design.  The jersey is entirely red and white, yet uses a logo that is predominantly blue and gold, and it just doesn't work.  The numbers work okay on the back of the red jersey, but are almost unreadable on the back of the white one.  Without shoulder patches, it just kind of looks bare up top.  In terms of execution, I actually really like your presentation, so good job there.  Also, you put Jagr on the back, and that makes me want to cry.  Final verdict: a bold design choice, but it just doesn't pay off.  6/10

Ryan C.- Boston Bruins

Our final concept of the day is Ryan C.'s design for the Boston Bruins.  Ryan seems to be taking design cues from the Bruins' most recent third uniform, with inverted color  and a chest stripe.  While I like the design as a third, I'm not sure I would want to see it as a main set.  The spoked B is too iconic of a logo not to be used as the main crest on the primary set.  I do like the striping pattern, I think it would be better suited as a hem stripe, as there's already one Original 6 team with a chest stripe who might take exception to it.  The bruins have such a great yoke that I hate to see it eliminated, but I think it's the right decision if you're going with a chest stripe.  I really don't like the "BRUINS" wordmark as the logo on the breezers.  Literally any other logo of theirs would have worked better (yes, I'm including Winnie the Bruin, that's how much I hate it).  Final verdict: not a bad design for a third, but definitely nothing I'd want to see replace the current set.  7/10

That's all for me today, see y'all next Friday!

July 20, 2017

Thursday: More Adidas

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Aside from the Predators' anniversary logo, which Phil covered in his post yesterday, there's really no new news to cover. However, courtesy of social media, we've been able to see a few players take the ice in their new Adidas jerseys.

As I mentioned in the tweet, if that is the Penguins' new helmet, they appear to be changing from a white to a black chinstrap. Personally a minor downgrade, in my opinion, although it also may not be happening. I later noticed that the helmet also does not have any numbers on it, only logos, leading me to think that the helmet may have just been one lying around, which they then slapped Pens' decals on. Here's to hoping.

Along with Crosby, CCM also recruited Nate Mackinnon to record some promotional material.

Especially after ten years of this, how nice does that Avalanche jersey look? What an improvement.

Those collars still look awful, though.


The amount of votes this week simultaneously stays the same and smaller. While we still have three votes: Second Quarter, HJC Open, and COTW, the HJC Open vote is again half the size as last week's. Less work to do, go leave a vote!

HJC Open Semi-Finals vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTY 2nd Quarter vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW July 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Adam G. - Old Navy
+If you were playing off of the name and going for an "Old" look, you sure did a good job with barberpoles.
+Surprisingly, the number and name actually stand out decently well.
-The name could use to be just a tad lower still though, and the number outline could use to be a tad thicker.
+/- I'm not positive on which one this would be without seeing it on a player model, but hopefully this design would translate to the ice like this, not like this.
-I think it would also look better to make the Old Navy logo a little bit larger. Honestly, thickening the chest stripe and using solely the wordmark may be a better look, somewhat akin to one of these.
-While not 100% necessary, pants and/or helmet logos would be nice to see.
Overall: 7/10

Anthony C. - Toronto Maple Leafs
-Not the most innovative design, but I think the jersey history of the Leafs can excuse that here.
+As I referenced, this is a really nice modernization of the Leafs' 1967 jersey set.
+The matching shoulder yoke is a really great touch, instead of just a plain solid yoke.
+The single color name and numbers look great.
-The name looks a tad big and the number a tad small, though. The C patch and TV numbers also look a bit small.
+/- I'm not sure how I feel about the plain leaf on the yoke. It's a nice callback to another era in Leafs' history, but it's a bit repetitive.
Overall: 8.5/10

Dino W. - Netherlands
+I really like the description you put in the top right. While some details (the number) are just a nice touch and don't really affect the concept's design, other details (the collar) may have went over my head if you didn't point it out.
+While I'm on the topic, that collar is a really nice, subtle touch. Probably my favorite feature of this design (though that isn't a bad thing)
+Another great thing about that collar is that it allows them to use their "traditional orange" color as the primary.
+I'm not sure what the significance of the striping pattern is (if there is any), but it works really well with that logo.
-The shield is a bit pixelated.
-The back numbers and name look too small, and I'm not sure that number font is a great fit for hockey.
-If there is a way you can make the chest stripes wrap all the way around, do it.
-Seeing the equipment would help give a better idea of what this will look like in use.
Overall: 8/10

Jets96 - Vancouver Canucks
+For starters, I think this is one of your better redo concepts yet, even though this is the the work of 2011 Sean rather than current Sean, since all you're doing is remaking the exact same design.
+The striping, as I'm interpreting it, is an interesting take on their current striping, while looking completely different. I like it.
+Good color balance and consistency.
+Despite the lack of white elsewhere, I like the use of it for the name and numbers. Yellow would probably be the only other option there.
-I'm not a fan of the Canucks' current font, and that opinion doesn't change here.
Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D. - Minnesota Wild
-Again, not the most creative or innovative, though it gets a pass since this appears to just look to improve Minnesota's current look.
+As far as that goes, I think this does a pretty good job of taking what they currently wear and fixing it.
+The striping on the home jersey is a definite improvement, and I think a hem stripe works better than a chest stripe.
+The road jersey's striping is almost perfect, but the basis of it is again an improvement.
-The road jersey would look better in my opinion without using both wheat/vintage white at the same time, and just picking one. Personally, I'd go with a full wheat jersey, because while I'm usually not a fan of vintage white, Minnesota is one of the teams that I think could pull it off.
+I don't really have any complaints about the road jersey. A good way for Minnesota to use a look that has a lot of red and green with out looking too Christmas-y.
Overall: 8/10

Matt G. - Vaxjo Lakers
After reading Matt's comments, I'm changing a few things in the review. Any of the original review that I'm retracting is in lighter gray, just to make sure this area doesn't look too cluttered and hard to understand.

+The Lakers, according to my google search, have never had a very professional look. This design gives them one.
+The logo choices, font choices, and color balance are some of the better aspects of this concept.
+The striping works, but..
-I'm not sure why it's so thin. If there's an explanation and I'm missing something, please let me know, but for now, I'd say thicken the stripes. (I still think the stripes should be a little bit thicker) Or even better, go with one of these patterns (but please, for the love of god, no vertical striping).
-The name font could use to be a bit thicker as well.
-I'm not really sure what the barber pole-esque sublimated pattern is about, or the reasoning behind it, but at least on a mockup like this it looks busy and distracting.
+If you read the comments, you'll see that I somehow completely passed over the nautical striping explanation while reading that up there. So after knowing what it is, I like it a lot more.
-I still think, on a mockup like this at least, it does still look a tad busy/distracting. Though I'm sure that effect will be much lesser on an actual jersey.
Overall: 8/10

T.C. Moore - Kootenay Ice
+I like the logo and color choice here.
-Except for the orange, I'm not really sure where that came from. I think this color scheme would work a lot better.
+I both like and dislike the striping pattern: I like how everything is 100% consistent down to the colors...
-but the lack of the top stripe on the hem looks a bit odd, and the thinner black stripe makes the striping look a bit busy.
+I think the number font actually works well here.
-I would make the name black on both jerseys, though you could probably get away with the white name on the blue jersey.
Overall: 7/10


And that's all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!

July 19, 2017

Wednesday: A Little Unusual

Welcome to yet another Wednesday post here at HJC, and I have some news for you, both from the NHL and here:

NEWS: The Nashville Predators unveil their 20th Anniversary logo, using the eye from the primary logo as a 0, however, with the logo shown below, I want to show a comparison that I cannot unsee:

(via @BenRemington on Twitter)

I'm all of a sudden craving potato chips. Rating: 60%

HJC OPEN: We are looking for the two finalists for the HJC Open. It's almost over! Make your choice!

VOTES: In addition to that, we have two other votes: The Concept of the Second Quarter, to determine a Concept of the Year semifinalist.


HJC Open Semi-Finals vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTY 2nd Quarter vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW July 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Adam G: Levi's Concept

An interesting take on a corporate identity. Classic red and white with a navy alternate suitable for a company that makes jeans. Minimal white on that alternate is good because we get to see more of the blue jean effect while matching the concept with the logo and main set, which by itself is good. Logo is a little low though.

Rating: 85%

Brian B: Vegas Golden Knights Concept

As a precursor, I must say this was labeled as a "Neon Freak Out" concept. Damn right it is. Couple of things: 1) stitching below the hem striping should not exist. It should be completely solid... err... gradient purple to black. Second, you TOTALLY can fit that blue stripe on top of the hem. Helmet logos and pant logos would be nice. The Vegas wordmark could go. No gradient on the socks?

Rating: 80%

Ethan B: 2018 Stadium Series Concept

A lot of issues here. 1) No ID on the concept. 2) logo on the Caps concept is too large and WAY too pixelated. 3) inside of the caps jersey should be white on the bottom and red inside the collar. 4) Inside of the Leafs jersey collar should be blue. 5) This design is unoriginal in the sense that this is a design I've seen for the Marlies with their own logo in reference to the 80s Leafs jerseys. 6) top of the Leafs socks should be white. 7) That Stadium Series logo, while nice in design, is pixelated too. 8) Shoulder patches are too big. You're better than this Ethan

Rating: 40%

Jets96: Dalhouse Tigers (CIS) Concept

Jets shows off a Nike concept for Dalhousie, and there is much to be desired here. Those numbers are enormous. Personally I've never been a fan of housing the alternate logos on the sleeves instead of the shoulders. Striping seems too minimal on the sleeves, but this Nike template isn't the best to be honest.

Rating: 70%

Lucas D: Colorado Avalanche Concept

This is arguably the best presentation I've ever seen from you, however it seems like comparing the main template to the NHL shop style presentation, it seems slightly disproportionate. I love this concept, but there's one change I would make. Shoulder numbers are unnecessary on that alternate, plus the grey fades into the white too much.

Rating: 89%

Ricky M: Adelaide Crows (Australian Football League) Concept

Lucky for you Ricky, I'm probably the most familiar with Aussie Rules Football, in comparison to our other writers here at HJC. The jumpers that the Crows use (jerseys in footy are referred to as jumpers) are navy with thick red and yellow hoops, very Ottawa 67's-esque. Here, Ricky translates that to a new look with a rebranded logo. I'm not a fan of the partial striping, as 1) the full sleeve yoke template would serve this look better and 2) It loses the effect of the striping on the regular jumper. I think this idea could've been done better while still distinguishing itself from the 67's

Rating: 67% (ironically)

Ryan C: Ottawa Senators Concept

Gold helps this concept big time. The senator helmet silhouette adds to that logo big time. This is a genius idea. I love it but I noticed one square on the front of the black jersey that is slightly discolored from the rest of the jersey. Watch out for that.

Rating: 92%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



And that will do it for me. Off to a sports business seminar in advance of the New York Red Bulls match against the San Jose Earthquakes. There will be an executive from the Islanders at the seminar too, so this is going to be great for my future. Until next week!

July 18, 2017

Tuesday: Can You Spot the Fake?

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

Today, I'm going to be talking a little about a huge problem in the jersey industry today...

There was an article that appeared on sportslogos.net the other day, that showed the problems that can come from buying a fake jersey online...
Besides the obvious upside down logo, you can also see that the NHL logo is not in the collar insert! There are probably quite a few other mistakes that you can't see from this picture...

Now I'm not 100% sure that our readers need a few tips when dealing with fakes, but with the whole Fanatics/Adizero process, fakes are probably going to be more and more common. So here's 5 tips and things to look for...

1. The quality of the logo.
  • Many fakes have logos that are way off proportion, and look like they've were drawn by a 4-year-old
    • Ex.- The worst fake I've ever seen was during a Wild game I was at, and the college aged student had a road jersey with the logo stretching from the side stitching to side stitching, and the height didn't change from the correct logo...
  • Logos will also be bubbly, and the colors could be off...
2. The quality of the numbers
  • A fake jersey's numbers will also be bubbly and may not look like their supposed too. Ex.- The Jets italicized numbers might be too much, or not enough.
  • The numbers might also look like plastic, and will even have fake stitching... The colors might also be off...
3. Mistakes
  • While not everyone will notice it, fakes can sometimes add or take away something...
    • Like the American flag numbers on a Habs jersey for a Canadian player...
    • The wrong shoulder patches
    • The collar is completely wrong
    • The NHL shield is missing
    • The colors are wrong.
      • Ex.- On Thursday of last week, I went to go see Jake Guentzel at a Sports Center in the Twin Cites. And while I was there, a man was wearing a Minnesota Wild jersey with all of the cream elements were snow white...
4. The Wrong Players
  • Players that haven't played in that style, and aren't particularly famous.
    • Ex.- A Jason Pominville Minnesota Wild jersey that is the new Adizero sweater. (Pominville just got traded back to the Sabres this off season, so he has never worn it.)
    • Ex.2- A Taylor Hall jersey in the new Oilers orange jersey 
5. The deal is too good to be true...
  • While the prices of a real jersey are insane, the same can be said for a fake...
    • $5 for a jersey? Yeah that's a fake...
    • There are some websites that sell authentics that are cheaper than buying from the NHL, but it's usually only $50 to $75 dollars off...
Follow these tips when looking, especially online, and you should be able to buy an authentic every time.

Now you also might be saying that it doesn't matter about the quality, as long as your saving a buck... While this might be true for you, remember that a majority of these fakes are made in sweatshops over seas, and there can be child labor involved. While this might not be the case every time, it's better safe than sorry...

Don't forget that we have our regular COTW voting, as well as our 2nd Quarter voting. And since the next entries for the HJC Open were due today at Noon EST, you can start voting for the Semis right now!!! 

HJC Open Semis vote
2nd Quarter vote
COTW July 7-13 vote

On to the Concepts!

St├ęphane S.- Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
St├ęphane starts us off with their fix of the Anaheim Ducks!
  • I really like the striping pattern, and how simple it is. It really works well for the Ducks, without over doing it like the current pattern.
  • I also really like how you made it intentional on what you were doing on the concept. That's not something that you see often, and sometimes it leaves, us, the writers and readers, a little confused, so good job on the explanation
  • I LOVE THE COLLAR INSERT! (Which says "Quack, Quack, Quack - G. Bombay)
  • The presentation is fantastic!
  • I understand why you have the Adidas collar, but it doesn't look good...
  • The Ducks seem to be pushing orange more, (as well as the whole league, generally, seems to be moving to brighter colors,) so the numbers should be outlined in orange, or at least have orange in the outline.
  • I'd also like to see equipment...
My rating: A great concept for your first one here on HJC! 8.5/10

Kevin D.- Calgary Flames (NHL)
Next up we have Kevin's Flames concept!
  • I love the simplified striping pattern, as well as the fact that it matches better now!
  • I love the shoulder patches!
  • The un-italicized N&#OB looks great!
  • This might be the template, but the bottom of the jersey looks a little empty
  • I'd really like to see a road jersey with this set...
My rating: This concept keeps the good elements of the Flames jersey, and fixes all the problems! 8/10

Jets96- Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
Our third concept of the Day goes to Jets and his Leafs Concept!
  • I like the matching striping pattern for the socks, arms, and hems!
  • I like the workmark inside the leaf for the helmet logo!
  • The shoulder yoke looks out of place. It doesn't have the same thickness and spacing as the other striping, and it clutters up the look.
  • I also don't like the small white lip on the bottom of the breezers. I'm not sure if this was intentional, but either way it doesn't look good...
My rating: This pretty close to what the Leafs should look like, but a few odd design choices throw this off... 7/10

Christian L.- Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Christian bases his LA Kings concept off of a prototype from before the Kings first season in 1967, and updates it to the Adizero template!
  • I love the striping pattern!
  • The logo isn't the best, but it is better than the original!
  • The presentation is phenomenal!
  • I also like the pants striping, and the crown logo there!
  • Collars are great!
  • The YOW syndrome isn't bad on the purple jersey, but it really affects the numbers on the white jersey...
  • I also would have liked to see the crown's on the numbers (So number crowns?) or as shoulder patches.
My rating: A fantastic update for an old identity, which would add some much needed color to the Kings, and to the Pacific Division. 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!!

Lucas D.- 2018 NHL All-Star Game
Lucas brings us his prediction for the 2018 All-Star game!
  • I love the sleeve-length yoke!
  • The bolt effect is also great!
  • I also like the colors picked for the each one of the jerseys!
  • I'd like to see a backside of each of these to get the full feel of the jersey
  • The grey NHL shield doesn't work very well on the black jersey
  • The lightning bolt on the pants seems to be a little over kill of the bolts, and it doesn't include blue or grey...
My rating: These keep the local identity, but also have a little too much. 7.5/10

Anthony C.- Toronto Metros
Anthony gets on the board with his fictional team, the Toronto Metropolitans!
  • I like the striping pattern!
  • The color scheme is also great!
  • Good presentation!
  • The logo is ripped off from the NBA All-Star game...
  • The whole design is very similar to the Habs, so
    • 1. It's not very original, and
    • 2. I'm not sure any Torontonian would want to cheer for a team that looks very close to the Habs!
  • The shoulder patch isn't the best either...
My rating: A decent look for a fictional team, but you borrowed too many elements for it to be original... 6.5/10

Ryan C.- Nashville Predators (NHL)
Ryan helps us finish the day off with a Nashville Preds concept!
  • I like the more yellow added into the road jersey!
  • The simple striping pattern is great, and much better than what they just unveiled...
  • I really like the NP shoulder patch!
  • The yellow helmet is starting to grow on me, so the blue helmet kind of looks out of place...
  • The road jersey also looks a lot like the Stars Road jersey too...
  • It also reminds me of your COTY from 2015 for the Sabres...
My rating: While this is a decent concept, it seems like we've seen this before... 7/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!

July 17, 2017

Monday: Yes, That's a Crocept

Welcome to the Monday post!

Seeing as Steven nailed my thoughts on the Everett Silvertips pulling a 2008-09 Stars and building a set around a jersey that should only be an alternate, I'll leave it at that with him, sucks to see a team fall down the rabbit hole of copying the 2009 WC and 2014 Alumni Red Wings (Rapid City comes to mind), but the shoulder patch is at least awesome. 

We have a special guest concept, from 5 artists: Bruce D. Adrian S., Dave M., Steve H., Nicko M. and Janick G.

Apparently they call themselves Iron Maiden...whatever that means, but as we can see it's a team Canada concept. I like the use of the vintage white helmet and Jets striping that matches the white maple leaf as the primary. There's obviously some holes in the jersey, which I don't know why you'd include that in a concept, and the stripes on the arms are not on the same level, this might be because of the player model used. Also there are no TV numbers or shoulder patches.

Rating: 6.25/10 

Voting for this week features not only the usual COTW vote, but also the all important 2nd Quarter vote. The best concepts from April, May and June come back one more time to see who will take on Jake M's Pittsburgh concept from Jan/Feb/Mar and 2 other concepts from Jul/Aug/Sept & Oct/Nov/Dec that with the possible exception of July, don't exist yet for COTY 2017...so vote!

We're down to the Final Four in the HJC Open, once again entires are due Tuesday aka TOMORROW at Noon EST!

HJC Open Semi-Finals entries (due Tuesday @ noon ET)
COTY 2nd Quarter vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW July 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

On with today's concepts


New York Islanders/Brooklyn Nets Crossover Concepts (By: Noah B.)

+ Wow, I'm impressed at how well the Nets alternate logo works as a hockey logo
+ Solid inclusion of the 90s/alternate star pattern, it adds to the jersey without looking gaudy 
+ Also impressed at how the NY shoulder patchworks with the rest of the jersey
+ Great execution

- Black jersey's primary logo could use a white outline or use the inverted colour version
- Collar is a little too thin on the template
- Would have liked to see a more Islanders inspired striping, not the Leafs 67 striping with slightly different proportions 

Rating: 8.5/10

Tommy Hilfiger Concepts (By: Adam G.)

+ Well I've heard of fashion jerseys but this is ridiculous...honestly it's a pretty neat idea
+ Love the look of that alternate that uses the logo as a chest stripe that ends at the side panels
+ Also like the idea of the H on the sleeves

- No helmet logos
- The colour balancing between the home and road is pretty bad with the exception of the numbers, it reminds me of the 97 Whalers jerseys
- For a brand that is known for navy, red and white, why are the jerseys majority grey and navy? 
- The hem stripe is a little too low on the jersey to accommodate the big logo

Rating: 6/10

Edmonton Oilers Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Love the idea of the Oilers using an oversized hem like that; calls on the WHA without using a big fat double outlined outdated look
+ Striping pattern is pretty solid, and the colours are balanced enough within it it doesn't need to be changed, despite my general dislike of jerseys that use the same striping on both the home and road

- Why these jerseys have no hem stripe is beyond me, and sometimes that can work for a jersey, but here I see no reason as to why you wouldn't include one
- Despite what I said about the striping, the blue yoke is a big detractor from the colour balancing, making the yoke orange would fix that
- Not a huge fan of the pant striping

Rating: 6.5/10 

Crocs Concepts (By: Adam G.)

+ Colour balancing on this set is fantastic 
+ Striping is simple but then again so is the Crocs branding 
+ The alternate does a good job making that croc logo pop and having that sort of outline based jersey the Stars tried in 1991

- Still no helmet logos
- TV numbers are slightly too large 
- Shoulder patches are too low on the home and road 
- Primary logo script is pixelated, and the TM, while it is part of the logo, wouldn't actually be on the front of the jersey 
- The white NOB on the green jersey is hard to read; making it black or extending the yoke would fix that

Rating: 6/10

New York Rangers/Knicks Concepts (By: Noah B.)

+ Never would have guessed Knicks would look good on a diagonal script, but colour be surprised it really looks solid
+ Striping is a good mix of Rangers and Knicks, particularly the use of the yoke on the white and not on the blue
+ Again, great execution 

- It mostly has to do with the colour scheme, but the blue jersey looks like an Islanders jersey, but I get why and I can look past it
-Would have preferred the Knicks logo as a shoulder patch so you didn't have to recolour the Rangers logo and then use the drop shadow numbers to keep the Rangers influence

Rating: 8.5/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ Solid striping pattern here, isn't the American/Ohio flag striping we've seen before, but it has the same sort of colour effect on the jersey
+ Love the idea of yoke striping
+ The striping actually helps to make the rounded classic Columbus numbers work better than they ever did on the other jerseys 
+ Good execution 

- No helmet numbers
- Because of the red pants, the white jersey looks like a Rangers kit someone turned the yoke striping sideways on
- Captain's looks a little high to me, but that could be the template 

Rating: 8.5/10 

Forest Park Comets Concepts (By: Chris W.)

+ Love the inspiration for this concept, I too have been remaking old concepts, but not with this success
+ For a minor league team, I really don't mind the idea of the numbers in the striping
+ Jerseys are solid striping wise
+ Love the vintage jersey thats a Leafs/Red Wings hybrid
+ Great execution 

- There's a bit of white/yellow bleeding on the white jersey's logo and the red jersey's striping 
- Maybe Vegas can save them, but not a huge fan of the white gloves (they do make sense though with the white cuffs

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!


July 16, 2017

Sunday: Stuck at the Office

Hi everyone. If you're reading this prior to 5PM then I'm stuck in the office but enough about my work life. Not a lot to talk about today other than the Silvertips getting some new threads.

Photo from everettsilvertips.com
I'll be honest with this one. Compared to what the team wore previously to this with the mountains as the hem striping, it's a downgrade. You might be wondering why the Tips went with such a simplified and retro look. Well, Consolidated Sports Holdings International chief operating officer and governor Zoran Rajcic had this as the answer: “For our 15th season in the Western Hockey League, it made complete sense to celebrate our growth with a jersey that gives a nod to a retro theme and was fully embraced by our fans over the last two seasons.”

I can't really speak for the fans on this but going with such a simplified look such as the Old English E might have been a mistake. I do think you guys did save it a bit by putting the bear on the yokes, but overall it has a amateur feel to it. It's like you took a generic jersey and put a letter on the front of it for a rec league team and I think you guys could have done better. Overall: 6.75/10

Looking at the HJC Open, we are in the Semis stage right now and those designers need to get their stuff in by Tuesday at noon eastern time. Also, we have two votes this week. The COTW, as usual, and the COTW-June vote.

HJC Open Semi-Finals entries (due Tuesday @ noon ET)
COTW-June vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW July 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Onto the concepts!

Anthony C- Toronto Maple Leafs
Positives: This isn't that bad of a jersey design Anthony. I really like what you did with the hem of the jersey and the simple maple leaf on the pants looks beautiful as well as the contrasting collar. Also, the arm striping isn't half bad.
Negatives: This is a real bore when it comes to the Maple Leafs. It's not like we haven't seen something like this a million times on the website (refer back to my post with FIVE Maple Leaf concepts) and it would be nice to see some shake up. Also, the maple leaves on the shoulder's is a little excessive.
Overall: 7/10

Anthony C- Vancouver Canucks 
Positives: Love the green collar on both jerseys. It really pops out. As for the jersey itself, the design is nice as a classic style jersey. Kind of reminds me of one of the Whaler's design layouts.
Negatives: Those pants are just strange and I get the idea but it just doesn't work like this. Maybe as a vertical stripe. Also, that logo looks huge on the front of the jersey. You might want to shrink it down.
Overall: 7/10

Jordan R- Turu-Som Islanders 
Positives: Continuing with his North Korea theme, Jordan comes up with a pretty sweet jesey design that plays off of the yoke for the sleeve stripes and it really worked well. The striping on the arms looks really cool compared to what you did with the hem and yoke. Also, the font choice and logo are beautiful on this jersey. Great Job.
Overall: My only negative is the color choices you made. Kelly Green and Orange as the secondary colors? you could come up with a better combo.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE!

 Jordon R- Wonsan Cruisers
Positives: Love the destroyer as the logo. It's very prominent and makes a statement. As for the jersey, I really like the two tone arms on the jersey and the alternate logo on the pants.
Negatives: My main negative has to do with the white jersey. While I like how you did the red jersey, the yoke on the white jersey looks a little too cluttered on a already complex striping design and removing that would be in the best interest.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas D- New York Rangers 
Positives: Yes to the lady liberty and yes to the silver striping. I think that the Rangers would look really good if they brought this logo and silver back as an alternate. The striping on the jersey works without being too overbearing with the silver so good job on that.
Negatives: The yoke with the striping really clutters the design and those TV numbers look really low on the jersey. Is this an old concept?
Overall: 6.5/10

Lucas D- San Jose Sharks 
Positives: This is a nice black jersey with the new alternate logo you have here LD. it's nice striping and somewhat looks like a nod to the original shark jersey design with the striping.
Negatives: That white at the end just looks really strange to me.
Overall: 8/10

Ryan C- Florida Panthers 
Positives: I like that you brought back the original gold for this concept. The new gold is too muted for my liking. Also, the arms actually look really good with the chest stripe and the numbers work pretty well. Overall well done.
Negatives: My only negative is that you cut off the chest stripe on the front and back instead of letting it overlap on the stitching like the current jerseys do. It looks strange and unfinished so please just connect it.
Overall: 8.5/10

Ok everybody that's all I got this week. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys next week.