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October 30, 2010

Anaheim Ducks jerseys

Here are the first two entries into the Anaheim Ducks new jersey contest.

The first comes from Jack.
Anaheim Ducks conceptJack seems to like the current look of the Ducks but with less gold and more orange. I would have to agree with him on the colours. As I think we might see with many entries, Jack has used the "D" logo to replace the Ducks wordmark.

Next is Brian's entry.
Anaheim Ducks conceptBrian likes the new alternate enough to promote it to home jersey. He's also made a very sharp looking road white to match. Even though I'm not a fan of the upcoming 3rd jersey it does look 10x better than what they wear now. Which is why the jersey finished last in the recent poll.

Send in your Ducks home and road jerseys to:

October 27, 2010

Worst Jersey Set 2010-11

To start, I would like to thank Glen for keeping the blog going while I was away. Now I'm back and ready to post!

I left a poll as to who has the worst jerseys in the league right now. According to the poll, 40% of you think that the Anaheim Ducks have the worst jerseys in the league. Followed by the Panthers at 24%, Edmonton at 16%, and Nashville at 4%. Seeing as the majority think that Anaheim has the worst jerseys, they are in need of new sweaters. That's where you come in. You make a new home and road jersey for the Ducks. The jerseys aren't necessarily a crazy concept, just a home and road concept that you think would look good on the ice AND would sell well to Anaheim fans. You must use a Reebok Edge template, and follow NHL rules regarding jerseys. Such as, a coloured home jersey and a WHITE road jersey. Also, all jerseys must have names on the backs. We'll do 3rd jerseys later. Right now, just home and road. Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, midnight.

As I posted before, my Pens Winter Classic concept was made into a Chinese knock off jersey. While I was on vacation the package came! Unfortunately, the dumbasses sent the Pens 3rd jersey. I contacted them and fixed the order so hopefully I will have photos in 2 weeks or so.

One of the worst jerseys in the league is the Oilers. Jack has done a good job here fixing their jerseys.
Edmonton Oilers conceptsWow, hey Edmonton, look how good a jersey looks when stripes go ALL the way around the arm!

Stephan sent in this Rangers concept
New York Rangers conceptOther than the logo (white square background) which I don't think was intended this jersey is a neat idea. It is based off of the short lived 1973 WHA team, New York Golden Blades. It's nice to see something besides hem stripes and armbands.

Finally, here is a concept I did just before I went away.
Boston Bruins conceptIt's a mixture of the current B's sweater and the classic version from the 70's Bobby Orr era.

That's what I got. Remember to send in your Ducks home and road sweaters to;

October 25, 2010

Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Ugly

Today's concepts feature two of the most reviled logos in hockey. No, I don't have a Buffa-Slug concept for you, but I do have a Sabres concept.

The Sabres underwent the biggest redesign in franchise history in 1996, when they ditched the blue, gold, and circle logo for black, red, and the infamous "Goat-head." I got to thinking, "What if the Sabres hadn't changed colours, but had just changed the logo?" The result was this:

The next concept is my most recent jersey acquisition. When the Columbus Blue Jackets came into the league in 2000, they were set to wear jerseys with Stinger, their mascot on them. Their GM, Doug Maclean, nixed the idea. This is a rendering of a real jersey that I just bought. Perhaps they would have looked something like this:

Next post I will be previewing my upcoming rebrand series.


October 21, 2010

Lady Liberty goes Wild

With the Rangers releasing a third jersey this year, people were hoping that Lady Liberty would be making her glorious return to the front of the Rangers jerseys. Sadly, it appears that she won't. However, I decided to put together a concept combining what the Rangers will use, but featuring the lovely Lady on the front:

This next concept is actually a remake of one my first first ever concepts. I took Minnesota's current third, and removed the baseball script. In its place, I left the M from that same wordmark. The current primary logo has been placed on the shoulders:

Later this week, I will preview my upcoming NHL Rebrand Series. This next week is Reading Week, so it means lots of extra time for concepts!


October 19, 2010


The Anaheim Ducks are set to release their third jersey on November 26th, and they have been very good at keeping the design under wraps. Other than the following description in Icethetics' Jersey Watch 2010, very little is known about these jerseys.

"... the jersey will be black with the standalone "D" logo front and center on the chest. No wordmarks! The sleeve striping will be similar to that of the black jersey but with orange cuffs.

Most intriguing is the return of the classic Mighty Ducks logo inside an oval-shaped shoulder patch, recolored in orange and gold of course. In addition, the jersey features orange piping around the shoulders as well as orange, white and gold piping up and down the sides a la the Flames' jerseys."

-Icethetics' Jersey Watch 2010 is already selling "Ducks third jerseys" here

Thanks to Brian for sending this in.

What do you think? Is it real? Let the speculation begin.


Icethetics has confirmed that this is, in fact, a real jersey.

October 18, 2010

Pre Vacation Concepts

This will be my last post for a week or so. I'll be on my honeymoon, but don't worry. Glen, a frequent concept contributor has offered to take over for the week. Hopefully, when I get back my inbox will be filled with concepts to post.

I leave you with the following concepts;

Philadelphia Flyers conceptThis one was an attempt to give the Flyers something different, with a small callback to the Quakers. All wheat jersey is something that we have yet to see in the NHL (except for the '04 All Star Game). The arms are the same thin arms that they have now, and the crest is a combo of a script such as the Quakers and the Flyers logo. The three stripes at the bottom of the sweater are also the same as the Quakers.

The All Star game is still four months away, but there has been a serious lack of buzz and speculation regarding the jerseys. That's probably because All Star jerseys have been so terrible lately. With the current trend being retro jerseys in the NHL, I came up with these concepts for the 2011 All Star game.
All Star jersey conceptAll Star jersey conceptThe simple crest is inspired by the All Star jerseys of the 50's. Obviously the striping on the Eastern jersey is 1920/30's inspired. The stars on the front are inspired by the jerseys of the 60's and 70's. With the new trend of coloured namebars, I didn't go as far as to put one on, but I did put a thick stitching on it. Finally, the patches on the Western jersey are inspired by the Canadiens of the mid 30's.

The last concept is a team set.
Edmonton Oilers conceptsTo me, the Oilers currently have the worst jerseys in the NHL. In the spirit of their "less is more" sweaters that they sport I came up with a couple of concepts that are way better than what they have. Yet are still very simple. These aren't great, but are definitely and improvement.

On the topic of bad jerseys I have started a new poll on the left side of the page. It asks you who has the worst jerseys in the NHL this season? Edmonton, Anaheim, Nashville, Florida or other. If you select "other" leave a comment on this post as to who you are selecting. We will do something with the results of this poll. The poll will run until Tuesday October 26.

October 12, 2010

Concepts..Boring Title, I know!

With the current trend in the NHL being retro and "fauxback" jerseys, I came up with this Coyotes concept.
Phoenix Coyotes conceptI made this one back at the end of August and just forgot to post it. I liked it then, I'm not sure I like it now. The numbers seemed different in a good way a couple of months ago. Now I think they look out of place. And here I am preaching that the namebar trend should stick to Philly and I go ahead and use it on a Phoenix jersey!

Jack made these next two concepts
Detroit Red Wings conceptsHe's taken the tick stripes that the sweaters normally employ and has changed it to two thin stripes. He's also added a number on the front. Not a bad jersey...for any team BUT Detroit in my opinion.

Minnesota Wild conceptsNext, Jack has mod'ed the Wild's road sweater and created a new red one. I like the green numbers on that white jersey. Some say the current home sweater is a Christmas sweater, I don't personally see that. However, that is what I think when I see this red jersey.

To finish off...
Carolina Hurricanes conceptThis is based off of the old Whalers jersey. When the Canes first brought out their current 3rd's I wasn't too hot on the gray shoulder patches. Two years later and I like them so I included them on this concept.

I didn't receive any more entries for the worst jerseys on the 70's. So I think I'm going to put that to rest. It's too bad, I thought these tournaments could have been cool. It was probably my two week absence that contributed to the lack of interest. If anyone has any ideas, send it in and maybe it will catch on.

On a happier note, I couldn't help myself and I ordered one of my knockoff Penguins jerseys for $50. When I receive it I will post pics here.

Coming up on Friday I will be getting married. Then next week I will be leaving for a honeymoon, so HJC will be on a little break...again. When I get back hopefully I can dig my heels in and get this site back to where it was a month or so ago. Thanks to those of you that stuck around, and please continue to stick around.

October 11, 2010

Chinese Knock Offs of MY CONCEPT!!!!

WOW! This one blew me away. A while ago I did a simple concept of what I thought the Penguins Winter Classic jersey might look like. I drew it with no information at all, except for the knowledge of the logo they were using, but we all knew the logo anyways. First, here's the concept.
Pittsburgh Penguins conceptHere is the original post.

Now we all have different feelings about fake jerseys, but over at, some sellers have taken my concept and actually MADE jerseys and are selling them as Winter Classic jerseys! knockoff jerseysGo buy MY jersey here!

Sure I have dreamed off having my concepts made into actual jerseys, but I never dreamed that Chinese online retailers would steal my concept and try to sell it as an actual jersey.

I'm so blown away, I don't know what else to write!

October 8, 2010

Kings, Habs, Canucks and more

I'll start with the concepts.

Jack sent in this Leafs set and in honour of them opening the season with a win, I'm posting it.
Toronto Maple Leafs conceptsI love that '67 logo that Jack uses as a shoulder patch, but not as a shoulder patch. I love the striping on these jerseys, but not the white shoulders on the blue sweater.

Buffalo Sabres conceptsHis next set is for the Sabres. Jack has removed the gray from the jersey and also the piping. He has replaced it with white. He also uses the old Buffaslug font and brings back the B and sword logo as a shoulder patch. A lot of people seem to be a fan of this logo, but I am not one of them.

Again, in honour of the Leafs winning the season opener I will now post concept of last night's victims.
Montreal Canadiens conceptBrian sent this one in. The only thing wrong is that Brian is a Habs fan! I've discussed previously how I dislike "circle logos" just to get that vintage feel. Other than that I really like the striping and the use of the fleur de lys as the shoulder patch.

Not to steal any thunder, but I would also be a fan if the Habs wore this again.
Montreal Canadiens concept
In other news, the Canucks have purchased the trademarks of the old Vancouver Millionaires. What this says to me is that the Heritage Classic will most likely be in Vancouver next season. My theory on opponent is it will be the Oilers if they become the fast and exciting young team everyone thinks they will be. Next in line is the Leafs, just because they are the Leafs and have so much history. However the Sens can trump both of those teams if they win the Cup this year (Lets hope not!)

Finally, the Kings released their retro purple sweaters!
They look great! Too bad they didn't do the same as the Canucks and go without a nameplate.

The worst jerseys of the 70's collages have really slowed down. I have only posted 2 and only have 1 more to post. If I don't get more, we might move on to something else. If you have a collage send it to;

October 4, 2010

Opening the Concepts Gates

I've got a lot of concepts in the concept vault so I'm going to open that up now and let them out.

Connor sent in a nice batch of concepts.
Detroit Red Wings conceptI'm a fan of everything here except for the gray stripes in the white. I do love the numbers in the armbands. I find that is a trend that went out with the 80's. I wish some would bring it back.
San Jose Sharks conceptThis is a great place to use the Shark fin logo! The jersey itself is a little plain for my tastes, but I can see how people would like this.
Minnesota Wild conceptsThese look like they are based on the old North Stars jerseys, which I love. This is a good job of taking the North Stars sweaters on making them look like Wild sweaters!

Jack sent in this a long time ago and I never got around to posting it, until now.
Carolina Hurricanes conceptsI like the white on the home sweater. I like how it makes the flag squares on the arms stand out.

Stephan sent in a really neat and different Sabres concept
Buffalo Sabres conceptI like that the Sabres act as the vertical piping. That makes sense as opposed to the piping to nowhere that they have now. I also think that the yellow outline on the namebar is a good alternative to a coloured namebar.

Trevor threw his concept into the mix of Blue Jackets 3rd predictions.
Columbus Blue Jackets conceptsI'll give you Trevor's explanation of his creations...

I tried to keep it close to the CBJ template because I know how some teams like to keep a specific style for their jerseys. I chose the three red stripes on the sleeves and bottom to represent the flag of Ohio and I chose the cannon in the middle over a red circle outlined by white also for the Ohio flag. Also you will see I added the flag from their 10th Anniversary logo and the old script text the team use to use. I went back to the old CBJ 3rd with the three stars on the sleeves and the double logo shoulder patches. The font and colors of the letters would match the home.
To finish off a nice long post we have Brian who sent in his Penguins Winter Classic concept.
Pittsburgh Penguins conceptI love this. I think it looks great. Nice combination of 60's and 80's. I read somewhere today that the Penguins may in fact use this style numbering as they did in 1967-68.

That's all. The vault is empty. Please start sending your concepts again. Also, I'm looking for more entries into the worst jerseys of the 1970's tournament.

Send it all to;

I'm Back!!!

I finally have internet in the new house. First thing I did of course, was post here. I've been out of the loop for the past two weeks. I know nothing! I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be posting concepts and more. We'll also continue on with the worst 70's jerseys tournament. It's good to be back.