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September 30, 2011

Winter Classic concepts

Voting continues for the St. John's Ice Caps ReDesign until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. The new "Top 3" voting is great! We have 3 concepts that have started to separate themselves from the pack. If you haven't voted yet, be sure to do so.

COTW voting ended last night. Here are the results from that vote;

Brian D. (MSU) - 4
Ryan (SEA) - 3
Kris (WSH) - 1
Avi (PIT) - 0

Brian wins the COTW with his winning NCAA ReDesign entry! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to view his concept!

Today's post will feature all of the Winter Classic concepts that I have gotten since the logo was revealed just over a week ago.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by David B.)David gives us the Flyers' home sweater and uses vintage white as the main colour. Kevin, a Flyers store employee tells HJC that the actual Winter Classic jersey will be vintage white and it will become the 3rd jersey next season (according to his sources). Originally I had thought that there was a rule stating that one team had to wear a colour jersey versus another team that wears a white jersey. After a quick browse through the NHL Rulebook, I can't seem to find that rule anymore.

New York Rangers concept (by Martin)Martin gives us a good standard design for the Rangers. I don't understand the use of the current logo on the shoulders and helmet (floating in the middle of it) instead of the indicated retro logo. Also, the squiggles in the stripes are a question mark. They look good, but maybe not for the Rangers.

Winter Classic concepts (by MasonII)Mason adds collar laces and vintage white to the Flyers' 1980's jerseys. He opposes them with the 1976-78 Rangers jerseys, but he uses the team's Winter Classic logo. Vintage white also makes an appearance.

Winter Classic concepts (by Spirit104)How about the exact opposite? Spirit and Mason had no idea what the other had sent in! I like the way Spirit has used vintage white as another colour on a pure white jersey (Rangers jersey).

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by HJC)I did some very quick research on Philadelphia hockey. I came across a team called to Ramblers. I based an orange jersey on their jerseys and created a new shoulder patch based on the "R" logo that the Ramblers used. My favourite part of this is the design on the pants.

New York Rangers concept (by HJC)The Rangers showed us that they will be using a logo that was around in the early 30's. In that era, they didn't have a white jersey. So I thought I would make, what I think, a white Rangers jersey would have looked like in the 1930's. I've used the blue and red from the team's current 3rd jersey.

New York Rangers concepts (by Avi)Avi bases his concepts on the current alternate sweater. The top concept is that sweater with the Rangers' Winter Classic logo on it. The bottom sweater places some blue space between the red and vintage white stripes. It also uses the current NEW YORK script found on the 3rd jersey. I like these, they look really good. I just think it would be tough to sell fans a jersey that they have pretty much seen already.

New York Rangers concepts (by Matt M.)Matt simplifies the shoulder yoke on the current road jersey and uses vintage white. We get to see both options, wordmark & retro logo. I prefer the concept on top, but I would prefer it with a red collar like the bottom one has.

Kevin, who I mentioned above, also tells me that the Winter Classic jerseys will be released to the public for sale around American Thanksgiving. Wow, what a coincidence, just in time for all the "Black Friday" shopping.

Tomorrow is the HJC Fantasy Hockey League Live Draft! All team owners should have received an email from me explaining everything. Only one team is in question right now. Jim operates the L.A. Hitmen and if you could just shoot me a quick email Jim, just to let me know that you are still around.

September 29, 2011

Thursday's Concepts

The HJC Fantasy League is set! Team owners will be getting an email after this post goes up. The live draft will be taking place this Saturday. I will be providing HJC readers with small updates from the league here on the blog as the season progresses. Take a look below at the team names;

HJC (Ryan)
Sens Suck (Christine)
Applewood Coyotes (Kris)
Youngstown Hockey (Tex)
Buffalo Paranormal (Kyle S.)
Spirit's Champs (Spirit104)
L.A. Hitmen (Jim)
Scarborough Skulls (Cody)
WooWooWoo (Mike C.)
Say Your Sourey (Michael N.)

For those owners that can't be there for the draft (Saturday, 8:30pm EST), I suggest that you set your pre-draft rankings. For all owners, you should look over the league scoring system so you know what you're getting into.

Today is the last day for Committee members to vote for COTW. If you haven't yet, be sure to do so before 11:59pm EST tonight.

The new "Top 3" voting style for the Ice Caps competition is going really well. That voting ends on Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Over on the Facebook page (scroll down a bit), there has been a discussion as to what the next ReDesign will be. The leading idea right now is to do a European league (KHL probably). Head on over there to get in your two cents.

This isn't a stadium blog, but I was so impressed I felt the need to write something about it. BC Place in Vancouver, where you might have watched the 2010 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies emanate from, has nearly completed its renovations. The renovations cost just over $500 million dollars and it shows!They did a really great job updating an old stadium and really making it look state-of-the-art. It looks like an entirely new venue! It reminds me of a Canadian version of the new Cowboys Stadium. After a few events, its first big attraction will be this season's Grey Cup game.


Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Stephen)
Dallas Stars concept (by WinnipegJets96)
Winnipeg Jets concept (by Bob)

Toronto St. Pats concept (by Pete)Pete wants at least one of the old Toronto teams to come back. This is a concept for one of those teams. The logo is good, pretty straight forward. The font for the NOB may be a little too stylized and tough to see on TV and from the press box. This needs TV numbers, shoulder patches, etc...

Seattle Swords concepts (by Cody)Cody takes Buffalo's former shoulder patch and gives it to a new Seattle team called the Swords. I like the colours, but I wish there was just as much teal on the home jersey that there is on the road white sweater. Also the TV numbers read the wrong way. The front of the jersey indicates that Smith would be #22, while the back indicates that he'd be #11. Think about how a jersey would look folded in half or you could look at how others here on HJC do their TV numbers.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Kris)Kris simplifies the Flames' jerseys which some anti Reebok Edge people will like. The jerseys are good except the armpit which cuts off the stripes. That really seems to distract my eyes.

Atlant Moscow oblast concept (by Jose)These are quite similar to the team's actual road jersey. Jose has made the stripes all the same size, he's switched the manufacturer from Reebok to Bauer, and he's used an alternate wordmark for the crest.

HJC logo concept (by Jari)Jari took a stab at changing up the HJC logo and I really like it! If HJC had an alternate jersey I feel like this could be the logo on it! I like it so much I'm going to give Jari a COTW nomination.

I've got a few Winter Classic concepts in my inbox. So, tomorrow's post will feature them. If you want to get on tomorrow's post put together a quality concept and send it in. Rushed concepts will probably not get posted...

September 28, 2011

Oh No! What Have They Done?

Icethetics re-tweeted this today from the Minnesota Wild's equipment manager.That's right, when the season starts in October, all NHL players will be wearing their number on both the back and FRONT of their helmets! Who approved this?!?! Apparently when Reebok proposed that it be standard for all players to wear their number on the front of their pants it was unanimously voted down. Now all of a sudden, the player's number will appear on the front of the helmet? How is this going to help anyone? Did anyone have any trouble recognizing the players, or at least their numbers before this? Now we're getting into "cluttering the uniform" territory. To me, this may be the worst move in NHL uniform history since the 1996 3rd jerseys! Also, why are they waiting until the season starts? Why didn't this start at rookie tournaments? My thought is that the NHL knows there will be a backlash and is holding off on this until the last possible second. These helmet numbers may be around for the 2011-12 season, but lets hope that people like us cause enough noise that the numbers disappear by the 2012-13 campaign. Am I off base here? What do you guys think?

Actually, I was just looking at the Wild's equipment manager's (Tony Da Costa) Twitter account and he posts some pretty cool "behind the scenes" pics. You can follow him on Twitter, @Styleswild.

I also want to remind those of you that are playing in the Fantasy League this year, that you need to email me your team name, what email address you want me to contact you with, and if you are available for the live draft this Saturday @ 8:30pm EST. If you're not available, please let me know when a good time for you would be. Keep in mind that the draft needs to happen this weekend.

Committee members, don't forget to vote for COTW and the Ice Caps ReDesign, if you haven't already.


Toronto Maple Leafs wordmark (by Cody)
Los Angeles Kings concept (by Evan L.)

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Tyler C.)I would have liked this concept better if the gold was kept on the arms of the black jersey. I also think the numbers are better the way the Ducks have them now as opposed to this. The white jersey is cool except as I said above, it could use the current Ducks' numbering style. I think most people would like the white jersey if it did.

Dallas Stars concept (by WinnipegJets96)This looks to be based on the North Stars' jerseys of the late 1960's. To really make it Dallas Stars (instead of North Stars) I think using the "state of Texas" shoulder patch would be good.

Lev Poprad concept (by Jose)This is the KHL's newest team, as this is their first year in the league. In my opinion, it looks like Jose has "completed" the jersey. HERE and HERE is what the team's actual jerseys look like.

Ak Bars Kazan concept (by Jose)I think I prefer Ak Bars' current sweaters to this one. This concept just looks a little too "Christmasy" to me. Maybe if the green was more like what the teams actually uses, I'd like the concept better.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kris)Next year I'm thinking we will probably get a 3rd jersey from the Jets. I would have to say that there are probably some designs being thrown around the team's office right now. Kris offers up these as some options. My favourite is the grey jersey at the bottom!

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Stéphane)Stéphane has altered the logo and simplified the colour scheme. He has also changed the font on the numbers to fit Winnipeg's military theme. I like the colour change, but I think the logo may be a bit too detailed. I know others will like it and that's cool because it is good. I just think a great logo is one that looks professional (don't get me wrong, this logo looks professional) and is easy for a child to doodle.

September 27, 2011

By Request: Return of the Sharks

Committee members can continue to email in their vote for COTW. That goes until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Committee members can also continue to email in their "Top 3" votes for the Ice Caps ReDesign. Votes are accepted until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST for that one. Remember the new voting procedure for ReDesigns. Check out the HJC VOTING COMMITTEE page if you missed those details.

Get in on the discussion over at HJC's Facebook page. I'm looking for ideas for the next Competition/ReDesign.

All the teams have been set for HJC's Fantasy Hockey League.For those in the league, I'd like to gather an emailing list, so if all teams could send me an email just letting me know who you are, what team you are running, and what email address I should use to contact you. Tentatively, the draft is set for this Saturday at 8:30pm EST. You can also email me, when (this weekend) are some times when you are available to be a part of the draft.

As you can see above, the Fantasy League logo is...well, terrible. Anyone who wants to create the logo for our league, please feel free to do so and email it in! You're also allowed to call the league by any name you want.


Florida Panthers concepts (by Evan L.)
New York Islanders concept (by WinnipegJets96)

Kansas City Scouts concepts (by Cody)Cody has used "my" modified KC logo for his concepts. I'm not digging these because I don't like how the striping doesn't match anywhere on the jerseys. Also, the collar on the blue jersey is red on the left-front side, blue on the right-front side and yellow on the back. A little consistency along with the others things that are usually missing would help this concept a lot.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Stephen)The blue and green jerseys are okay, but the vintage logo doesn't show up too well. Maybe an outline of some sort would help it? I really like the yellow jersey though! Finally, unless the Canucks got a new player the NOB should read KESLER not KESLTER.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Kris)This is a solid fix for the Avs. Kris returns the pre-Edge jerseys and adds hem stripes to the blue alternate. He has also replaced the wordmark with the primary logo.

Team USA concepts (by Arthur)Again, I love that Arthur has included the practice jerseys! The home and roads are really nice, especially with that print on the back from the 2010 Olympics. The home and road alternates are solid fauxbacks as well.

Dinamo Riga concepts (by Jose)I don't get too many KHL concepts, but I love it when they do come in. This one is for the league's only Latvian team, Dinamo Riga. I think for a KHL jersey this fits perfectly into the league! The skyline is a great touch and would frame the sponsor, that would be placed at the hem, quite well.

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Stéphane)We saw these yesterday, but Stéphane read some of the comments and has provided us with the full body models and has made an alteration to the logo (removed the hockey stick from the mouth). This has already been nominated for COTW, so no need to do it again.

September 26, 2011

Week of September 26 - October 2, 2011

This may be the biggest post ever for HJC. Lots of information in today's post.

To start, the comments are now being moderated. We had someone who was abusing the comments section and until people like that go away, comments have to be approved be me. So, when you leave a comment now it won't show up right away. It will be there after I approve it through my email. I get emails on my phone every 15 minutes so the comments should be kept fairly current.

The COTW playoff winner from Sept12-18 is Kevin and his St. Louis Blues concepts!Kevin beat Mason H. in the playoff vote by a score of 3-2.

Here are the last two entries into the St. John's Ice Caps competition...

St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Kevin)
St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by HJC)

Voting now begins! Click the banner on the right or go to the ICE CAPS COMP page to see how the new voting system works. To sum up, you will now submit your top 3 choices (in order) and you're allowed to vote for yourself!

The entry phase for this year's HJC Fantasy Hockey League is over.For those in the league, I will be setting up the scoring system after tomorrow's post. I also want to hold a live draft this weekend (preferably in the evening Saturday or Sunday). Send me an email and let me know times this weekend that would be convenient for you.

The Winter Classic was officially announced today, finally! Despite rumours from my Flyers "source"...Kevin...the jerseys were not revealed today. However there is a rumour that the jerseys were at the press conference, so maybe some images may leak.

The Rangers also gave us their official logo for the event.The Flyers did as well, but it's just the regular logo with vintage white.

Here are some Winter Classic concepts that came in over the weekend.

Winter Classic concepts (by WinnipegJets96)That Lady Liberty jersey looks AWESOME on the Edge cut! I doubt very much though that the Flyers would use the slightly unpopular Edge black jersey.

Winter Classic concepts (by HJC)This is just a regular Flyers home sweater with vintage white and some adjustment to the numbers. I also added laces.

Winter Classic concepts (by Kevin)This one from Kevin combines a few eras of Flyers jerseys and uses the vintage white.

Winter Classic concepts (by Avi)Avi gives us the current Flyers home with a black outline. The Rangers jersey is pretty cool!

Winter Classic concepts (by Jose)If I had to put money on a Rangers design, it would be something similar to this. Except Drury won't be playing in the game. He'll be like us, watching from the couch.

Last week's Weekly Poll discussed why most Americans don't watch hockey. It pretty much boiled down to the fact that they grew up with football and baseball ingrained in them. We also discovered that hockey is very popular in the northern States, beating out baseball and/or basketball in some areas. Then somehow, the conversation slipped into how popular Nascar is...

This week's poll asks if you could choose any NHL player to start a team with, who would it be? You can click on the banner on the right or go to the WEEKLY POLL page to leave your comment. And lets try and keep the conversation on topic this week...

The COTW nominees have been listed on the left side of the page (incl. Brian's NCAA COMP winner). Click on that banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the nominees! Voting ends on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Committee members can send in their votes now.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Bob)Bob sees a superhero logo in the Bolts' logo. Thus, he dresses them as superheros, red capes and all!

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Martin)These are a bunch of 3rd jersey ideas from Martin. I really only like the grey one. The other seems a little plain and the logos are too big, I think. I appreciate the effort into creating his own logo for the yellow jersey.

Karlis Skrastins memorial patches (by Arthur)Arthur creates this simple and respectful memorial patches to be worn on the Dallas Stars' jerseys or helmets.

NYU concepts (by John T.)I'm not a fan of these, but it's hard to know what else you could do with the jerseys. I don't know much about NYU. Maybe some trim that is the colour of the cat logo?

Team Canada concepts (by Arthur)I really like that Arthur included practice jerseys with this set! The 2014 jerseys look awesome as well! Unfortunately, Canada won't be able to wear them as the 1972 Summit Series team own that design and they don't see eye-to-eye with Hockey Canada.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Spirit104)I like everything here, except I would place the bluenote logo under the ST LOUIS script. I'd also give them a classic sock to go with a classic looking jersey.

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Stéphane)A week or so ago, a concept was posted that sparked a conversation about the use of orange by the Sharks, secondary or trim? Stéphane gives us a great concept here using a retro jersey and orange as a secondary colour. He also gives the shark an authentic colour. This is great, I give it a COTW nomination.

Now off to prepare the Dallas Outlaws for tonight's IceHL West draft!