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May 31, 2014

Saturday: Conference Finals Reach Finale

Hello everyone! We've got a great post this Saturday! We have inter-league concepts with MLB and NFL teams, and more. I promise no one is featured seven times this week, so that's a plus.

We're on the eve of an epic Western Conference Final game seven, with only three teams currently left in the postseason, so who do you pull for when your team is out of it? My team is the Predators, who missed the postseason by only a couple points...ugh. At the outset of the playoffs, I found myself cheering for teams that I normally would not. That got me thinking, what makes us adopt other teams when ours are eliminated? Here are some reasons I think are common:

The Family Connection: You don't like the team, but you're close to someone that does, so you cheer for them because you want to share in that person's excitement. For me, that was the Blues. I live in Missouri currently, and have a couple family members through marriage who know hockey really well, which is rare around here.

The Underdog: Who doesn't love a good underdog story? A few years ago, I think the Kings fell in this category. They came in as a low seed, and then mopped the floor with everyone; watching them, they just looked unstoppable. They were all effort, work, and physical play. I love watching that kind of hockey. Columbus fell into that role this year. Watching Brandon Dubinsky hound Sidney Crosby was very entertaining.

The Old Guy: There's always that one old guy that you want to see hoist the cup. If he hasn't won it before, this becomes even more potent. Lanny MacDonald is a good example. Old guy hasn't got a cup, wins cup, and everyone cheers. This year, Jarome Iginla and Teemu Selanne fell in that category. I didn't pull for the Ducks, though. As much as I love Selanne, it's negated by how much I loathe Corey Perry.

The Former Player: You know the one, the guy your GM traded/let go. You didn't like him at the time, said "good riddance" when he left. You bought the spin that the salary cap savings/assets brought in would make the team better in the long run, and maybe it will, but right now that guy is going deeper in the playoffs than your team did. So now you cheer for this guy with a grimace. Time to eat a little crow. Great example: former Preds defenseman Kevin Klein, traded to the Rangers for Michael Del Zotto earlier this year. Consensus in Nashville was that he was overpaid, but now he's in the Stanley Cup Final and everyone in Nashville supports him. IRONY.

The Jerseys: This only truly applies to people like us, and maybe your friend's girlfriend who doesn't watch hockey (interesting cross-demographic there). I think this is probably where you're scraping the bottom of the barrel and just want to have a dog in the fight at all. Dallas fit this bill for me. I just love that green.

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend: Some teams you pick up because you just flat our hate their opponent. You start thinking of how irritating their fan base would be next year if they visit your arena, with Stanley Cup final patches on their new jerseys. Maple Leaf fans turning Bruins shippers to spite the Canadiens is a prime example. Here I go by a simple acronym, ABCD: Anyone But Chicago or Detroit.

Can you think of any more reasons? Did you adopt a team for a different reason? Let us know in the comments section! In the meantime, here are the last of the HJC Open Logo Competition entries:

Dylan A. - Entry 1

Dylan A. - Entry 2

Dylan A. - Entry 3

Steven G.

And now for today's concepts!

St. Louis Blues Concept - Kevin D.

What I like: Kevin's execution is almost flawless here. I really like the yoke/hem/arm striping on the home and away jerseys. Colors are balanced nicely on those two jerseys as well.

What I dislike: The alternate just isn't different enough for me to get behind. The St. Louis roundel isn't a bad logo, but not one that I want to see promoted to primary status on their home/road jerseys. The Blue Note is fine as-is, in my opinion. Minor execution error: I'm no fan of the Blues,but I wouldn't want them to "resign." Not a big deal, Kevin, I just thought it was funny.  (Side rant: They're a team named after a style of music that isn't played in that city anymore - if you want to hear real blues music, go to Memphis, New Orleans, Austin, or Chicago; not St. Louis.)

Overall: Change the logos on the home/away jerseys to the normal blue note, and I wouldn't mind seeing this replace their current set at all. (8/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concept - Mario A.

What I like: Mario is definitely thinking outside the norm.

What I dislike: This is what we call a "Fill Tool Concept" in that it primarily just uses the fill tool to color in areas of the template instead of actual striping. The bad thing about that is: first, it takes about 1 minute to do at most, and second, it ends up looking more like a quilt than a jersey. Mario goes a little heavy on the wordmarks and logos here; almost making it feel like a European hockey jersey in that respect. The light gold/tan-ish color doesn't blend well with the darker gold of the Anaheim logos. I'm not a fan of the gray, either. There are loose pixels in areas. Also, there's too much color on the road jersey for it to be useful on the road. They have to be primarily a light color to provide contrast on the ice, and there's just not enough white on that jersey. Take the trademarks off the logos as well.

Overall: There's effort here, but this design needs to go back to the drawing board. (4/10)

Anaheim Ducks alternate concept - Mario A.

What I like: The helmet treatment here is interesting, as is that number font.

What I dislike: Many of the issues from the above concept persist here. I think the number font is just a bit too small. The large pants logo has a lot of loose white pixels around it. Take the trademarks off the logos. Again the two shades of gold just isn't working well.

Overall: I'm interested to see more from Mario, but less of the fill tool. (4/10)

Ottawa Senators Concept - Christian L.

What I like: The striping on the away jersey looks great. The side-facing Senator looks good with chest striping. Christian does a great job with the placement of secondary logos on the shoulders, pants, and helmets.

What I dislike: All three jerseys wouldn't use the same helmet. The away jersey would need a white helmet. I wish the pattern was sublimated on the away jersey as it is on the home jersey. The black on the logo of the home/away is different than the black used on the logo. The striping on the alternate isn't bad, but it is a bit much. Sublimating that pattern, like the red jersey, would help tone that down a notch. The primary logo on the alternate jersey looks better as a shoulder patch.

Overall: Some really good elements here from Christian. A few tweaks and this is ready for prime time. (7.8/10)

Arizona Cardinals Concept - Steve M.

What I like: Steve's done a great job with his NFL/NHL mash-up series. The Cardinals' NFL set goes heavy on the piping and random splotches of white/color, but this looks like it was designed by Reebok to begin with. That can be good or bad, but in this context I think it's a good thing.

What I dislike: The Cardinals' black jersey is one of the worst in the NFL. It looks a little bit better here, but it still makes no sense for a team named after birds that known for being bright red.

Overall: Good translation and slight improvement of a bad NFL set. (8/10)

Atlanta Falcons Concept - Steve M.

What I like: The best jersey here, like in the Falcons actual set, is the throwback black third. The Falcons font, though, is one of the better fonts in the NFL. It does drop shadow perfectly. Speaking of fonts, has anyone ever noticed that the wordmarks that the Falcons, Cardinals, and Ducks use have similar serifs? I just noticed that writing this post. Must be the avian connection.

What I dislike: The drop shadow on the Falcons font seems to have gotten lost in translation. The striping isn't as creative the NFL jerseys. I could do without the black trim on the hem and cuffs of the red jersey.

Overall: Steve's series continues, and is going well so far. (7.8/10)

Tennessee Titans Concept - Steve M.

What I dislike: I grew up watching the Titans. When they came to Tennessee, and made it to the Super Bowl in 1999, that was a state-wide holiday/day of painful defeat. I like that Steve used the sword logo. I much prefer it to the Flaming Thumbtack. 

What I dislike: Not a huge fan of the alternate. I know the logos use some red trim, but I'm not in favor of included more red into the uniforms. I'm not big on contrasting hem/cuff trim in general. Maybe Steve made this a few months ago, but Chris "CJ2YardsPerCarry" Johnson isn't on the team anymore.

Overall: Not a bad translation of Tennessee uniforms. (7.8/10)

Bloomington Thunder Concept - Garrett F.

What I like: The Thunder just pulled off one the best logo redesigns in recent memory. Just look at the old logo compared to the new one. It's a huge improvement. I think this color scheme is really underutilized in sports. The Seattle Seahawks showed that it can really work well. 

What I dislike: I'd take the laces off. The color scheme and logo are too modern for nostalgia-inducing design cues such as that. I was hoping for something a little more radical and bold to pair with that logo. Sometimes there are certain colors in a scheme that shouldn't touch because they don't have enough contrast. That's what's going on with the gray and green here. I would make the number and captain's 'C' white. There's not enough white on the dark jersey, anyway, so that would help.

Overall: I'm hoping to see more Bloomington Thunder concepts with that logo in the future. This concept, with a few minor tweaks, would look great on the ice. (8/10)

Toronto Blue Jays Concept - GKennedy

What I like: I really like the way this concept is presented. We see several inter-league concepts, especially during the summer months, but this is a great way to present a mash-up. The striping looks great paired with the Blue Jays' number font. 

What I dislike: Both jerseys are pixelated, which makes it a little difficult to see some of the details, but I think the trademark symbols were left on the logos. You can take those off. I would have liked to have seen this logo. I think that would have related more to the Maple Leafs, and fit better in the "jersey math" theme with the maple leaf featured so prominently. That's my favorite Blue Jays logo, so I may be biased.

Overall: Looking forward to more jersey math. (7.5/10)

That's it for today's post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Want to see a concept in our Concept of the Week voting? Nominate it in the comments section! Disagree with some of my assessments? Let's discuss it! This is one of the few places on the internet where civil discussion exists, and Godwin's Law does not apply, so feel free.

Have you heard about the HJC live chat during the Stanley Cup finals? If not, click on the banner above for details or click this link if you don't like scrolling. They were a lot of fun last year, so I'm excited about this year's live chat! See you all there!

May 30, 2014

Friday: On Time and Purely Awesome

Okay, this is my first on time post for my new writing spot. Yes, I know, it's sad that I say that, but I'm so excited to finally get a post ready for 4:30pm and not have something happen!

Anyways, HJC is relatively quiet today, but that doesn't mean you can't help with the most important thing HJC needs to run, voting. There's even a Spiderman concept up for voting, how often does that happen?

***Edit by Ryan***
I suggest that HJC isn't quiet!

After the Stanley Cup Final schedule was announced on Wednesday I stated on Twitter that the HJC Live Chat would be returning for Game 1. It will start at 9pm Eastern and you can click the banner at the top of the page for the details. The Head-To-Head voting will return that night and it will feature concepts of the two teams in the Final going against each other. See the LIVE CHAT page for the details.

You can also click the eBay link on the side of the page. Up for auction are the former HJC Meet-Up raffle prizes. The white Lady Liberty jersey, a 2014 Olympic Team Canada jersey, and a replica Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup ring are all up for auction. Get in now while prices are good.

Also, get your HJC Open logo entries in!!!

Boom, Ryan just proved things aren't so quiet right now on HJC!

Let's see some of the entries that have come in so far.

Phil B.

Christian L.

Today, on
, which is like the social media oriented site on TSN, sort of like a sports related tumblr without the dark side which we shall to venture on to, two HJC artists got some spotlight. Matt Mc and HJC writer Dylan A. or Dbro's concept team the Seattle Sea Lions art was featured on the site as potential Seattle NHL team idea.

Check it out and congrats to the both of you! Hopefully more artists get some attention!

COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Saturday @ 11:00am Eastern time)
Remember all you logo designers (which there are more than ever on HJC) to get you HJC Open logo entries in by tomorrow at llam..that's right, 11AM

That reminds me, I wonder what Spiderman is doing right now?

photo from

That'a nice....

On to the concepts!!!1!


Montreal Expos/Canadiens Crossover Concepts (By: GKennedy)

Fun fact, Montreal won't have a baseball team for while, but its great to see a solid Expos crossover, since the rumours are swirling about a return. Gken does a solid job crossing over the two looks, balancing the colours. The away jersey I prefer to the home, only because it just looks so clean, though try adding some pin striping to see how that looks. With the home (which I guess is away because this is baseball) is also good, but it doesn't seem Exposy, more Habsy. I hope you do more of these, GKennedy, crossovers are always fun. (8.25/10)

Adirondack Flames Concepts (By: Kevin D.)

It was only a matter of time until we saw a Baby Flames concepts, and Kevin is the first...of many I'm sure, and Kevin remains pretty true to what we will expect next September. Sure it would be nice to see a more original design, but Kevin cleans up the Flames template to make it look pretty decent. The jerseys look bare without shoulder patches, maybe not flags, but something to fill that gap. The alternate is sweet though, and needs nothing. (8.5/10)

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Wings98)

Wings's execution has certainly improved since he started with HJC a year ago, and this another great  concept, taking inspiration from Christian's idea in the leave an idea post. It's a simple crossover between the Scouts and Devils, using the Scouts pretty underrated striping, which looks great in Devils colours. The yoke though would look better if the black came all the way down, and wasn't just a bar at the top.  (7.75/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Caz W.)

It's great I'm finally reviewing one of Caz's concepts, since I mention him in several posts and is the writer after me. This is the direction Columbus, and Columbus fans seem to be wanting to go in, but not without a few changes. Gone is the vintage white and light blue, in with the silver. Caz does what he says in the description on the concept, combining classic cues with modern touches, especially the numbers and pin striping. The tv numbers may be a smidgen too big, but that was a design choice more than an execution error. Good job practicing what you preach and having helmet numbers and one pair of unique pants. (9/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Ryan HJC./ Edited By: Jon L.)

I like seeing tweaked concepts; it means someone added their own spin on someone's work, as long as they credit the original artist (which Jon did). Jon inverses the red and hwite on the socks and arms/hem to make the stirling match the half arm band better He also adds a red outline to the revised logo, and overall, the jersey has a more uniform look to it.  (9/10)

Hamilton Tigers Concept (By: Mike S.)

I've thoroughly enjoyed Mike's Back from the Dead Series, since he's added his own spin to teams, and this jersey is certainly a combination of modern and classic. The striping matches the logo and is typical of Mike, which isn't a bad thing, but it works more so with this logo set than say the Barons or Thrashers. The Tiger print cuffs are a neat idea, but they feel out of place. Make a classic concept and then make a modern one. I get what Mike is doing, and it's ambitious, combining modern and classic like this is hard, but in this case, there isn't enough of the Tiger print to make it work. (7.5/10)

Oakland Raiders Concepts (By: Steve M.)

As a Chiefs fans, I don't particularly like the Raiders, but I feel their lack of success is wearing thin on fans and it's sad to see. The Raiders have the most recognizable and simples jerseys in the NFL, and Steve remains faithful to that, but it doesn't transfer well to hockey. The home jersey, while empty, is pretty nice, but the inside of the hem should be grey like the rest of the hem. The white jersey is bland, and it doesn't have the benefit of matching the real jerseys to a tee. The logo is solid though, but a shoulder patch would save the jersey. (7/10)

San Diego Chargers Concepts (By: Steve M.)

Another team I'm not fond of, the Chargers have always had solid jerseys, but that doesn't automatically mean they transfer well to hockey. Using the Blues/Preds template was a good choice, since the curved arms with the bolt in the coloured part is a good call to the real jerseys. A shoulder patch is desperately needed again, and maybe some sort of hem stripe (even piping on the bottom. The alternate is classic AFL, but using the same template as above would look better, but with larger bolts. (7.25/10)

Pittsburgh Steelers Concepts (By: Steve M.)

The Steelers are totally ready for a hockey conversion, since they have an amazing striping pattern and a logo that fits on...anything, except the other side of their helmet. The home and road are expected, very simple and solid, aside from a couple of execution errors. The logo is too large, and the yellow NOB on the white jersey is hard to read. The alternate works better in hockey than football. The jersey looks pretty 30's like, and Ottawa, Montreal, Pittsburgh and Hamilton all wore jerseys like this, so it works for the times. Best in the series so far. (7.75/10)

That's the post. Everything went swimmingly. Congrats to King Henrik, Dominic Moore, Marty St. Louis and the Rangers for winning the Eastern Conference. Sure it would have been nice for the Habs to make it, but the Rangers have so many likeable players who have had some rough parts of the past season, and let's hope for an amazing Cup Final. I'm Jets96, Go Jets Go! Remember to comment, vote and get your entries in!!!

May 29, 2014

Thursday: Insert Witty Title Here

As you can see from my title, I'm suffering from intense writers block today.

You could say my writing creativity went on a camping trip... tents...

Never mind, I'll just get to the good stuff:

There's a logo competition this week to design the logos for the HJC Open. The event is huge, and thus requires a logo of epic proportions. Are your design skills up to the task? You have until Saturday morning to find out.

And you may have heard that the raffles for the planned HJC Meet Up prizes have been cancelled, but you can still get your hands on those items via EBAY.

And finally, as always, don't forget to vote!

COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Saturday @ 11:00am Eastern time)


HJC Open Logo Entries:

Connor L.


New England Patriots Concept - Steve M.

Yay: We start our concepts off with a trifecta of AFC East football teams, beginning with the Patriots. The old-school nature of these teams isn't lost in these concepts. The plain, traditional style is a good way to go for the Patriots, and there doesn't appear to be any glaring execution errors.

Nay: Design wise, this one is a tough sell for me. The red hem and cuffs stand out, and not in a good way. The red outlines on the text and stripes of the white jersey really don't look nice on a white background. The laces on the white jersey should be red or blue, something that stands out against the white jersey. Finally, I'd love to see some grey design on the jersey, as a secondary colour.

Overall: Good effort, but it's a plain design that doesn't stand out much. And where it does stand out, it stands out for the wrong reasons. 7/10

New York Jets Concept - Steve M.

Yay: Next up is the New York Jets. Again, another classic team with another appropriate traditional design. I'm happy with the different logo that is used here, it isn't as well used, but looks cool anyways, and fits with the classic look just as well. The stripes work well, and even the contrasting shoulders look good, which I normally wouldn't say.

Nay: There's not a lot to complain about here, but I would say that the numbers on the back are a little too big, and there isn't enough of a space between the name and number. I also don't like how the collar has two styles (one duo-coloured and one not). I'd stick with a plain white collar on the green jersey, but either style would work.

Overall: Much better design than the previous concept. Still missing the "wow" factor, but still a solid concept. 7.6/10

Miami Dolphins Concept - Steve M.

Yay: The last of Steve's football-hockey crossovers today is a concept for the Miami Dolphins. Despite being another older team, the Dolphins look can easily adapt to traditional or modern styles. This is another traditional style jersey with basic stripes, which suits the Dolphins fine.

Nay: If you stick with a traditional stripe pattern and try to look old-school, I suggest using the old logo. This logo isn't much different, but looks much more modern than their previous logo.  The font that is used is also too modern for a traditional set. The jerseys are also missing the trim marks in some places, including the whole blue jersey. I think the arm stripes are fine, but could be thicker.

Overall: Another concept that isn't too exciting, but with a few more execution errors. 6.8/10

Seattle Seahawks Concept - Kevin B.

Yay: We're done with Steve's AFC East set, but we still have one more NFL concept for today. Kevin's Seattle Seahawks concept has the colour, font, and modern styles to make this a believable uniform. The equipment is well done (especially the pants), and while the jersey is a bit on the plain side, the design is pretty solid.

Nay: First, always remember to throw some ID into your concept somewhere, so we know who this artwork belongs to. Back to the design, the biggest flaw is the neon green outline on the text and numbers. That is just painful to look at. I also wish there was some more modern design into the jersey, like what is on the pants. Some more grey would be nice as well.

Overall: Interesting, but still needs work. 7.2/10

Yellowknife Bison Concept - TG

 Yay: Here are some hockey concepts, starting with this somewhat fictitious design for the Yellowknife Bisons, which is essentially a redesigned Buffalo Sabres uniform. There's enough of a new design here that makes this stand out, in a good way. The striping is very interesting, and the colours look great considering we've never really seen the real Sabres wear these colours with look. I'm very interested in this concept, and I wonder what the inspiration for it was.

Nay: The logo isn't an exact copy of the Sabres logo, but it is still very close. I think this concept would be close to perfect if there was a totally original logo. The stripes are a little too busy for my liking. I also don't like how the dark blue is used as a yoke on the black jersey, there just isn't enough contrast between the two.

Overall: Not the best design choices, but by far the most interesting design I've seen today.  8.1/10

Seattle Sealions Concept - Nathan S.

Yay: Have I seen this concept somewhere before? Oh yes, this is a redo of the Seattle Sea Lions concept by Matt M. and Dylan A. during the HJC Pairs competition. They had a fantastic concept, and Nathan appears to try to add his own style to it. The logos look original (correct me if I'm wrong), and although they don't look as polished, I always appreciate new artwork. While the original concept went crazy with the jerseys, this concept plays it safe, and I kind of like this style more.

Nay: While I love the basic design of this jersey, the sizes of everything are off. The logos on the jerseys are all huge, the stripes on the arms and socks are huge, and the TV numbers are huge.  The pants could use some more design, and the helmet could use a decal or something. I don't like how the arm/yoke combination look different on both jerseys.

Overall: This is a good effort, but the bar was set really high, and this doesn't quite reach the original design. 7.8/10

Vancouver Canucks Concept - Christian L.

Yay: Some people (not many) like the "V" jerseys. Some people like the "skate blade" jerseys. Here, Christian combines the two, and the outcome is actually pretty cool. The "V" effect is much more subtle and tolerable, and I've always loved the skate blade logo. The two styles combine perfectly, and create a very unique set that I would love to see as an alternate or special event jersey.

Nay: The name seems really close to the yoke, and I think I'd rather yellow numbers instead of red, for clarity. But then the red outlines would probably clash with the black, so I'm not sure if that would be a good fix or not.

Overall: Love it, and would definitely love to see this "fauxback" used for real. 8.8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - Dylan W.

Yay: Dylan shows up with this very interesting and original presentation for his concept. Presentation makes a good concept great, and although the Facebook thing contributes nothing to the jersey directly, it makes the concept more realistic and cool. As for the uniform itself, I love the look of the Penguins in yellow, and this particular design is very different from most other Penguin uniforms.

Nay: The only thing I can say is that I wish the side designs didn't come as far to the front. It makes the yellow look narrow in the front, almost like it's pointing towards the Penguins crotch. Just make the sides a little skinnier or at a steeper angle, and this would be perfect.

Overall: Still waiting for the actual reveal of this uniform. In the meantime, 9.2/10

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Joey F.

Yay: Our last concept of the day is Joey's Avalanche concept.  The biggest thing I notice is the "homemade" mountain designs all over the uniform. I'll explain my problem with them later, but the edginess and the fact that you created this yourself (I assume) really helps this concept a lot. This concept screams "Colorado Avalanche" all over the place, and would be really cool to see live.

Nay: The problem with the mountain design is that it looks too edgy and rough, and would never be used on a pro jersey. Maybe in the 90's, or in a farm league team, or on a beer can, but not on a professional jersey; most teams usually go with crisp lines and simpler designs. Plus the mountain design doesn't really work well with the yoke or cuffs. I'd also give the collar on the white jersey some colour other than white.

Overall: Don't let my bashing of the artwork discourage you, this design is really cool. It just doesn't seem as realistic as it could be. 7.9/10


Who gets my COTW nomination for the day? I have to give it to Dylan W's Penguins concept. Not only is the presentation cool, but it's a very good design that I'm sure everyone would love if it actually existed. But that's just my opinion, leave yours in the comment section!

That's enough from me for today.  Thanks for reading, and happy playoffs!

May 28, 2014

Wednesday: Football? Baseball? HJC Has Summer Fever

When I started writing for HJC, I followed up Dylan Wonka's reign over the Wednesday post. Now I get to follow him again after a refreshing fill in for HJC's current Dylan. There are many rumors flying in the uniform world, the one that interests me the most is the rumor that the Blues promote their alternate logo, replacing the music note logo that has been around since the team's inception. I also look forward to seeing what uniforms the Capitals will wear in the Winter Classic. What are you most looking forward to in the NHL's uniform news? I can tell you that the Arizona Coyotes just unveiled their new uniform today! The biggest (and only) change from their current uniform is that the "PHX" has been changed to "AZ" on the shoulder patch. This was quite the unvealing!
As always, the COTW vote ends Friday, so don't forget to vote. The newest contest on HJC is a logo design contest for the 2014 HJC Open. Get your designs in by 11:00 on Saturday! There was a mistake made on the past few days post so please take note of the due date listed on the Contest Rules page.
COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Saturday @ 11:00am Eastern time)
There are no entries for the HJC Open logo contest yet so get at it!
Here are today's concepts!

Stephen T. - Team Belarus Concept
**UPDATE** A bad Google search led me to misidentify this concept. My apologies to Stephen.
Design: In IIHF play, Belarus has had some bland jersey designs in my opinion. Stephen puts his creativity hat on with this design to spice things up for the country. Although the method of striping is very standard, the patterned stripe and yoke adds a lot to this concept. I think that Belarus would look much better wearing this kind of uniform.

Score: 7/10 - The execution errors drag this concept down. The crests are not centered on either jersey.
Kevin B. - Chicago Cubs Concept
Design: As a die hard Cubs fan, I sometimes wonder whether the Cubs would manage more wins playing hockey than they would playing baseball. Kevin's design prominently displays the Cubs' trademarked pinstripes down the front of the jersey. I also like that the sleeves and shoulders are blue, but I don't quite understand the plain white stripe on the arms. I feel that a red stripe would match the pants and socks much better.

Score: 6.5/10 - The crest might be a touch small, but some more continuity between the jersey and other accessories would help.
TG - Whitehorse Klondikes Concept
Design: TG is back with one of his always creative designs! I especially love the color palette of this concept. I also like how the striping on the jersey matches the striping in the crest. It reminds me a lot of the rainbow jerseys that the Denver Nuggets of the NBA used to wear. This concept, however, looks much better than those jerseys.

Score: 8/10 - This concept looks great! The color scheme is like nothing I have ever seen, and I think this jersey could be a best seller in the North Hockey Association.
TG - Nuuk Nukes Concept
Design: Rivaling the Klondikes in the NHA is the Nukes. The electric green against forest green looks a lot better than I expected. The addition of yellow and black finishes another awesome combination of colors. Although the look matches the team's identity perfectly, the font and logo makes this concept look very amateur. I can't see this jersey being used in anything but men's league hockey.

Score: 7.5/10 - Ending on a good note, I do like the squared-off yoke a lot. That is a very unique design feature that looks great on this concept.

Steve M. - Indianapolis Colts Concept
Design: The Colts have had the same classic look for a long time, and I really appreciate that Steve kept their brand identity when designing this jersey. This concept actually has me thinking that Lucas Oil Stadium would be a great venue for a Stadium Series game! Although, what teams would play in it? Back to the jerseys... In my opinion, the jerseys are spot on. They almost perfectly match the Colts' football jerseys and I'm sure that Indianapolis residents wouldn't want to see the team wear anything different.

Score: 7.5/10 - This concept is what I picture the ideal NFL concept to look like.

Steve M. - Jacksonville Jaguars Concept
Design: Steve takes a complete 180 in his approach to his Jacksonville Jaguars concept. As opposed to directly applying the Jaguars' striping to a hockey jersey, he used the team's striping as a basis for a design that looks very hockey-like to me. The arm striping is very similar to Jacksonville's jerseys, but the teal and gold on the sides of the jerseys are Steve's own touch. I wish that he would have added some shoulder patches to this concept just to make it 100% hockey-like.

Score: 7.5/10 - I hope that the hockey Jags don't also wear those horrible black and gold helmets.

Steve M. - Kansas City Chiefs Concepts
Design: For Steve's last concept of the day, he goes back to a very literal approach for his design. Like the above Colts concept, this jersey is very much a copy of the Chiefs' uniform design. Unlike his previous two concepts, this concept utilizes a shoulder patch. The patch is the Chiefs primary logo, which I personally think would have looked good on the front of the jersey. But overall, I have no complaints.

Score: 7/10 - I like that this is a mix of a hockey design and a football design, as opposed to one or the other.

Thomas H. - Frölunda HC Concept
Design: Frölunda HC currently uses uniforms that remind me a lot of the original Minnesota Wild uniforms, with a lot of advertizements of course. Thomas changes it up and gives the team their own look. I really like the striping, and the shoulder yoke on the creme jersey looks very cool. One Minnesota Wild element remains on this concept, however. The number font is also the same as the original Wild uniforms.

Score: 8/10 - This concept looks very authentic for a European hockey concept.

Christian L. - Colorado Rockies Concept
Design: Twice in one day? Christian's concept also reminds me a lot of the Denver Nuggets' rainbow jerseys, but this time the team belongs to Colorado. I like that the team has taken on powder blue as a primary color. I also like that white has been added to the striping pattern. But please, can we all be spared of the powder blue pants!

Score: 7/10 - The arm stripes, TV number, and shoulder patch could all use to move up the arm a touch. Everything seems like it is crowding the bottom of the sleeve.

That's all for the week! Remember to vote for COTW and get to the drawing board for your entry into the HJC Open logo contest! See you all next week!

May 27, 2014

Tuesday: Golden Ticket Post

Not Dylan Alexander today folks! Guest writer today filling in for ol' Dbro is 'The Other Dylan' MrWonka. My first ever post on HJC was on a Tuesday and this is bringing back memories. I left HJC a couple of months ago because school was in the way during the week and there just wasn't enough time at school some days to get a full honest post in. Some days I would rush to get critiques in, and it wasn't right to the artists or the readers, so it was best that I left at that time before my second semester started.

Anyways, since I got this news today I'm not really prepared to talk about anything, so why try and waste your reading time? Let's get right to today's post. I don't have access to the HJC Contest e-mail, so if there are entries for today then I hope someone can update this later or you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what has been sent in.

ROOKIE MISTAKE! Feels like my first post. I wrote it all and when I went to publish I forgot I signed out of Dylans e-mail to go to mine and ...let's just say nothing autosaved :(. Anyways, I re-did the whole post trying to get back everything I said from the first time around.

COTW May 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
HJC Open Logo Competition entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)

Atlanta Flames - Christian L.
We start off the greatest return in HJC history by critiquing a vintage concept. I really like this. I would say I'd like to see more white in the striping and logo for a full time jersey. However, I see this as a one time jersey either as a fan jersey or used for one night. I really like the striping. It's all over the place, but it makes it feel vintage. The lack of white makes it feel very vintage too. Almost like it's all saturated out. No real changes I would make. It's very nice.

Rating: 8/10

Juneau Whales - TG
I was playing NHL 14 yesterday with my cousin. He used the pre edge Kings alternate jersey in the game and these yokes remind me of them. (You might see a similar old kings jersey in the future from me because I really liked it). Anyways. I give the yokes an A+ in this. The striping is very nice too. The whole jersey gives a nice color balance and unified look. My one nit pick is that the space between the black stripe to the others is different in size from the other stripes (I hope I said that right). I would make them the same distance apart and this would be great!

Rating: 8.2/10

Fairbanks Snipers - TG
I always liked this color scheme. Seems so menacing. The striping is carried thoughout the set, but I like the white jersey more. The thing that throws me away from the black jersey is that there is not white on the hem. Either have it below the red or above. I just think having the red stripe throws off the complete look of the black jersey. Script fonts are cool, no problem with this one. It fits the traditional look the jersey has. Again, nice job on these!

Rating: 7.9/10

Houston Texans - Steve M.
I really liked that you went with red for the primary home jersey color. I always been a fan of Texans in red instead of Navy jersey. I like the small yoke pattern that is similar to their jersey shoulder design. One thing that should be fixed in my opinion is the arm striping and the hem. I think they should be similar in style. The arm striping is modern and sleek, while the hem is just traditional. It's a mix that I don't think goes well together. I would like to see the hem changed rather than the arm stripes. Making a more modern hem design could make it all look great. The alternate is pretty great! One thing I think should be changed is the side the red is one. I think it should be opposite to the logo red so it's balanced more and the red doesn't clash with each other.

Rating: 7.4/10

Denver Broncos - Steve M.
Now we move onto the Broncos. To me, the Broncos logo is very modern and should have a modern jersey with it. I think having a very traditional home and road makes the logo seem out of place. The alternate is more what I think the Broncos should wear with that logo. For the alternate I would add a tad more white. Either an outline from the orange or just a white modern stripe between the orange on the arms! The home and road I think really suffer from the orange and blue really mashing together in a bad way. I think there needs to be more white in the orange jersey striping. I just think with striping that close together the Blue and orange shouldn't be touching. Example, Chicago's away jersey. It differs from the home because the red and black touching would really get lost together.

Rating: 7/10

Cleveland Browns - Steve M.
No more Gordon! It looks like steve transfers the Browns football uniform striping to the hockey. And it really goes well in the sport change. My biggest complaint is the logo. I've never been fond of the dog pound logo, but at the same time I wonder what logo you could use in place. Maybe just a regular B could work? Hmm... the alternate logo you show is cool, but I don't see that being a crest logo. If we are sticking with the pound logo I think it needs a bigger white outline on the brown jersey. You'd have to make it a tad smaller then.

Rating: 7.1/10

Team Denmark Olympics Concept - Kevin B.
As Dbro says, this suffers from Paint Bucket Fill syndrome. Nothing really too creative here, especially for a futball team. I like that you didn't take their soccer jerseys and transfer them, but this is pretty bare. Usually when I see yoke colors touching sleeve coloring I don't think it looks good, and that opinion stands for this too. Needs to be more creative. Back to the drawing board. With a soccer team you can do a lot of out of the box designs, but I don't think this cuts it.

Rating: 4/10

San Jose Sharks V1 - Jarrett T.
These next two really suffer from bad execution. One thing that can help that is a better template. This seems like it doesn't work at all to help out a beginner. There's no back either which brings this down. Listen to this critique and take notes. I love to see progression and I see that you have a good idea for designs but the execution isn't there. I say go to the Templates page and pick out the reebok straight arms 2D design. You can also download the folder that Ryan has at the bottom of the Templates page that gives you all the templates the teams use in the NHL, vintage NHL, IIHF, and junior hockey. It will  be easier with those templates to put in more detail into your design, and it just looks nice and clean if done right. The striping on these are different sizes. Make sure you always use the same sized striping so that the uniform has continuity. The phantom yoke is usually a design element I dislike with traditional style jerseys. Also, the shoulder logos are too close to the collar and are facing in the wrong direction. They should be facing down the sleeves. Look up images online or if you have a hockey jersey and you will see. Last is the logo, I definitely don't think that is a primary crest logo for an NHL team. To me it screams alternate logo or junior hockey.

Rating: 4/10 Keep working. Don't let the score bring you down.

St. Louis Blues 2015 Road Jersey Concept - Ryan H.
Basically everything that was said above. I like that the yoke is colored and not phantom. Also, you have blue from the previous jersey in between the TV numbers. Take time with these. Don't think that you need to send just an idea, working on execution goes a long way. 

Rating:  4/10

Well, that short return was fun and brought back some memories! I will have to venture off into the distance again though! Hope you guys have a great day! And show some....PURE IMAGINATION in future concepts! 

Make sure to vote!!!!! 

And also even if you aren't a big logo creator, entering the HJC Open Logo competition should be fun! Just take a chance and send one in! You never know what could happen. Just think about what will happen if you don't even try and send one in.... YOU WILL LOSE, YOU GET NOTHING!

Adios, people!