May 25, 2017

Thursday: The End is Near

Hey guys! I'm writing this post a bit earlier than usual since I'll be having a busy day tomorrow with some graduation related affairs, so I won't have any time to write this tomorrow.

I'm also excitedly nervous for game 7 tomorrow, but I'm hoping the Pens can come up clutch in these game sevens like they've always seemed to these last 2 years. Here's to hoping.


Voting wise is pretty simple this week with the COTW vote up as always and the HJCWHJC vote. The HJC Open logo competition is also coming up as well, though there's no deadline this week so don't worry about that.

COTW May 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
WHJC Division Vote (ends Tuesday @ 9pm ET)


Anthony C. - Columbus Blue Jackets
+The striping (inspired by the sock striping?) is a pretty good look.
-It's really basic though. It's similar to the Oilers' striping pattern, and that road jersey really looks like a Blackhawks jersey. 
-The road jersey also could use some more blue.
+The alternate on the other hand is going in the right direction. Unique and a good look.
+That logo fits a chest stripe well.
-I would switch the white and blue in the alt's striping in order to balance the colors better. Right now white and blue compete to be the secondary color.
-I'm just going to say this now for all the concepts of yours today...please show the back of the jersey or at least what the name and number look like. Also the TV numbers look too small on all of them.
Overall: 7/10

Anthony C. - Toronto Maple Leafs
+Throwbacks are something I really wish the Leafs did this year for their 100th anniversary. Aside from the St. Pats jersey, they really didn't bring back anything else.
-Fauxbacks aren't quite the same...but it would be better than nothing.
+All of the jerseys have a good vintage look to them.
+I like the idea of combining multiple eras on the first two designs. Take the St. Pats' striping and/or the Leafs' old striping with an Arenas logo on the one, and the St. Pats chest striping with a Leafs logo on the other.
-Aside from the striping on the Arenas and 1999 jerseys not wrapping all the way around the hem.
-I think changing the shoulder yokes to rounded yokes would fit much better for a fauxback.
-Not sure why the last jersey is called the 1999 jersey when that jersey wasn't even used in 1999 and it was actually a throwback to the 1960s.
Overall: 7/10

Anthony C. - Washington Capitals
+I'm a traditionalist, so I already like this better than what the Caps currently wear.
+Good color balance.
-I think the collars would look better if they matched the yoke's color.
-I think the weagle would look pretty good on this design.
-Vertical stitching should stop at the hem striping.
+I like that the striping appears to be inspired by the D.C. Flag, but not necessarily just pasting that striping onto a jersey. If this wasn't intentional, it's a lucky fluke.
Overall: 8.5/10

David C. - Winter Classic 2018
+I love the fauxback looks for this game.
+Adding that extra striping pattern to Buffalo actually really helps it look like an older design. Such a simple solution.
-I think it may look better if the Sabres wore the dark jersey, though, as what they have now almost looks too similar to what they wore for 2008.
+Taking the Rangers' hem stripe pattern and copying it to the arms for their fauxback look also works really well.
+I like the "shoulder" patch placement.
-I just can't seem to like that primary crest you made for the Rangers. It doesn't look great to me nor does it have a vintage charm to it. I applaud you for trying something new, but I'm just not feeling it.
-This is more speculation because I'm not sure what actually works better, but I'm wondering how good a drop shadow would look on the Rangers' numbers.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW nomination

FC Macbeth - Indonesia
-Using a flag inspired striping pattern is in no way an original idea...
+But its still a pretty good idea for where to get your look from, and hard to go wrong if your flag is simple.
+One thing I do like, though, is how you used the flag design on the arms. That's a more new idea to me.
-I'm really not sure why you flipped the flag striping over on the road jersey. Just leave it the same so it matches the flag.
-I think you went black for black's sake on this concept. There were solutions that would allow you to keep the flag striping on that jersey while making the primary color red, and I think that would have been the way to go.
-I'm really nor sure what the chest logo is but I'm not a fan. I also think it should be just one color rather than reverse colors like that.
-That name font isn't great in my opinion, and that number font is really basic. Something other than arial would work better for this concept.
Overall: 6.5/10

Lucas D. - Detroit Red Wings
+Taking a very conservative approach to adding another color to Detroit is the best way to keep their classic look as intact as possible.
-Though, since this is just a concept, I also wouldn't mind seeing you go all out with the third color, but honestly both approaches do work.
+- I can't tell the upper arm fill works for Detroit on the home looks a bit odd but it does match the road jersey.
-I would make the silver/gray stripes just a tad thicker than you have them.
Overall: 8.5/10

Noah B. - Arizona Coyodinals
+I like your idea and execution here of a city mashup series.
-I think it would be even cooler if in cases like this, you combine every team a city has to offer instead of just the NHL team and one other team. So for example you would add the Diamondbacks into this one here.
+I think you've done a solid job of adapting the Cardinals uniforms into a Coyotes style.
-I think you should have kept the arm striping the same color on both the home and road jersey though, just like the Yotes. And keep it in the colors the home jersey has it in.
-I think there should also be more black on the road jersey, and that previous comment would balance out the black a bit.
Overall: 8/10


And that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all next week!

May 24, 2017

Wednesday: Philling In

Welcome to the Wednesday post, I'm Jets96, philling in phor Phil today.

I told you about the voting in the Monday post, so I'll keep it short, the only thing that has changed is the WHJC voting has entered the Finals phase, and therefore you're not voting for one of the 3 division winners, but instead the main winner. Congrats to the divisional winners, good luck in this round, and votes are due Tuesday at 9pm. COTW is due at the normal time

COTW May 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
WHJC Division Vote (ends Tuesday @ 9pm ET)

On with today's concepts!


Atlanta Thrashers Concept (By: Ryan C.)

+ Ryan uses two of Atlanta's best assets from their edge years, the shoulder patches from the motocross alternate, and the heavy use of baby blue
+ Love the choices of colours, double blue and yellow go really well together
+ The font used here is similar to what the Thrashers always wore, but is a nice update
+ Good execution

- Colour balancing is a bit off in the home striping in that I would have made the arms, and small hem stripe navy and the side/shoulder panels light blue
- I would have used the overhead thrashers logo on the pants to keep the thrasher blur from being used too much
- Lack of white on the home set's socks

Rating: 8/10

Dallas Stars Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ For those white preferred the Stars went more Blackhawks than Rangers in their striping, these are for you. The white jersey's striping actually goes quite nicely
+ Thank you for finally putting outlines on the numbers
+ Black yoke on the green jersey would work now, but I like the look of it here

- Pants need a logo
- The white collar on the black yoke with the black collar insert makes it look like the player is wearing a white dress shirt with a black tie
- I would have scraped the cuffs, but if you really wanted them I'd have made them the same colour as the stripe next to it OR I would have made it more like the Rangers or Habs cuffs
- Missing the shoulder patches are a big loss here

Rating: 6.75/10

DC Freedom NWHL Expansion Concepts (By: Matt G.)

+ Primary logo is very simple, but in that matches the rest of the NWHL
+ Despite there being no red on the arms, I like the look of the striping. It's very simple but through making the stripes not match, the team adds a uniqueness to them
+ Alternate is different enough to not be considered a recolour
+ Love the stars on the gloves
+ Good execution, NWHL concept should have the NOB under the numbers

- I get what Matt is gong for with the alternate logo, but it's too simple for my taste
- The socks on the home and road need some red

Rating: 8.5/10 

Tampa Bay Lightning Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ While the striping is similar to the Leafs '67 jersey (which won't help the comparisons between the two teams), the arms and hem are a lot more filled out
+ Tampa should either choose to have script above their logo on both jerseys or neither, Anthony keeps this consistent
+ Good execution

- Numbers and captain's C are too small
- Pants need a logo/striping
- Shoulder patch is sorely missed on the shoulders 
- The blank spaces in the striping would be best filled with black to differ them from the Leafs

Rating: 6.75/10

Team Singapore Concept (By: FC Macbeth)

+ Striping on the arms are solid, like the pattern a lot 
+ It might not work great, but I can appreciate the idea behind the yokes, it's a unique idea that could work in some form
+ Stars in the socks
+ Basics of execution (helmet logo, NOB, tv numbers) are here and Fc is improving! 

- Primary logo is much too large (script is fine)
- I would make the yokes all one colour (black on the red jersey and red on the white jersey)
- I'd make the numbers and NOB on the white jersey red with a black outline
- If this is a Non-NHL concept, the NHL shield should not be in the collar insert
- Since black is such a main part of the colour scheme, I'd like to see it in the gloves, socks and pants

Rating: 5.5/10

New York Rangers Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ Really nice blend of the Rangers classic road striping and yoke, and the popular Lady Liberty alternates with the angled arm stripes
+ I wouldn't have thought this would have worked, but have the arm stripes meet up with the side panels looks really nice!
+ Lucas doesn't fix what isn't broken here (pants, numbers, colour scheme)
+ I don't usually like the recolour lady liberty logo, but the use of white/very light silver for the details of the Statue of Liberty helps it a lot!

- TV numbers are a bit low

Rating: 9.25/10  (despite it being Phil's day and this being a Rangers concept) COTW Nom from me! 

Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ The alternate looks awesome! Reminds me of the Buffalo Bills' AFL striping and would love to see a set based around it! Adds something original but keeps the classic look intact 
+ While the debate of whether Winning should use red or light blue rages on, I really like the colour arrangement and balancing!
+ Good execution

- I would have used blue numbers on the alternate and white jersey
-Numbers are too small
- Pants need logos
- The problem with the home and road set is how similar the striping between this concept and the previous Tampa concept are. 

Rating: 7/10

May 23, 2017

Tuesday: No more Weeping and NASHing...

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

First off, congratulations to the Nashville Predators on making it to their first ever Stanley Cup Final! It's great for that franchise, and great for PK Subban, one of my favorite players! I do feel a little conflicted however, as the Predators might have the chance to win the Stanley Cup before any team in Minnesota has won it... But I guess there's always next year for the Wild... 

Also, I don't believe this has been mentioned yet, but the SPHL team, the Fayetteville FireAntz, were recently bought by Jeff Longo and Chuck Norris. (Not that Chuck Norris though...) and on May 12th, the rebranded the team the Fayetteville Marksmen, going with Military themes. 

I think it's a great update from the FireAntz, and it brings a little maturity to the SPHL! 
Here's the link to the full story

And this is an interesting image that appeared on the forums. 
This probably came from inside the Preds team shop in Bridgestone Arena, which makes me wonder how many other teams will be changing their sweaters before next year! Has anyone else seen something like this at their team's team store recently??? 

On to the concepts! 


Ryan C.- Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
Ryan starts us off with his Hurricanes concept! 
  • I really like the upper sleeve pattern! 
  • The number font also matches the logo very well!
  • The striping pattern is also fantastic! 
  • Good logo choice! 
  • Faux shoulder yoke piping NEVER works... And in this case, it clutters the look
My rating: A decent concept, but the faux-yoke holds it back... 8.5/10

John E.- NHL Centennial Classic (MTL. vs OTT.)
Next up is John and his Centennial Classic match-up! 
  • I like the striping pattern on both jerseys! 
  • The pants stripe on the Sens set is great! 
  • I also like the slate grey color that you added to the Sens set
  • While I like color-on-color matchups, this doesn't look the best. The shade of red used for the Habs is a little odd, and the design of the sweater would look better in white.
  • You also should have added a little silver to the Habs since you added silver to the Senators. 
My rating: Good, but white would have worked much better for the Habs sweater... 8/10

FC M.- Malaysia (IIHF) 
We go to international hockey for our third concept of the day, with FC's Malaysia concept as part of his ASEAN series! 
  • I like the striping pattern based off of their flag! 
  • The Chest stripe also looks good

  • Unfortunately there is a lot of execution errors on both of these
    • The name and numbers on the back are WAY too big
    • The main logos are WAY too small
    • You're missing the other TV number on the left of the backside. 
  • I'm also confused why there is no white jersey in the main set. Every team needs a white contrasting jersey so they can stand out against anyone, no matter who they play.
  • You also have a lot of mismatching equipment on the blue jersey. It has black pants and a white helmet
  • I'm not sure why there's a black jersey... It's just black for black's sake, and it doesn't look good, especially when the color scheme of red, white, yellow, and blue is already a great color scheme... 
  • The blue jersey also doesn't have enough yellow
  • Sleeve cuffs at the very end of the sleeve are pointless, as they will be hidden under the glove. See the Winnipeg Jets, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Tampa Bay Lightning 
My rating: Don't be discouraged by this negative feedback, just learn from this! 4.5/10

FC M.- Malaysia 3rd (IIHF) 
FC continues his ASEAN series with Malaysia's third jersey! 
  • I like the logo! 
  • Logo is too big
  • See same execution errors as above
  • You can also tell that you reused the the blue jersey from above, as you didn't change the back collar, Reebok box, or the socks... 
My rating: Just focus on the small details, and you'll get better! 4/10

Anthony C.- Ontario Reign (AHL)
Anthony gets the last three concepts of the day, starting with the Ontario Reign! 
  • I really like the Kings Stadium Series template for the Reign!
  • Also good job on not using white pants! 
  • Logos are a little too small
  • Same with numbers and Captains patch
  • You also used two different shades of black on both uniforms. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but either way, it looks sloppy... 
My rating: A good concept, but you need to focus on the little details... 7/10

Anthony C.- Canada (IIHF) 
Anthony's next concept is for Canada!
  • I like the striping pattern based off of the WCoH! 
  • I also like the 1920's-esque fauxback!
  • I also like the added black to the leaf pattern
  • The TV numbers and Captain patches are a little small... 
  • The black numbers on the red jersey will be hard to read...
My rating: A great concept for Canada, and much better than what they currently wear! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!! 

Anthony C.- New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Lastly we have Anthony's New Jersey Devils concept! 
  • I like the throwback colors! 
  • I also like the white hem stripe on the red jersey
  • The striping pattern for the white jersey looks fantastic! 
  • I like that you kept the overall feel of the New Jersey Devils!
  • I don't really like the striping pattern on the red jersey... Flipping the colors would have looked better... 
  • The TV numbers are also too small... 
My rating: A decent concept that updates the Devils, but keeps their overall feel! 8/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!

May 22, 2017

Monday: Expansion Goalies, Are They Really That Important?

Welcome to another Monday post on HJC!

The NHL goalie world is entering an awkward period now, where teams will have to make tough decisions due to the upcoming expansion draft. With Dallas signing Ben Bishop to a 6 year contract and Bishop himself saying he had talks with Vegas that lead to nothing due to Vegas wanting to invest in a youthful goalie, the question becomes...who's going to Vegas?

Jimmy Howard is a real possibility, since the Red Wings seem to have moved to having Peter Mrazek and Coreau, though we could see either of those guys exposed, most likely Coreau and have Howard stay on as a back up for Detroit during their rebuild. The Jets will have to expose Hutchinson and Pavelec with news coming that Hellebuyck is going to be protected. The Jets are an interesting team as they are looking for a veteran starter to share duties with Hellebuyck while he matures in his second season. Dallas's has two veteran goalies to expose, and the most likely candidate will be Niemi, and while I don't think Winnipeg should sign him (in fact they'd be better off keeping Pavelec), Niemi's success in the NHL until this past season makes him good veteran for a young tender to learn under. The Capitals will expose Phillipe Grubauer, the Flyers will likely have Michal Neuvirth open, the Wild have Darcy Keumper, and then there's more veterans like Varlamov, Budaj, Miller and Smith. The 'Yotes will have to make a tough choice between Smith and Domingue, I'd choose Domingue but I'm not in charge in Arizona. Craig Anderson isn't getting any younger, so it makes me wonder after the rebound season Mike Condon had if he will be considered for Vegas/Winnipeg or if he will stay to take over the 1A role in Ottawa eventually. Carolina has Eddie Läck and Scott Darling, which ultimately means Cam Ward is all but done once Läck returns to full health. Not that I think many teams will be interested in Ward, but he will be available. I'll even throw in some names like Ulmark, Zatkoff, Malcolm Subban and Keith Kinkaid.

Photo from
Nashville picked 5 goalies in the 1998 Expansion Draft; Mike Richter (never played, ended up resigning with the Rangers), Mike Dunham, Tomas Vokoun, Mikhail Shtalenkov (never played, signed with the Oilers) and Fredric Chabot (never played, signed with the Canadiens). Two of those guys would lead Nashville for years while two of them faded into obscurity as back ups. In the 1999 Expansion Draft Atlanta selected 3 goalies and acquired Damien Rhodes from Ottawa in a trade: Trevor Kidd (who would be traded to Florida in a later deal), Norm Maracle and Corey Schwab (never played, signed with Vancouver and spent the season in the IHL/AHL with Orlando and Syracuse), this probably is one of the worst expansion draft line ups period. In the 2000 Expansion draft, the Wild would select Mike Vernon (never played, signed with Calgary), Jamie McLennan, Chris Terreri (never played, split season with New Jersey and the Islanders) and Zac Bierk (played one game, spent most of the season with Cleveland in the IHL), while Columbus selected  Dwayne Roloson (never played, signed with Minnesota soon after spending time with the AHL Worcester IceCats), Chabot again (never played, signed with the IHL Houston Aeros and later Thomas Sabo Tigers of the DEL) and Rick Tabaracci (never played, spent season in the IHL with the Utah Grizzlies). Unlike Atlanta, neither team's goalie selection (with the exception of McLennan) would make an impact, but the Wild were able to trade Vernon and Terreri to acquire better players, and both teams drafted decently well (Wild selected Gaborik and Nick Schultz while the Jackets selected Klesla).

What's the lesson here? Well for one don't do anything the Thrashers did other than relocate, but that aside from Nashville, teams don't acquire their starters historically through the expansion draft. Of course the fields in 1999 and 2000 were pretty terrible (with the exception of Roloson and McLennan, maybe Schwab if Atlanta had hung on to him), but rules this year and the depth of talent in terms of how many goalies are available will mean Vegas could select their way to having a long term starter. There are more teams than any other team got to select from, and the number of teams with 3 useable NHL goalies is in almost double digits. The acquisition of Shipachyov means they got ahead of the rest of the NHL in getting a highly sought after foreign player, who's nearly PPG in the KHL and has a decent WHC and WCoH resumé behind him. The only issue I see with him is being 30 and only now making his NHL debut, I wonder how much he'll have to get used to in the North American style of player. That being said, this signing makes me think the team is ready to compete now. Being in the Pacific division means they have to play Edmonton, Calgary, Anaheim and San Jose, all 4 are playoff teams as far as I'm concerned next season. They also have to play Vancouver, Los Angeles and Arizona, all 3 teams are rebuilding in various ways. If they want to make the playoffs in their first couple of seasons (which I see as unlikely), they need to either be better than San Jose or Calgary to take one of the Wild Card spots. I see this team finishing 6th in their first season, ahead of Vancouver and Arizona, maybe close to Los Angeles, but at least 10 points out of a playoff spot.

So what do you think? Will Vegas find their starter in the expansion draft? Who will it be? How competitive can they be in the current Pacific division? Does picking your starter in the expansion draft rally matter?

Speaking of those Golden Knights, as TC mentioned on Friday, they will have an existing AHL franchise to host their farm team, as the Chicago Wolves somewhat unsurprising to those following the situation will do so next season. For one season, the Blues and GKs will share a franchise until the Blues either promote the KC Mavericks to the AHL or move that franchise and put their AHL team in Kansas City. I see the former happening with an identity change (Blades, Scouts, something new). It cannot happen this season as the ECHL has released their schedule to include Kansas City, all but confirming they're staying in that league to 2017. Hope you like the Mavs identity....if someone wants to make a concept of a Mavericks AHL jersey, where it's the Blues striping in Mavs colours, that'd probably be what we'll be seeing in 2018.

Voting for this week features both the usual COTW vote, as well as the World Hockey Jersey Championship voting. COTW is on the side of the blog while WHJC voting is found by clicking the tab on top of this post. Remember that this completion works with all the Canada concepts going against each other, the USA concepts going together and the rest of the World (everywhere from Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Russia, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia to North Korea) going against each other.

On with today's concepts!

Vegas Golden Knights Concepts (By: BurkusCircus)

+ One thing the Vegas logo lends itself well to is a chest stripe, and it looks good here, particularly with the grey chest stripe
+ Despite the fact we will not see the Kings' font used here, it looks good, and if they Kings ever stopped using it, I could see Vegas picking it up in an alternate in the future.
+ I also like the idea of using the alternate logo as an arm patch (like the Blackhawks last 3 outdoor) jerseys rather than a shoulder patch and putting the numbers there
+ Execution is getting better!

- These concepts work as alternates, but as a set I can't really see them working together. The colours under the chest stripe don't work when put up against each other because of the hem stripe underneath. The solution is quite simple, which would be eliminating the hem striping.
- I'm glad you decided to include socks, but they don't really work with the white jersey
- The numbers should have some red in them

Rating: 7/10

Vegas Golden Knights Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ The striping on both jerseys are entirely identical between the two of them, and normally I don't like that, but I think it works here not just in terms of the pattern, but also colour balancing
+ Part of what makes that so is the addition of the yokes on both jerseys, as it would not work otherwise
+ The rounded numbers didn't work for me at first, but I really like them, particularly on the white jersey
+ Great execution

- I wish there was one way red could have been worked into the striping and numbers
- The one problem with the round numbers comes with how much the white numbers clash with the angled dark primary logo. I certainly wouldn't have used black numbers, but gold might have worked
= Would be neat to see what would happen if you swap the black and grey on the white jerseys striping to see if the balancing is hurt or not by it

Rating: 7.75/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ I don't know what it is about the Flyers logo that works so well with 40s era striping, but it really does here
+ Again, good colour balancing, Anthony worked with the 2012 WC/previous alternate striping and something similar to 1992 Chicago alternate, it works as a vintage jersey and modern
+ Good execution, I think this is my favourite concept Anthony has sent in so far!

- Pants need a logo or some striping
- Again, tv numbers are too small, but I'm sure this is a case where Anthony sent a bunch of concepts in at once and we'll see them improve in the next batch

Rating: 8.5/10 COTW Nom from me!

Washington Capitals Concept (By: Brian W.)

+ The arm striping and back of the chest striping are completely over the top and patriotically exaggerated...I love it
+ While it might have been more trendy in 2009 compared to now, I don't mind the looks of the shortened script. It seems natural as I think 90% of people will call the Caps by the shortened name (similar to the Pens, Sens, Yotes, Buds, Canes, Avs, Jackets, Wings, Iles and Preds), but this one is the least "hip" and most natural and professional on a jersey amongst that group)
+ Good execution

- Because of the addition of the blue void in the front of the chest stripe, it looks like a mouth that's eating the logo; remove that void and you have a winner
- I get why it's up as high as it is, but the NOB is way too close to the manufacturer's logo
-The red used in the piping and chest stripe looks darker than the red in the arm stars, it isn't actually darker, Brian chose to use darker red stitching around it, which I like the idea of but the red stars need it as well.
- Navy numbers need some red in them

Rating: 7.5/10

Washington Capitals Concepts (By: BurkusCircus)

+ Striping on the blue jersey is patriotic while the striping on the white jersey is identical to what the Caps classic jerseys have. They work together in the same way the current Dallas set works
+ Star placement is unique, but also serves a purpose to fill out the side panels
+ Like the inclusion of the star above the logo, even though in European football is used to signify a championship win (guess they'll just have to win)
+ Good execution

- The LA numbers don't work with the Capitals theme, I get you want to move away from the edge numbers, but something more of a traditional block style or even the pre-edge numbers would work better
- Not sure if the pre-edge eagle works as a shoulder patch with the Weagle, it's not bad but I think using the Capitol Building alternate logo recoloured to fit the scheme would work better
- Would be nice to see the back of these jerseys and the white jersey's socks

Rating: 7.5/10

New York Islanders Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ This set takes the best of the 2014 SS jerseys and the classic Islanders  look, a good mix of two well liked jerseys
+ Always a fan of orange numbers, something I wish the Islanders would bring back full time
+ Good colour balancing, even with the same coloured numbers on both jerseys
+ Good execution

- TV numbers are too small, but I'm sure
- Would be nice to see the NY patch on the shoulders, and even add some silver to the striping
- Pants need some orange and white

Rating: 8.25/10

Team Switzerland IIHF Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ This jersey reminds me of what the French wore in both the World Hockey Championship and a couple of FIFA World Cups, I think this style really works
+ With the subtraction of black from the jerseys, it makes them look a lot cleaner
+ While some may prefer the white cross as a primary logo, I like this script and the inclusion of the cross in the collar insert
+ Good execution

- Tv Numbers are too small
- The shoulders on the white jersey are very blank, and the inclusion of either a red yoke or adding crosses to both shoulders would be awesome
- Would be nice to include striping on the arms. It doesn't have to be exactly the same as the socks and jersey, but something at least (maybe just the thickest stripe?)

Rating: 8/10


May 21, 2017

Sunday: Shell Shock!

Good afternoon everybody. Today I have another post about another college team with a new amazing uniform. However, being that they aren't showing these uniforms until tomorrow at a golf outing, I am limited to the pictures I can show and what details I can put in my post.

For those of you who don't know anything about Maryland Athletics, it's Under Armour's guinea pig when it comes to products and designs. With the new rebranding that happened a few years ago, the club hockey team decided that they wanted to look more aligned with the schools branding than what they wore before due to the ultimate goal of becoming a varsity sport. To explain, I have shown a picture of the uniforms the team has worn prior to going with the main jerseys they currently wear:

Photo from Maryland Hockey Facebook
Ouch. That doesn't even hint that they're apart of the University of Maryland. It's like someone forgot to order the uniforms and had to buy a generic uniform at the last minute. Anyways, After calling up Rebirth they ended up with these Maryland pride themed uniforms for a home and road:

As you can see, it was a MAJOR upgrade. Fast forward a few months ago. The Senior Defensemen and Assistant Captain from Boston, of Ben Weiner, started to talk the guys into a much more traditional style red jersey for an alternate. After much backlash from all the Maryland kids, they finally caved and so began the journey of designing a new alternate. Ben's first thought was to go to Under Armour themselves so the team could have a jersey done by an alumni of the university. After playing with their online jersey customizer, Ben had a good idea of what he wanted in a jersey, but Under Armour couldn't give it to him.

So Ben made the right choice (yes I'm being biased) and reached out to Rebirth to see if they could improve on the design Ben created in the Under Armour customerizer. As Ben put it, "They went above what Under Armour was will to do and at a lower cost!"

This is where I usually reveal the jersey that I'm about to talk about. However, I actually can't do that because they already had that planned for tomorrow at a golf event and I'm not going to take that away. What I can do is show you teasers and give a very vague explanation of them.

All Photos from Rebirth Sports
So what I can tell you about the uniforms are that it's a three color numbering based off of the Terrafont that the actual athletic teams use. The team also had a alternate logo made for the shoulders and have a roundel logo on the front. If you want the guess the rest go ahead, but I am updating the post once the actual jerseys are revealed. 

Now if you're like me, you need a Maryland jersey. Not want, but need. Maryland is one if not my all time favorite school and I would own one of these jerseys, main or alternate, in a heartbeat. All that being said, it's a complicated situation right now getting the green light so stay tuned for a upcoming sale because it will be coming and I will own one of those jersey. In the words of Wayne Campbell, "It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine."

Good luck to the Maryland hockey program. I hope they end up becoming a varsity sport and a member of the B1G Ten hockey.

Anyways guys, we have the COTW voting going on and I'll be honest with you, I shouldn't have to tell you guys this by now but hey we all forget sometimes. Also, we have the IIHF competition voting as well. Teams are split into divisions so you have to vote for a team in each division. Get on that please!

COTW May 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
WHJC Division Vote (ends Tuesday @ 9pm ET)

Onto the Concepts!

Anthony C- Carolina Hurricanes
Positives: Oh thank the lord that you took the stripes all the way around on the hem. Also, the black pants work well with this.
Negatives: The numbers are a little high. That color combo of striping on the dark jersey just doesn't work well. Overall it's a really plain set for a team like the Hurricanes which is a let down.
Overall: 6.5/10

Anthony C- Columbus Blue Jackets 
Positives: The squared off yoke looks nice on this jersey with the different colored collar and hem as well as keeping the red shorts. Also, the arm striping is pretty good as well. It's simple but effective.
Negatives: Please just continue the hem to the sides. Unless you have the Adidas stripes please just make the hem striping connect.
Overall: 7/10

Burkus Circus- New Jersey Devils 
Positives: The modifying of the primary logo looks really good. Also, I like that you kept a classic striping design on the jerseys as well.
Negatives: White as a secondary just isn't working on the dark jersey. Switch it to red. Also, what the heck is that writing for? it's not relevant. Third, keep the numbers traditional and make them a little smaller.
Overall: 7.5/10

Burkus Circus- Vancouver Canucks  
Positives: The "VC" logo on the striping looks really good and the simple thin stripe in the larger stripe actually works overall. Also, the Skating Lumberjack looks really good as well.
Negatives: The squared off yoke looks a little strange on the jersey. Both the crest logo and numbers are slightly large, and I'd say that adding that "VC" to the side of the hems is a little much.
Overall: 7.75/10

Justin B- St. Louis Blues 
Positives: Multi striping from the 90's is a beautiful look on this jersey as well as the old trumpet logo. Also, the yellow collar really pops out.
Negatives: Just the execution overall of this is really bad. Pixelated lines, blurry nameplate and shoulder logos, etc. Also, the sock design is a little much to have like that.
Overall: 6.5/10

Peter H- AK Bars Kazan 
Positives: The two different designs on these jersey look really good. it's not too much but at the same time it's just enough to give a really unique and cohesive look. good job.
Negatives: I'd say the only negatives is that the execution is a little blurry with the mesh looking sides.
Overall: 8/10

TC M- Virginia Cavaliers 
Positives: The striping on the arms really looks good as well as both logos. The striping dances that line of just enough and too much on the arms so good job.
Negatives: My only negative is trying to match the hem striping with the arms. It's a little too much to have on the jersey.
Overall: 8.5/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Ok guys that's all I have for you this week. Thanks again to Ben Weiner and the University of Maryland's Hockey Program. I'll see you guys next week!

May 20, 2017

Saturday: Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

The winner of the COTW vote for May 5-11 was Jordan R!

Full Results

This was Jordan's 2nd COTW win in a row! It's a great Seals concept and was my pick for the week as well. Congrats Jordan, we'll see this concept again soon.


The concepts that were nominated for the COTW vote for May 12-18 have been listed on the side of the page. You will see the poll if you're logged into a Google account. You can then place your vote and votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern.


All of the entries are in for the World Hockey Jersey Championship. Each division will now have its own vote. Those votes will end on Tuesday night. The three winners will then move into the Final Vote to determine the World Hockey Jersey Champion. Click the banner at the top of the page to see all of the details.


This week HJC put up two jerseys on eBay. Both are Doug Gilmour jerseys, one is a white Chicago Blackhawks jersey and the other is a white Buffalo Sabres jersey. The Buffalo jersey seems to be the most popular one, so this might be your chance to get a nicely priced Blackhawks jersey. Check out the Hawks auction HERE and you can find the Sabres auction HERE.


The 2017 Memorial Cup began last night and as is the tradition on opening night, the host team wore their memorial themed sweaters. This year's host the Windsor Spitfires did just that and won the game 3-2 over the Saint John Sea Dogs.
I'd give the jersey a 7.5/10. The stripes are based on an old Windsor alternate jersey. I haven't found an explanation of the crest yet. Perhaps some readers can help us out? Whoever put together this image though did a shit job! The TV numbers on the front view of the jersey say that the player is #71, but the back says #17. On the back view, one of the shoulder patches is just a mirror image of the front view, so it's not an accurate representation of the jersey. Finally the back collar has just been pasted on top. You can see that the vintage white yoke just continues right under the collar. Most of us on here are better than this "pro job".

COTW May 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
WHJC Division Vote (ends Tuesday @ 9pm ET)