September 27, 2016

Ain't no 'back like a Throwback

Welcome to this Tuesday's HJC post! There's not much in hockey news, other than Team Europe upsetting Sweden the other night in OT! Pretty interesting to see Team Europe vs. Canada for the Final! 

Not much for jersey news either, but there is a few new changes.
First, the Flames announced their throwbacks as permanent alts. 

As much as I like these throwbacks, I'm still a little disappointed that the current...errr... now old alts are gone. I really enjoyed that wordmark and western font. But still, these look a whole HECK of a lot better than their current jerseys. 

And secondly, the Red Wings will add a Patch to their jerseys to honor the late Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe. These small patches will be worn all year.
So that's it for news! Moving on!

We also have a Senators redesign contest going on!
Here are some of the entries!
Avi S. 
Anthony G.
Don't forget to get your entries in by Friday!

Also don't forget to VOTE!!! 

COTW Sept 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Ottawa Senators ReDesign entries (due by Friday @ noon Eastern)

On to the concepts!!

Vaughn R.- ECHL Heritage Classic (Tulsa Oilers vs. Norfolk Admirals)

Vaughn here does an Under Armour design for an ECHL Heritage Classic.
  • I like the pattern on the Ads jersey, and love the throwback colors!!! 
  • The sleeve-length yoke and blue middle section looks cool
  • The Ads number font really works with this jersey.
  • There's a lot of execution errors...
    • TV Numbers on all both jerseys are a little small
    • Numbers on the back of the Tulsa jersey are a little off centered and a little high
    • The team affiliate patches are very oddly and inconsistently placed between both jersey
  • I don't really think the half and half breezers for Tulsa works, maybe all blue to balance the yoke and tail stripe
  • Your presentation of everything is very cluttered... The equipment, logos, and even the jerseys are in different locations and are all different sizes. Just try working on cleaning up the presentation for your next concepts. This won't take away anything but it's just something to think about
My rating- I don't really see the throwback or fauxback elements of these jerseys, but they're still very good jerseys! 6.5/10

Lucas D.- Calgary Flames De-Edge (NHL)
Lucas adds the Flames to his list of De-Edged NHL teams.
  • Love the colors. Keeping black was a good choice. 
  • Love the N&#OB (Name and Number on back) font used here. 
  • Minor detail, but I love the black collar on the white jersey. 
  • Sleeve length yoke was a good choice in combining the different eras of the Flames. 
  • The NOB in black with white outlining was a problem for Flames fans in reading it, and so they reversed it. To hold the concept to a realistic standard, these should probably be reversed.
  • The sleeve numbers also are a little squished on the yoke
  • Would also like to see tiedowns, but that's just me... (No points deducted for this, it's just my opinion!)
My rating: A wonderful de-edgeification for the Flames! 8/10 And my NOMINEE FOR COTW!!!

Vaughn R.- WHL Heritage Classic (Edmonton Oil Kings vs. Brandon Wheat Kings) 

Vaughn's second concept of the day is another concept for another Heritage Classic, but this time in the WHL. 
  • Throwback feel is much better than the last set.
  • The Oil Kings set has a very Whalers-esc look. 
  • Equipment looks good
  • No execution errors
  • The jersey based off of the Clubs is very interesting for a team based in Brandon, but Winnipeg is pretty far away for Brandon to consider it part of the hockey history there.
  • Again, your presentation is very cluttered...
My Rating: Definitely a better fit for a Heritage Classic, but could still use some work. 6.5/10

Patrick N.- U.S. Air Force Academy; Legacy Series-(NCAA)

    Patrick creates a jersey for the USAFA NCAA team based off of old-school planes. These ones are based off of the Vietnam War F-4 Phantom II's.
    • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bomber face helmet. Wonderful touch there!
    • Good logo choice 
    • Badges and the Flag is a great idea!
    • Gives off a clean yet still Military-esc feel
    • I had to look up some images of these planes, and they didn't really have yellow, so I'm not sure where that came from... 
    • N&#OB are a little small and the TV#s are also way to small
    My rating: Very good military concept! 7/10

    Phil B.- New York Rangers (NHL)
    Phil B. goes for an absolute shake up of the Rangers, and gives them and very futuristic look.
    • Love the use of the current font, Drop shadow and all
    • Interesting idea of breaking the Rangers Tradition of Wordmarks, but the logo really works well with the striping pattern.
    • Would have liked to see the Arched nameplate still be present. 
    • The Breezers should also match the new striping pattern.
    My Rating: An absolutely wacky concept for the Rangers that somehow, works! 7.5/10

    Well that's all for today folks! See ya next time, and don't forget to vote!

    September 26, 2016

    Monday: Ice...Cold....Concepts.....

    Welcome to another Monday post here at HJC! The title is in reference to one of the old beer jockeys at Rogers Centre....only instead of brews, I give you hockey concepts, free of charge!

    Jersey News:

    In Swift Current we got a taste of the Bronco's 50th anniversary jerseys, based on what the team wore as the Lethbridge Broncos before moving back to Swift Current in 1986 after leaving in 1974.

    Photo from @SCbroncos

    Now while the Broncos could never full time bring this colour scheme back because it's too similar to the Prince Albert Raiders...I love these jerseys. The original jerseys didn't feature the black but like in most cases, adding black to this colour scheme works well. The yellow numbers work nicely against the black gear and yoke. I'd make this a full time alternate any day of the week. It's a good fauxback and goes well against their standard classic set.

    Rating: 9/10

    In Charlottetown, PEI, the Islanders have changed their home and road a little, revolutionizing jerseys as we know it by adding a logo on the front of their jerseys.

    Photo from @IslandersHKY

    Charlottetown has worn the Preds template after dumping the Sens/Lightning/Pens one with the rebrand and I think it works pretty well, keeps the team from being a Pens rip off, but my biggest problem with the Islanders in their 3 seasons not as the Rockets is opting for a very plain Rangers diagonal script instead of a real logo...and considering their logo is one of the best in the QMJHL, it's a shame. Now that problem is fixed the the gorgeous logo is out in front for all to see. We also get a beautiful shoulder patch that says Charlottetown PEI with and outline of the island and a crown underneath with hockey sticks crossed. Honestly this is what we should have had since day one. The vegas gold alternate remains and I'm unsure if the white jersey will use the logo but I'm 99% sure it will (why wouldn't they match, this isn't Minnesota?).

    Rating: 8.5/10 (Go Mooseheads)

    Photo from
    The Binghamton Senators (see I can spell it right) are relocating to Belleville, Ontario. They will be known as the Belleville Senators likely because the OHL Bulldogs still own the rights to the name. There could be a purchase of the rights soon...but it's nice to get another Canadian AHL team (Laval/St.John's, Toronto, Manitoba, Belleville). Don't worry, Binghamton faithful, the Senators are working hard to ensure you keep an AHL franchise. I think we'll likely see Albany, Springfield or Bridgeport relocate, maybe even Hartford under the right conditions. Look forward to the Belle-Sens concepts!

    What do you think happens to the Binghamton ___________? What would be ideal for you? Why not send in some concepts of your ideas while you're at it?!

    Let's check out some of the Ottawa Senators Redesign Entries that have come in since last post:

    Lucas D.

    Justin N.

    Spencer R.

    Brooks F.

    Spencer BR.

    Great stuff! Entries are due this Friday at Noon EST

    Don't forget to vote for COTW!

    COTW Sept 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
    Ottawa Senators ReDesign entries (due by Friday @ noon Eastern)

    As mentioned last post there will be a Start of the Season podcast amongst writers/social media handlers. Submit your questions as questions to the posts leading up to the podcast. The more questions, the better!

    On with today's concepts!


    AHL Heritage Classic Concept (By: Vaughn R.)

    + Right away I like the idea, and while Bakersfield is nowhere near Canada, they're still the Oilers AHL and I like the eras Vaughn has chose to replicate
    + The Moose jersey is exactly as Vaughn says, a mix of the original AHL jerseys and the ones from the Corey Schneider years. It's a good mix and the colours are nicely laid out
    + The striping on the Condors jersey is nice, good mix of colours
    + Good execution

    - Presentation is a little cluttered
    - The logo on the Condors jersey is much too larges and I would have made the oil drop white to match the numbers
    - Captains A is a little too small on the Condors jersey
    - NOB on the Moose jersey is too high

    Rating: 7/10

    Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

    + Taking inspiration form the 1992 jersey and the pre-edge alternate is a good mix
    + Side logo is always nice to see
    + While some may prefer the Sens in red, I think a black/gold mix works well
    + Good execution

    - The O logo doesn't really work into the set, the Peace Tower logo would work better
    - Kind of disappointed by standard boring block numbers, the rounded numbers look better
    - The white jersey needs a little more black on it, a stripe on top of the old one would fix that

    Rating: 8.5/10

    United States Air Force Academy Falcons Concept (By: Patrick N.)

    + Looking at the plane Patrick based his concept on, he's done a good job transferring the layout of colours on a plane, to a jersey. I dig the greyscale
    + The helmet is amazing, enough said
    + The jersey itself reminds me a lot of a flight suit and having the US flag, airforce logo and very simple typeface, you get the military vibe without it being in your face
    + Good execution

    - The plane itself seems to have to yellow on it seems, adding that yellow to the stripes would be interesting to see that added there and around the script
    - A hem stripe would do wonders for this jersey

    Rating: 8.5/10

    New York Islanders Concept (By: Phil B.)

    + After nearly half a decade of black jerseys with the Islanders, we have a whiteout....this is awesome honestly, I love the idea (despite it being Winnipeg's idea IN THE FIRST PLACE)
    + The striping pattern with the 4 orange stripes in the arms and numbers look awesome!
    + Brooklyn tab on the hem stripe looks excellent
    + Surprisingly, I like the Islanders classic logo in monochrome

    - Phil....ID your concepts!
    - It would be interesting to see the NY logo in black, which would add some colour to the front of the jersey, maybe add some blue too
    - NOB is slightly too small

    Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!

    Boston Bruins Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

    + The colour lay out is a good mix of the pre-edge, Orr era and current jerseys
    + Striping is simple, but it works
    + Great colour balancing, something Boston has had trouble with at points in its history (Neely era)
    + Good execution

    - The shoulder patches would work better, and call me crazy, if they were arm logos and you had shoulder numbers. I could be wrong but it's work a try
    - NOB is too small and thin, an outline would fix that

    September 25, 2016

    Sunday: Surprise!

    Hi everybody. Yes, we at HJC have a big surprise for all of you. That surprise is...


    A new podcast for the upcoming season is in the works right now so get your questions ready for us and we'll keep you guys updated on it. But most importantly, GET PUMPED!

    New competition! Personally, I think this is long overdue but get ready to redesign the Sens uniform sets. I can't tell you how much I think that they need new jerseys. Ever since they got rid of the side profile with their inaugural jersey set, their jerseys have just gone down hill in my opinion. Oh, and don't forget about the COTW.

    Speaking of concept design, I made a flat goalie mask template for anybody who wants to use it. it'll be up on the templates page shortly.

    COTW Sept 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
    Ottawa Senators ReDesign entries (due by Friday @ noon Eastern)

    Onto the Concepts!

    Lucas Daitchman: Colorado Avalanche
    Positives: I've really been digging your de-edge collection here and this concept is a nice spin on the classic Avalanche jersey. The unique yoke gives hearkens back to the original jersey while  being able to tell that this is a whole new jersey set at the same time. Also, those angled stripes on the sleeves look really good with the yoke.
    Negatives: It would be nice to see the classic arched nameplate on the back of this as well as the classic numbers.
    Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE

    Lucas Daitchman- Vancouver Canucks 
    Positives: Yes more angle stripes! those large stripes on the arms look beautiful and the chest stripe works well. Also, the Alternate "V" logo looks really good.
    Negatives: The current logo would also look really nice on the front of this jersey instead of having to revert back to the original logo logo. Also, you could live without that chest stripe and move it to the bottom of the jersey instead.
    Overall: 8.5/10

    Phil Beck- New York Islanders 
    Positives: The addition of the orange and blue stripes on the sleeves looks really good on this jersey. I've always felt that the alternate logo could use a bit more color.
    Negatives: Phil, I'm going to let this slide but usually I wouldn't let the nameplate pass as an ID. Also, get rid of that chest striping. You're almost going in the direction of the last black alternate jersey they had (and we all know how that went over.)
    Overall: 8/10

    Vaughn Roberts- 2016 Heritage Classic 
    Positives: Both jersey look really good overall Vaughn. that classic Oilers logo on the current uniform looks really good, and I must say that the red jersey really works well for the Jets.
    Negatives: That numbering on the Oilers looks so out of place for the time period you're going for. Also, those numbers look awkward being really big on the back of both jerseys
    Overall: 8.5/10

    Vaughn Roberts- 2016 Heritage Classic College Game (Alberta Vs. Manitoba) 
    Positives: out of the two jersey sets I'd say that Alberta's has more of the classic look that you would most likely see at the Heritage Classic. The simple "A" on the front looks beautiful with the simple stripes. As for the Manitoba jersey, I really like that it has that minimalist approach with with three thin stripes on the white jersey.
    Negatives: It would have been nice to see the Alberta jersey to have the Golden bear logo on the shoulder of the jersey and have some type of vintage style logo on the front of the Manitoba jersey as well.
    Overall: 8.25/10

    Well that's all the time I have for you today guys. I'm going to hand the mic over to Jets for the Monday post. Have a good week and I'll see you guys next week. 

    September 24, 2016

    Saturday: H-J-C, It's In The Game

    The winner of the COTW vote for September 9-15 was Lucas D's Oilers Swap Series concept!

    Full Results


    The winner of the massively successful World Cup Design Challenge was HJC's Social Media Admin, William B!

    Full Results

    William's concept moves into the COTW vote with this win. Congrats and thanks to William, Andrew, and BC for entering. Spencer, we did receive your entry, but it came in well past the noon Eastern deadline.


    The COTW nominees for the week of September 16-22 have been listed on the side of the page in the black poll. You can vote if your logged into a Google account. You can see the concepts by clicking the link in the poll. Votes stop being counted on Friday at noon Eastern time.


    A new competition has begun on HJC. The Ottawa Senators ReDesign! With the World Cup Design Challenge not being very popular at all and the results of last week's poll, we will be doing a simple and classic ReDesign. There are some rules you will need to read so click the Senators banner at the top of the page or go to the SENATORS page. Entries are due by Friday at noon Eastern.


    Last week's poll was how this week's competition was determined. I simply asked which team has the worst jersey set heading into the 2016-17 season.

    The most popular choice was Ottawa, but Colorado and Carolina were in the conversation as well. Hmmm, you would have to wonder if that would also spark ReDesign competitions for those teams as well?

    This week's poll focuses on hockey video games and which one is the best ever. I've left a text box to leave your answer. If everyone makes an effort to use the proper title of the games (ie NHL 17 or Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey) the results should show up in an organized manner next week. We'll ignore consoles/platforms for this poll.


    COTW Sept 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
    Ottawa Senators ReDesign entries (due by Friday @ noon Eastern)

    September 23, 2016

    Friday: More Unpopular Opinions

    Hello folks!  I'm going to begin with the concepts again this week, let me know in the comments if you don't like this format.


    Tappara, by Tyler M:
    Tyler starts us off with a concept for Tappara of the SM-Liiga (Finnish Elite League).  He uses orange instead of blue as their main colour, which I think is a great decision.  However, I don't like the decision to recolour the Blues template for the striping pattern.  It doesn't look awful, but it looks like a recoloured Blues jersey.  That problem could be avoided by making a few small changes, I'd suggest removing the gap in the hem and arm stripes, thickening the shoulder stripes, and maybe using a different shape yoke.
    Rating: 7/10

    Les Boucans, by Maxence H:
    Next up we have a concept from Maxence for Les Boucans, a rec league team from Nice, France.  The jerseys are very untraditional, too untraditional for a professional team, but they're perfect a rec league team.  I love the wing design on the shoulders and cuffs, and the gradient number font looks great as well.  I don't like the names in the yokes though, they'd be easier to read below the yokes.  I'm mostly a fan of the grey third jersey with the gradients in the yellow and red stripes, I just think those stripes should be thicker.  Execution is good, except the sleeve numbers should be angled to match the angle of the sleeves.
    Rating: 7/10

    Washington Capitals, by Lucas D:
    Moving on we have a couple De-Edge concepts from Lucas, starting with the Capitals.  My favourite part of this concept are the stars on the sleeve, I like how they're horizontal instead of vertical like on the Capitals original jerseys.  The stars on the torso aren't bad either, I like them better when they're above the logo (like on Lucas' Capitals concept from last week) but I don't mind them below the logo.  Other than the stars, I don't find this concept that interesting.  The striping pattern feels generic to me, and the modern Weagle looks out of place without any modern elements elsewhere.
    Rating: 7/10

    Florida Panthers, by Lucas D:
    Lucas also sent in a De-Edge concept for the Panthers, which uses a sublimated cross pattern inspired by the flag of Florida.  I absolutely love the idea of the sublimated cross, I just think it needs to be more subtle (about half as much contrast).  The rest of the striping looks great, I like how it's influenced by both of the Panthers prior sets.  I'm also a fan of the red player's name (on the road jersey), because it reminds me of their original white jersey.
    Rating: 8/10

    Toronto Maple Leafs, by Noah B:
    Our last two concepts, which are from Noah, are for the upcoming Centennial Classic.  I like almost everything about this jersey, the thicker arm and hem stripes would have been perfect for the Leafs new home and road jerseys, and it's a great look for the Centennial Classic as well.  I'm also a big fan of the tan pants (which might be an unpopular opinion).  My only complaint is the thin white yoke stripe, I think it should be as thick as the blue yoke stripe.
    Rating: 8/10

    Detroit Red Wings, by Noah B:
    Noah has the Leafs opponent, the Red Wings, wearing a red jersey in the Centennial Classic, which would mean another beautiful colour on colour match-up (just like the 2014 Winter Classic).  The striping pattern is very clever, it combines three era's of Detroit hockey.  There's two thin stripes under a thicker stripe like the Detroit Cougars 1927-30 arm stripes, the middle stripe is the thinnest just like the Detroit Falcons 1930-32 sweater, and the general layout of those stripes matches the jerseys the Red Wings have always used.  I like the logo choice as well, I actually think this version of the winged-wheel might be better than the current version.
    Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


    Yesterday on HJC, Brendan shared some opinions which probably aren't very popular.  He said that the Canadiens road jersey is "not too plain", the Star's Mooterus jersey "wasn't all that bad", and the Canucks Flying V design "wasn't that bad either".  I actually agree with pretty much everything he said, and since I don't have anything else to talk about I thought I'd share a couple of my own unpopular opinions.

    1) The Flames jerseys just need two relatively minor changes.
    Image from
    Like most people, I don't like the Flames home and road jerseys.  If I were ranking the jerseys of all 30 NHL teams, they'd definitely be at the bottom (along with Colorado).  However, I'd be perfectly fine with the Flames jerseys if they made two simple changes. Those changes are removing the piping that goes nowhere, and ditching the flag shoulder patches.  Everything else about their jerseys I can live with, I don't mind the side panels, or the hem trim, or anything else really.  In fact I actually like the side panels, they're more unique than standard hem stripes and I don't think they look bad either.

    2) The Coyotes jerseys were improved in 2007.
    Image from
    Image from
    When the Reebok Edge jerseys were introduced in 2007, only a small handful of teams improved their jerseys, most of the NHL looked worse or stayed the same (in my opinion).  Most people will probably disagree with me, but I think the Coyotes are one of the teams that benefited from the switch.  The main differences between the two looks are their pre-Edge jerseys had hem stripes, which their Edge set replaced with pant stripes and a yoke on the road jersey.  In my opinion, the hem stripes made the jerseys too traditional for the Coyotes identity, they didn't fit with the more modern logos and fonts.  By removing the hem stripes, the jerseys became more modern which I think worked much better for the Coyotes.

    By the way, the other teams who I think improved their jerseys during the Reebok Edge takeover are Boston, Columbus, San Jose, Vancouver, and Washington.


    Before you go, here's your COTW reminder.

    COTW Sept 16-22 vote (ends Friday, Sept 30 @ noon Eastern)

    September 22, 2016

    Thursday: Unpopular Opinions

    HJC is a blog based almost entirely on personal opinion. All of our posts, all of our reviews, that's all our opinion. I actually made a post about this topic before, here it is if you missed it, it's from March.

    So, since we all have our own opinions, here are a few of mine that a lot of you may not agree with.

    1) The Canadiens' road jersey looks great, and not too plain.
    If there's any of these opinions that some of you guys may actually agree with, it's this one, because I feel like this one is a bit more of a "you like it or you don't" scenario, rather than the majority disliking it.
    I personally love how clean this jersey looks because the minimal amount of striping on it. The red yoke balances out the colors perfectly, and the name and numbers take up enough space for the jersey to not be too plain. Maybe it wouldn't be a great design to be unveiled in the modern day and it only gets a pass because of its history, but I still like it a lot, in fact enough to own one myself.

    2) The mooterus wasn't all that bad.
    Sports Illustrated

    Now, when I say this, I'm mainly referring to the jersey. But honestly, I still think the logo is pretty good, aside from the uterus resemblance. I definitely like the direction they were going here, taking their name "Stars" and expanding their logo/branding from just a literal star, to applying it to constellations. Good constellation choice (again, aside from the uterus thing), because a Taurus would be a good mascot for a sports team. For the jersey, it's definitely a unique design. Modern with a touch of traditional. I've always like the curved striping at the bottom, and more recently have come to really like the stars on the arms in the striping. I actually like the addition to of red here too, as it not only gives them a unique color scheme, it also relates to the taurus (or bull), because, at least stereotypically, bulls hate the color red. Overall I think the only thing that ruins this jersey is the resemblance to a uterus, overlooking that it's pretty decent.

    3) The Flying V wasn't that bad either.
    Yes, maybe this jersey is really garish and out there, especially for the time period it was used in, but it is incredibly unique. Nobody else has done anything like this, and some of you may say that's for good reason, but I just think it makes them stand out. When you really think about it, the layout is quite similar to a chest stripe, just positioned differently. I think the logo would still look better on the front, though.'s also a different story when you put the whole uniform together...that's when it starts to get too busy.

    I hope you guys enjoyed this little segment, and maybe I opened up your eyes to a few things. Maybe I'll do this again if I think of any more.


    Only two votes this week, and two small ones. The COTW and the unusually small competition entries. I personally really wanted to enter that and try my hand at some merchandise design, but I ended up having a much too busy week to end up creating anything. If you're a concept creator, we'd like to know why you didn't enter the competition in order to improve future competitions, so it would be appreciated if you went and filled out the survey.

    COTW Voting September 9-15th ends Friday @ noon

    WCH Championship Competition voting ends Friday @ noon


    Brooks F. - Las Vegas Knights
    +Vegas as a primary is something new.
    -The color looks a bit more like mustard here though.
    +I like that font choice, something else unique yet fitting.
    +I definitely have to commend you for creating your own logos, that's not an easy task.
    -The primary could use a bit of refinement, it looks a bit awkward and like something for an AHL/ECHL team as it is.
    +I'm a fan of all the other logos though, good job on those.
    +Good color balance on the set.
    Overall: 8/10

    Lucas D. - New York Islanders
    +Ah, the classic 4 stripes. Is it really an Islanders concept without referencing that?
    +It is a nice striping pattern though.
    +The blue cuffs on the road jersey look great.
    -The design looks incredibly reminiscent of the Penguins' original set. For a concept it's not a bad thing since I see your actual intention, but if this were to actually be unveiled, they'd probably be labeled as copycats of the Pens.
    -Seeing the rest of the equipment would be nice, because right now the color balance looks off, too much orange on the road jersey.
    +But with blue pants, that problem is fixed.
    -Seeing the lighthouse shoulder patch, or any shoulder patch, would be nice.
    Overall: 8/10

    Tyler M. - New York Islanders
    +Oh look, 4 stripes. I again ask, is it really an Isles concept without referencing that?
    -I understand the point of tilting the stripes, to match the logo you said the stripes are inspired by, but I think they'd look better if they were straight.
    +This is also quite similar to an improvement of their new alternate jerseys, and it definitely is an improvement.
    -The white uniform could use some more blue.
    -I, again, understand why, but the stripes are very pixelated and rough looking. Usually that'd be fine, but when you have them slanted, it just looks too rough.
    Overall: 7.5/10

    +Now this one looks exactly like an improvement to their current alts.
    +I almost always prefer a team to make their alternate's main color different than their home/road jerseys, and this one does so.
    +Good color balance.
    +The typeface really fits here.
    -White name/numbers on an orange jersey may not stand out much from a distance, I'd thicken the blue outline.
    Overall: 8.5/10

    Steven G. - Philadelphia Flyers
    New Look:
    +Love the inspiration taken from the anniversary jersey. It's a good, simple look.
    +The yoke pattern is just genius with incorporating Philly's namebar naturally into the jersey design.
    +The typeface is a great fit here. I like how the 4's "tail" takes the shape of the end of the Flyers' logo, whether that's intentional or not.
    -I think the stripes on the orange jersey look a bit odd. I'd make the yoke and cuffs black, and change the stripes that are currently black into white.
    Overall: 9/10

    Ideal look:
    +Keeping true to their current set is a good move, because as much as I hate the team, they have some great jerseys.
    +I can agree on removing the contrasting namebar on the road jersey.
    -I'd slide the TV numbers down to the thicker part of that yoke, so that way they're all the way inside one color.
    Overall: 9.5/10

    This whole concept gets my COTW nomination, as much as I hate to give it to this team.


    That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!