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May 31, 2017

Wednesday: For Club and Country

I hope the Americans that read this enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend. I also hope the Canadians that read this enjoyed the Memorial Cup this weekend (as well as Americans outside of Seattle and maybe Erie), as the Windsor Spitfires, with arguably the worst jerseys in the OHL (If not Flint, Erie or Peterborough), win the tournament as the hosts despite losing to London in the first round of the OHL playoffs. I guess that just helps add to the fun of the Memorial Cup.

NEWS: While Chase covered the Capitals-Leafs Stadium Series game in Annapolis, I also have more from the State of the League Address: The 2018 All Star Game will be in Tampa Bay, all but confirming that the NHL "hates interrupting the season" unless it's convenient for the owners. Gross.

LET THEM GO TO THE [expletive] OLYMPICS [different expletive]!

I want Alex Ovechkin to go to the Olympics like he wanted to do initially just to say "Screw you" to Bettman, Ted Leonsis and the other owners of the National Hockey League. The reason they provided for not going to the Olympics is complete bull. Somebody on twitter noted that the NHL is responsible for the cancellation of 2,208 games under the reign of Gary Bettman because of a lack of a collective bargaining agreement. Don't give me this nonsense about interrupting a season. Screw off.

There should be no All-Star Game this year. End of Story. Send them to PyeongChang.

COMPETITIONS: The HJC Open is coming! But we need a logo first!


Matt G:


COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Friday, June 9 @ noon ET)


Adam G: New Jersey Devils Concept

Honestly I was never a fan of this striping pattern for the Devils with their red and green jerseys, mainly because of the varying thickness of the inner stripes. The stripes then fail to stand out against the white that surrounds them. Now as a chest stripe it further crowds the back of the jersey. Just overall not a fan.

Rating: 75%

Anthony C: Edmonton Oilers Concept

Anthony, you have become so much better at concept art here that I can say that I like this concept you bring here today. That away set needs to become their actual away set now. Maybe with a rounded yoke though. Execution notes: Numbers are too small as well as the captain's patch. I'd like to see a back view on this template.

Rating: 80%

Anthony C: Toronto St. Pats Concept

The one thing I loved about the St. Pats look is how clean it was with green and white only. Now we have a case of "Black for Black's sake", and I can't say that it helps. The pant striping is too modern for a team this classic. Numbers are again too small and would work better in the arm striping, because of the position of the logo combined with the thickness of the center stripe on each jersey.

Rating: 78%

Danny R: Team USA (IIHF) Concept

I like how the diagonal script matches the number on the back with the red shadow effect. And while the color balance on the road white seems a bit off, it does give me the impression of being modeled after the flag, red and white stripes with a blue field on the top. That alternate though... Talk about a throwback. Maybe use some blue numbers? The back numbers are hard to distinguish from a distance because of how thin the outline is.

Rating: 85%

FC MacBeth: Team Philippines (IIHF) Concept

If you recall earlier I had mentioned the Erie Otters as one of the worst jerseys in the OHL, and part of that has to do with the useless piping on the jersey. Here is no exception, on top of using two shades of yellow unnecessarily, yellow on white syndrome (yes the name and numbers are outlined on the white jersey but not thick enough and that shade of yellow is too bright to be on a white jersey. It's also very hard to make a jersey work using three primary colors. This one is just a mess.

Rating: 40%

Ryan H: Team USA (IIHF) Concept

This concept seems to  give me the exact opposite vibe of the World Cup jerseys: complex, red numbers and white striping on the primary jersey, plus a matching secondary. I love the small USA logo on the back of the yoke. I'm not sold on that striping pattern though. As well as relegating red to just the numbers and logos.

Rating: 83%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is



GAME 2 is tonight! I'll say that Nashville wins this one on the condition that Pekka Rinne doesn't play like absolute trash like he did in Game 1. 8 PM Eastern on NBCSN (ugh should be NBC), CBC, TVA and SN. Enjoy!

May 30, 2017

Tuesday: Catfishing in Pittsburgh

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

What a weird game last night... How do you not get a shot on goal in the ENTIRE second period, and still win with 5 goals??? WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?

Anyways, there's not much jersey news, but we do know a few things from Gary Bettman's State of the League Address yesterday...

Every team is unveiling their jerseys for next year by the draft...

And that the Capitals and Leafs will be playing in an outdoor game at the home of the Navy Midshipmen in Annapolis next March... 

So hockey jersey news should be pretty busy over the next couple of months! 

We also have the regular COTW comp. going on, as well has the HJC Open (logo contest)!!! But we need a logo first! You design it and submit it by June 9th, and if it wins, we'll use it for the Open Comp. It' one of the few competitions that you get to design a logo for here on HJC! It's very exciting! 

COTW May 19-25
HJC Open Logo Comp Entries Due June 9

On to the concepts! 


Cody R.- Worcester IceCats (Defunct AHL)
 We start off with a concept for the now defunct Worcester IceCats from the AHL, who are now the Utica Comets!

  • I like the homage to old sweaters! I also really like the number font with the spikes on it.
  • Striping pattern on all the sweaters looks great! 
  • I also really like the White shoulder yoke on the Navy sweater 
  • Darkening the blue to navy on the regular set was a great choice
  • I don't like the Affiliate or Worcester shoulder patches. They feel out of place...
  • I also wish that the numbers on the alt were used on all 3 sweaters... 
My rating: A fantastic update for a now Defunct team! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

FC M.- Brunei (IIHF-ASEAN series) 

 Next up is a concept for the tiny country of Brunei as part of FC's ASEAN series!

  • There's a lot creative ideas here! I really like it! 
  • The flag pattern is a really cool idea for the pants and socks!
  • There's just WAY WAY WAY too much going on here...
    • I don't understand the green or orange
    • The weird square pattern doesn't make much sense...
    • You also have a lot of executions errors
      • Back numbers are off centered and WAY too big...
      • TV numbers are too small
      • Captain's patches are also way too small
My rating: You're taking on a big series here, designing a whole league... And a lot of the decisions you make creatively don't make sense or fit the country. As far as I know, green and orange are not part of Brunei's flag scheme... Slow down, and focus on the little details to find a little more consistency... 4/10

Anthony C.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)

Anthony gives us his interpretation of what he thinks the Golden Knights will look like! 

  • I really like the stripes on the pants! Those are great!
  • I also like the striping patterns!
  • The Vegas wordmark works very well as a chest stripe logo...
  • I also like the shoulder yokes! 
  • The gold is a little dark, and should be more contrasted with the black... 
  • There should also still be a little slate grey left in the uniforms and logos...
  • The TV numbers are WAY too small...
My rating: It's good, but there's not much to be excited about... 7/10

Tyler M.-S.- Pittsburgh Penguins 3rd (NHL) 

 Tyler has the next concept! This is his concept for the Penguins third jersey! 

  • I like the resemblance to the Penguins Stadium Series jersey.
  • I like the chest stripe with the colored sleeves!
  • I also like the solid black collar
  • Good choice on the yellow helmet!
  • I also like that the font isn't the weird cut-out spray paint font that they used for the series... 
  • I don't like the logo choice...
  • I also don't like the yellow sleeve cuff. It's pointless when it's that small, as no one is going to see it on the ice... 
  • The TV numbers could be a little bigger
My rating: A great update of the Stadium Series jerseys! 8/10

Tyler M.-S.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)

 Tyler's second concept of the day is another Knights concept!

  • I really like the "V" striping pattern! 
  • I also like the black equipment!
  • This set reminds me of the 2004 Calgary Flames!
  • While I like the striping, especially on the road, the gold isn't balanced properly... The road jersey needs just a little more gold, and the home needs less...
My rating: I really like this concept, but the color balance being off holds this back... 8.5/10

Anthony C.- Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)

Anthony finishes off the day with another Penguins concept! 

  • I really like the gold home jersey! 
  • I also like the matching striping pattern! 
  • I also like the golden triangle captain's patch! 
  • The most glaring problem is the lack of yellow on the road jersey... 
  • I also don't like the collars. A solid color would look better.
My rating: Color balance is a very important thing... 6.5/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!

May 29, 2017

Monday: Preds Jerseys Where Art Thou?

Welcome to another Monday post!

Through a twitter conversation and later a comment on last Tuesday's post with Caz W. HJC's former writer and resident Nashville expert, it's practically impossible to find a Nashville Predators jersey without it being a Subban jersey...which is bad for everyone as those will run out quite soon and people usually want a variety of names

As posted the same Tuesday, SportsJerseysCanada has Nashville gold jerseys at $114 Canadian blank and an extra $65 for a NOB. Icejerseys has blank white Nashville jerseys selling for $139.99 Canadian...and that is IT if you want a blank jersey, without venturing to a local Pro Hockey Life if you have one of those in your area. This we can all agree totally rots. For the casual fan who wants a Nashville jersey, they won't want to spend all this money on a jersey for a team they likely bandwagoned for (nothing wrong as long as you're honest with being a bandwagoner), meaning many will turn to....fake jerseys...ew...

While we will always have sites like the two previous ones mentioned, Coolhockey and SportsK that sell jerseys and fair prices and do a good job customizing jerseys, making the money spent on it a little more justifiable. However these sites have to make a profit, and with that means sometimes raising prices. Granted these sites ALWAYS have good sales at least once a month and I wouldn't dare suggest NHL Shop unless you absolutely must. What's a jersey collector to do if they don't want to risk it on eBay? I personally have had great luck on eBay but it takes a fair amount of practice to spot all the fakes, and sometimes a lack of photographs can kill a good deal.

Speaking of eBay for those of you that haven't heard, the two Doug Gilmour jersey our supreme leader Ryan is auctioning off on eBay have been relisted. Long story short you have another chance to get these if you missed out on that last minute big. IMHO these are two teams Gilmour had memorable terms with on forgettable teams. If you're a fan of Gilmour but don't want to fall into the mass of Leafs/Habs/Flames jerseys or if you've always wanted to put one of those awesome NHL2000 patches on a jersey, the Blackhawks jersey will do that job nicely (those patches are super cheap on eBay), and who doesn't want a Sabres goat-head?

Check the HJC Facebook page and twitter regularly for updates, auctions ends June 7th.

Voting this week is pretty simple, we just have COTW. Concepts are on the side of the blog, pick your favourite and vote by Friday!

Let's check out the HJC Open entries that have come in since last post!

Ethan B.)

Lucas D.)

Noah B.)

Great stuff! Entries are due NEXT Friday at noon!

COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Friday, June 9 @ noon ET)

On with today's 7 concepts!


Boston Bruins Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ I told Anthony on Twitter this concept looks like a mix of Dylan Alexander's famous Sarnia alternate and the Bruins current alternate, which is a nice mix!
+ Good logo choice, it looks great on a yellow jersey
+ Good colour balancing!
+ Good execution as well, but I can tell you Anthony's execution gets better

- Would be nice to see the B wheel (any version, I like the all black and yellow version from the 2015 WC) on the shoulders 
- TV numbers are still too small, but do get better
- Pants need a logo
- Helmet numbers are missing

Rating: 7.5/10 

Team Canada Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ I'd like to call this concept a mix of the past two olympic jerseys, with black thrown in for good measure 
+ Love the look of the maple leaf in the chest stripe
+ Good colour balancing
+ Great execution

- The yokes need something in them, otherwise the jersey are too blank. Either putting the numbers on the shoulder or something else 
- A small hem stripe might work if it doesn't intrude on the chest stripe 
- Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I'd prefer the leaf were more detailed 

Rating: 7.75/10 

Rocket Du Laval AHL Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ Much better logo lay out than the original; arm patches actually work into the stripes 
+ If the Rocket were the Jets AHL affiliate, these would be perfect, particularly the white one, which looks like the 1996 Jets if the hem stripe was on the chest
+ Good execution 

- Blank pants and no helmet numbers
- TV numbers are too small
- With this team being a Habs affiliate, it makes sense for the team to look similar to the Habs, not the 1996 Jets or in the blue jersey's case, the Rangers
- Never really fan of solid white collars on dark jerseys, some red or even blue on the top would make it look less like a collared shirt underneath 

Rating: 7.5/10

Detroit Red Wings Concepts (By: Noah B.)

+ I bought the 2014 Detroit WC jersey the day my local Pro Hockey Life brought them in over the Leafs one because a) liked it more and b) thought they'd be more rare (that really isn't the case) but since then I've only grown to like those jerseys more, especially the striping and even the colour scheme. I wouldn't mind a set based around it
+ Having the arms be identical on both jerseys to make the away have Pittsburgh style upper arms and the home have large cuffs is a really unique idea
+ Thank you for including the NOB, if you don't want to show the whole back of the jersey, just include something like that!
+ Good execution

- The hem of the away would loo better if it matched the home jersey
- One small execution error is on the away jersey's pants, where the pant stripes are white rather than beige/vintage white. Remember to check your concepts over twice
- Captain's C is on the wrong side of the jersey, and it'd be nice to see the diamond patch return for it

Rating: 8/10

Team USA IIHF Concept (By: Ryan O.)

+ Striping is simple enough, and the addition of cuffs matches the style of the roundel logo
+ Good logo choices. It's interesting how logos that are now ~21 years old still work with a fresh colour combo and better striping
+ Like the creative captain's C patch
+ Good execution

- Shoulder patches should go on both shoulders unless it's a minor league team where the affiliate team's logo will take at least one shoulder, or there's an event patch
- Primary logo is too small and too close to the collar/captain's C
- They don't look terrible, but the Canucks don't wouldn't be my first choice for a team USA jersey
- The helmet uses a darker shade of blue. Not sure if this is intentional or not

Rating: 7/10

San José Sharks Concepts (By: Adam G.)

+ In the debate of whether the Sharks should wear black of teal as their primary colour, and as long as orange as involved, I like it, such as here
+ Good logo choices, similar to LA, the Stadium Series shoulder patch works nicely
+ Big fan of the teal numbers on the white jersey

- Primary logos are too small, close to the hem stripe and on the black jersey, a little pixelated
- Speaking of pixelated, the shoulder patches are very much so. If you're using pant, resizing a logo in  Word will make it blurry, but not pixelated
- Reebok logo on the back of the collar is too large
- RBK in the collar tag should say REEBOK

Rating: 6/10

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ Wow, the striping here is spot on for fans of the classic Panthers striping
+ The logo choices, even the alternate, look really good
+ As Anthony continues to experiment with templates, this is a real winner
+ Speaking of the alternate, despite it being a script alternate, I REALLY like it, it might just be the horse collar but wow!
+ Great execution

- White numbers would look better on the red jersey
- Would have been nice to keep the font used on the current jerseys

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!


May 28, 2017

Sunday: We Salute You!

Good Afternoon everybody! I know that it's not Memorial Day in America until tomorrow BUT being that I write on Sundays I figured I point out the obvious and say happy memorial day to all current and former military. As a fun fact for tomorrow, I thought it would be neat for me to put a little side note into the post today.

Did you guys know that the United States Coast Guard has had a hockey program since 1942? No I'm not talking about the academy. I'm talking about the Coast Guard Hockey Organization. Originally formed as the Coast Guard Cutters hockey squad, the organization (which is NOT affiliated with the US Coast Guard, DOD, DHS, Any MWR Program or the Armed Forces Sports Council) hosts numerous tournaments throughout the year and help raises money for numerous foundations around the country. If you want to read more about it, click here for more information.

Also, for those of you who actually paid attention to my Maryland post last week, here's the official picture and mockup of the uniform.

Since I have the Penguins to look forward, you guys can definitely look forward to working on your HJC Open logo entries as well as voting for the COTW!

COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Friday, June 9 @ noon ET)

Onto the concepts!

Adam G- Florida Panthers
Positives: The simplicity of the striping on the uniform overall works really well with the logos. Also, the color combo works as well.
Negatives: It would be nice to see you match the ends of the arms on the white jersey with the bottom of the white jersey. Also, the shoulder logos could be pushed a little closer to the collar.
Overall: 8/10

Anthony C- Montreal Canadiens 
Positives: good job keeping the dark jersey the same. The white jersey is a really nice take on the former white jersey that they wore in the 40's (and as an alternate in the 2000's) with the modern tweaks to make it slightly different than the dark jersey.
Negatives: Those sleeve numbers look too small. As for the alternate, I'd like to see it as a dark jersey instead of a white.

Anthony C- New York Rangers 
Positives: It's nice to see that you kept the design fairly similar to what they wear now as a dark jersey but having it spell "NEW YORK" looks a lot better. Also, the Rangers' shield with the captain's letter in it is a nice touch as well.
Negatives: Using the shield for the TV numbers, which are a little small by the way, was a cool idea but it just doesn't work here. Also, I get that you just took the diagonal lettering and pasted it onto the front of the jerseys but make it a little cohesive.
Overall: 7.5/10

Anthony C- St. Louis Blues
Positives: The original colors with this design look really good. It has a nice mix of vintage style with a modern look. Also, you almost totally avoided the yellow on white issue.
Negatives: The sleeve numbers are really small and having yellow numbers on the white jersey could be a little hard to read even with the blue outline.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas D- Nashville Predators
Positives: Even though this is, basically, a copy of the Penguins pre-edge jerseys, it works really well for the Preds color combo. The simple stripe on the pants and the logo on the shoulders with the numbers ties this whole jersey together.
Negatives: This does make me miss a yellow primary jersey but it does work so good job.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE

Noah B- Buffalo Bills
Positives: While I've never been a fan of sport team mashups, this design really works well for the bills both in color combination and with the logo. Heck, if you got rid of the hem stripe and cut the sleeves to a traditional football fit, we'd be talking about some pretty sweet looking football jerseys.
Negatives: I mean besides the fact that the logo looks a little too low this is pretty solid.
Overall: 8.75/10

Noah B- Calgary Stampeders
Positives: Overall pretty good job here combining the colors and logo of the Stampeders with the Flames' template.
Negatives: The tale of the horse is impeding on the piping of the jersey so you might want to make the logo a bit smaller. Also, the white randomly at the bottom of the hem just looks awkward.

Ok that's all I have for this week guys. come back next week where we find out how many hot dogs Phil can eat in one sitting! have a good week everybody.

May 27, 2017

Saturday: It's Final...not Finals!

The winner of the COTW vote for May 12-18 was Dylan N!

Full Results

I'm glad that Dylan's concept won this week. As I wrote about on a previous Saturday post, Dylan put a lot of work into this full presentation (find it on Behance) including actually having jerseys made! In my opinion this is the current front runner for COTY 2017.


The new COTW nominees for the week of May 19-25 have been posted on the side of the page. There were 5 concepts nominated and seconded and they are joined by the recent competition winner. For those logged into a Google account you will be able to place a vote up until noon ET on Friday.


The winner of the World Hockey Jersey Championship 2017 is Germany by JJ!

Final Results

The voter numbers were a little low, but I still found this competition to be fun. Perhaps a return next year is in order? Anyways, to get to the final vote we had three division winners. Take a look below at the results of those votes.


Going on right now is the 2017 HJC Open Logo Competition.Take your time on this one as you have until June 9 to get your entries in.

We had this entry come in yesterday for the competition.
Needless to say I think everyone here knows that this is not acceptable and is also considered theft around these parts. This is simply last year's logo (created by Brendan) with the year changed. The person who submitted this is either being stupid and trying to mess with us or really doesn't know better. Just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention that this kind of thing is wrong!


The eBay auctions that we have up for the Gilmour Blackhawks and Sabres jerseys both end tomorrow just after 10:30pm ET. If you're interested keep an eye on them and make sure to get a bid in. Both jerseys are in fantastic condition and if you're interested you may be able to get them at a great price.


Pittsburgh and Nashville in the Stanley Cup Final should be excellent! Nashville has a rockin' building and has had the "easier" time getting to the Final. Pittsburgh is trying to repeat as Cup Champs as they did in 1991 and 1992. This could also be the first Cup Champs repeat since the 1998 Red Wings. Everytime the Penguins make the Final, they've made it two years in a row (91, 92, 08, 09, 16, 17).

The way I see this series playing out will come down to which teams depth players will be able to execute better. Both teams have injuries that will cause line-up changes, so it will come down to the depth guys. Will they be able to take their game to the next level and push their team over the top? Whichever teams depth players are able to execute more will win the Stanley Cup.

My pick is Penguins in 7, but this really is a coin flip series.

As I try to do with every Cup Final, I visit the fantastic and see what the jersey match-up for Game 1 would look like through the years.

This year's edition is my favourite. Let us know what yours is and why in the comments.


COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Friday, June 9 @ noon ET)

May 26, 2017

Friday: Pens Down the Sens

Well, after last night's thrilling double overtime game, the Stanley Cup Finals are set, with the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins facing off against the Nashville Predators.  I'm gonna be honest, I was hoping to see the Sens pull out a win just so the finals would have two teams battling for their first cup win.  On a more vindictive level, I wanted to see the Senators avenge Sidney Crosby's horrific slash on Marc Methot earlier this season.  I'm currently enjoying a ride on the Predators bandwagon, I'm hoping that they can bring some respectability and excitement for hockey in the South.  It's going to be a great series, as the Predators have been able to defy the odds and continue to thrive in spite of the loss of some key players to injury.  I read a lot of articles that were ready to write off the Predators after losing so many top performers to injury, but they've managed to prove that they're a solid and deep team that's riding a wave of momentum.  On the other side, the Penguins are the reigning champs and are looking to repeat.  They've been shaky at points in this postseason, but have managed to show up at key moments to pull out a win.  I think it's going to be a great series to watch and could honestly see it going either way.  It all comes down to who shows up when it matters.

Now on to some big uniform news!  It has been reported that in addition to the Vegas Golden Knights, twelve other teams will be getting a new uniform next year.  Teams getting updates to their uniforms include Boston, Buffalo, Calgary, Colorado, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Florida, Minnesota, Nashville, New Jersey, and Ottawa.  Some of these come as no surprise, as many of these teams badly needed an updated uniform.  The most surprising team to me is Florida, as their current sets were just released this year, but I imagine they will just be extending the chest stripe to the backs of the jerseys.  Apparently there will be no change in the primary logos, which I think is a shame because I would have liked to see Columbus move to the cannon logo and Colorado switch to the logo on their third jerseys, which is reminiscent of the Rockies logo.  We already know that Edmonton is moving to their orange jerseys for their home set, but it is also being said that they are eliminating the royal blue entirely, replacing it with a navy blue, making it an odd combination of their current sets and their navy period in the late 90s- early 00s.  I have my fingers crossed that Ottawa adopts their current thirds as the home jersey and their 2014 Heritage Classic jerseys as a matching road set.  Finally, I am praying that the Wild finally return to a green home jersey that matches their current away set.  Right now they have three different jerseys with three different logos; it's absolute madness.  And let's not forget that two of those have broken the First Commandment of jersey design: Thou Shalt Not Have a Phantom Yoke.  The Wild have one of the most inventive logos in the league, if not all of sports, and they should be making it the centerpiece of all of their designs.

Keep an eye out later today for the COTW vote and keep in mind that our Open Logo Competition will be accepting entries until noon on June 2nd.  

COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Open Logo Competition Entries (due  by Friday @ noon ET)
Now on to today's concepts!

Adam G.- St. Louis Blues

Our first concept today is Adam G.'s design for the St. Louis Blues.  At first glance, I thought the striping was a little busy, but it's grown on me.  It's reminiscent of the striping striping on their uniforms from the mid 90s, but without the red and the slant leading to the horrific numbering on the back.  The use of only two colors also keeps it from looking too busy.  I also like the collars on this set, I think the use of two colors really helps it pop.  I also like the inclusion of shoulder patches on a more traditional design like this, but I would have liked to have seen the arch logo from their old third uniforms instead of the more basic logo used here.  It would also bring more navy into the design, helping the overall color balance.  As for execution, your logos are very blurry and I would have liked to have seen the gear that accompanies this design.  Right now, I'm picturing it with similar gear to their current uniforms, as that would help bring out more navy instead of having it only in the striping.  Final verdict: a good design, but color balance and execution errors hold it back.  7/10

Anthony C.- Brampton Beast

Our next concept is the first of three for the day from Anthony C., this one for Montreal's ECHL affiliate, the Brampton Beast.  Brampton's current uniforms are essentially the same as the Kings' uniforms, but with a contrasting extended yoke and the inclusion of red.  As a traditionalist, I like the idea of taking them in a more classic looking direction.  The striping pattern is pretty basic, and on the away jersey looks way too similar to a Blackhawks jersey.  I'm also not a huge fan of the contrasting hem which also occurs on the socks.  The way that the bottom line of the striping just bleeds into the hem just doesn't work for me, especially since I think the yoke does enough for the color balance.  I've liked your squared yokes on designs in the past, and thought it was a design choice, but I now realize that the template use you only allows for squared yokes.  While it works for some designs, a more basic one like this might work better with a more traditional rounded yoke.  One thing I like about Brampton's current uniforms is the inclusion of red to break up the grey and white, and I think that that would really help this design.  They keep it to a minimum, but I think it really helps the design.  Final verdict: a step in the right direction, but needs a little more to it.  6.5/10

Anthony C.- Toronto Marlies

Anthony's second design of the day is for the Toronto Marlies of the AHL.  Right off the bat, I love the inclusion of yellow in this design, it gives the team a distinct identity from their parent club, the Maple Leafs, a vast improvement on their past uniforms which were merely copies of the Buds' uniforms.  I like the striping pattern, but I might have made the thin stripes a tad larger, they almost get lost between the middle and outer stripes.  While the contrasting hem didn't work on your last design, I think it does here, probably due to the use of colors rather than grey, white, and black.  I would have liked to have seen the new updated logo instead of their secondary here, especially since the Leafs have reverted back to a more realistic looking leaf.  Finally, I don't know if this was just an oversight on your part, but I don't like the use of a white helmet with the blue jersey.  Just make it blue.  Final verdict: a solid design that I think would work well for the Marlies.  7.5/10

Anthony C.- Toronto Metropolitans

Anthony's final concept for the day is for the fictional Toronto Metropolitans.  First off, the logo designs are fantastic.  The use of the CN Tower in the primary logo is a great idea, and gives it a true Toronto identity.  While I don't know the inspiration for the secondary logo, it has a great design as well.  As for the overall look of the uniform, I like the striping pattern and the use of a chest stripe.  This logo lends itself really well to a chest stripe, and manages to work with the striping on both the home and away.  My only gripe with this uniform is that I think the contrasting hem is unnecessary, especially with the chest stripe.  Final verdict: a great design and I love the initiative with creating an entirely new identity.  9/10

Noah B.- Boston Celtics

First things first, I love the idea of this series, Noah.  A very cool idea for a project, and I think you've done really well with it.  I like the basic striping on this set, it mirrors the Celtics' actual striping pattern and the yoke stripe is similar to the Bruins, but different enough to give these their own identity.  The arched lettering over the shamrock logo is reminiscent of a more college-level team, but I think it's the right move, as it's hard to work Boston's primary logo into a hockey uniform.  I think the decision to use green cuffs on the white jersey was smart, it really helps with the color balance.  As for negatives, I would have liked to have seen the shoulder patch recolored to match the coloring of the rest of the uniform, and I think you missed a great opportunity to mirror the Celtics' real shorts.  I think that their striping pattern could work really well on breezers, and the Rangers have shown that horizontal stripes on breezers can work.  Final verdict: a great concept and a few tweaks could make it fantastic.  8.5/10

Noah B.- Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Once again we have a city mashup design from Noah, this time for the city of Anaheim.  I have a soft spot for the Angels, even though they have the most ridiculous name in sports (it roughly translates to "The The Angels Angels of Anaheim".  From a design standpoint, they have one of the best logo histories in sports, especially for a team that has switched up their designs so frequently.  I love the recolored logo on the dark jersey, I think it works really well and I've never seen it done like that before.  The striping pattern is great, it is reminiscent of the A in the logo, and is close enough to the Ducks' striping while still retaining an identity of its own.  I love the font on the numbering, it matches the logo perfectly, and I think the block lettering for the name was the right choice.  Trying to match the font for the name would have been hard to read and a little busy.  Once again, I would have liked to have seen the shoulder patch recolored to match the uniform.  My only real gripe design wise other than that is maybe be a little more adventurous with the gloves.  As for execution, the Iceborn logo on the pants of the away still has red inside the letters on the away uniforms and is nonexistent on the home set.  Final verdict: a great uniform on its own, and the best concept I've seen in a great series.  9.5/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!!!!

Vaughan R.- St. Louis Blues

Our final concept of the day is Vaughan R.'s St. Louis Blues entry into the random competition.  I'm gonna be honest, when I saw this on the list I thought "there is no way I'm touching this", so I commend on taking on a challenging design.  Red and Orange always clash, they're just way too close on the color wheel.  I do think that you did a good job of incorporating them into the design, but it's still just not aesthetically pleasing.  The striping pattern works well, and  is somewhat reminiscent of their striping pattern from the mid-to-late 90s.  I like the use of a yoke on the white jersey.  At first I didn't like the idea of the blue helmet, but after thinking about it I realized that it does work with all of the jerseys and fits with the rest of the gear.  My biggest problem on this concept is the font choice.  Not only is it the Ducks' font, so the Blues would never be able to use it, but more importantly it just doesn't fit with the Blues' identity.  I also think that the breezers and gloves should incorporate orange into the design for a better color balance.  Final verdict: a good attempt at a difficult challenge, but I ultimately can't get on board.  7/10

Wow.  A lot of really great concepts today, it made it hard to pick only one COTW nominee.  Keep up the good work, guys.  Our job is only as fun as y'all make it, and today was a blast for me.  See y'all next week!