January 22, 2017

Sunday: Speed run!

Howdy. First off, thank you Steve G for covering for me while I had to deal with a family matter. I'm back and I'm going to speed run it.

We have the COTW, COTW Q4, and the Maple Leafs alternate jersey (I still have nightmares about that post Ryan) so get on it.

COTY Semi-Final votes (end Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Jan 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
TOR 3rd Jersey Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

Ben S- New Jersey Devils
Positives: The striping on the yoke looks really good and it's actually nice to see you bring back the dark green.
Negatives: other than what I stated, the stripes are too thin for my liking, the numbers just look strange on the jersey with a traditional design. Also, the white jersey looks extremely bare compared to the dark jersey.
Overall: 7.5/10

DTC- Seattle Americans

Positives: Really digging the candy stripe yoke and simple striping overall. It's a good choice for a team named "Americans." As for the logo, it's really nice and modern looking.
Negatives: Getting back to the crest logo, while it's nice and modern it would suit more as a shoulder patch or as a logo for a soccer team.
Overall: 9/10

Tyler M.S.- Houston Aeros
Positives: The simplistic design of the jersey that looks similar to the original jersey is nice with the logo of the former AHL team attached looks really nice overall and it's a nice to see a team remain rooted in history, much like the Canadiens.
Negatives: It's really plain. After being around for 40 some years you think that they would have modernized their style by now. I could see this as an alternate jersey but as a full time set in today's game? They would most likely come up with some modern style design like they all do or make it a little more different than what you have, but good job.
Overall: 8.25/10

Tyler M.S.- Indianapolis Racers
Positives: The hem stripe looks amazing and the names in the yoke was a pretty good ideal as well.
Negatives: That huge yoke just looks strange in the front and I would expect a more modernized logo.

Zach H- Detroit Red Wings
Positives: Keeping the jersey predominately the same with the new striping and looks beautiful. It's a minor adjustment that could really work with the Red Wings.
Negatives: The English style "D" doesn't really fit on the white jersey. Put the main logo or that beautiful modern style "D" that they wore on their last SS jerseys and you got a great jersey to work with.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE

Ryan H- Boston Bruins
Positives: This jersey really sticks true to the bruins style of jersey. It has elements of the old jerseys and brings in new elements as well. Also, the numbers look pretty good.
Negatives: The "B" looks a little big and that tiny little sliver of black next to the yellow stripes can be a bother.
Overall: 8.75/10

Tyler M.S.- Cleveland Crusaders
Positives: The striping on the jersey and pants are very nice and effective.
Negatives: What the *Explicit* kind of color is that? is it magenta? I can't tell. Whatever it is, it doesn't work well on this or any hockey jersey (unless you're owned by the Hart brothers).
Overall: 8/10

Zach H- Anaheim Ducks
Positives: Really like the striping on this jersey. It give both jersey a different feel with the same striping, in a good way. Also, the "OC" patch on the shoulders looks awesome as well.
Negatives: That silver in the triangle of the Mighty Ducks logo just throws this whole jersey off. Make it that gold color again and you've nailed it!
Overall: 9/10

Well that's all the time I have for you guys today. Thanks again Steve G and I'll see you guys next week.

January 21, 2017

Saturday: 2017 COTY Semi-Finals

The winner of the 4th Quarter Vote was Avi...but that we already knew. Avi owned all 3 spots in this vote. However, it was his Ottawa Senators concept that proved to be the best according to you guys.

Full Results
The last time an Ottawa Senators concept won COTW-October and the 4th Quarter Vote was 2012. Justin C. did the same thing that year and went on to win his first of back-to-back Concept of the Year awards. Good luck to Avi!


The winner of the COTW vote for January 6-12 was JJ


Full Results
JJ's Americans concept entered the COTW by virtue of his Bring Back the Americans Competition win. There are two 2016 Competition winners in the COTY Semi-Finals votes. We shall see if that number will hold or increase in 2017 and will JJ's concept be there?


The 2016 Concept of the Year Semi-Finals are underway! The 1st Quarter Vote winner faces the 3rd Quarter Vote winner. And the 2nd Quarter Vote winner faces the 4th Quarter Vote winner. If you're logged into a Google account you will see the grey poll on the side of the page. Votes for both Semi-Finals will be counted until Friday at noon Eastern time.

1st Quarter Winner - Josiah B.
Josiah's Hamilton Bulldogs narrowly won the COTW-February vote by one vote over Taylor R. In the 1st Quarter Vote Josiah's win was by 6 votes over his competition, Matt M. and Chris W.

3rd Quarter Vote - Avi S.
As well all know, Avi owned the 2nd half of the calendar on HJC. This concept won the final COTW vote in September handily (by 30 votes). In September's monthly vote Avi slipped by Taylor, Lucas, and Jake with a 6 vote differential. Then in the 3rd Quarter Vote he won by 9 votes over JJ and Lucas.

2nd Quarter Vote - Matt M.
Matt's concept won the Falcons to Tucson Competition. After a weekly COTW win Matt's entry took out Dylan A. (by 1 vote), Jordan, Brooks, and myself in the COTW-May vote. The Quarter Vote was also very tight as Matt defeated his won Pairs Competition entry (with Dylan A.) and Josiah's concept 15-12-12.

4th Quarter Vote - Avi S.
Avi's Senators concept was the winner of the Ottawa Senators ReDesign Competition. One weekly win after that and Avi was in the COTW-October vote. The results of this vote were announced during Week 2 of The Season (also won by Avi). Avi squeezed out Taylor, Justin N., Brooks, and Steven G. The Quarter Vote results are explained above.

That all leads us to now. The 2016 Concept of the Year Semi-Finals. Josiah's Hamilton concept against Avi's Las Vegas concept in Semi-Final #1. Then Matt's Competition winner goes against Avi's Competition winner in Semi-Final #2. The two winners will be announced right here next week and will battle it out for the championship plaque.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the COTY vote, 2016 in general, or your involvement in any of the 2016 votes that you may remember.


We had 20 really great entries into the Maple Leafs 3rd Jersey Competition. All 20 are up for voting right now by clicking the banner at the top of the page. That will take you to the COMPETITION page where if you're logged into your Google account you will see the poll and be able to place your vote. Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern time.


The new COTW nominees for January 13-19 have been listed on the side of the page in the black poll. Log into your Google account if the poll does not appear. Your vote will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern. The winner will be announced here next week.


COTY Semi-Final votes (end Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Jan 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
TOR 3rd Jersey Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

January 20, 2017

Friday: Eight Concepts

Hello folks, nice to see you again!

We have lots of concepts today, eight to be exact.  There a good quality bunch of concepts as well, I had a hard time deciding which of them was going to nominate for COTW.  But before we get to those concepts, let's take a look at the last of the Maple Leafs Alternate Jersey competition entries.

Ben S:

Danny R:


Phil B:

Wings 98:


We're getting close to naming the best concept of 2016, so the votes are getting very important.  Coming up this week are the COTY Semi-Finals, the winners of these votes will advance to the Finals next week.  Expect the polls to be up tonight or early tomorrow.  Also don't forget to vote for the weekly COTW or the Maple Leafs Alternate Jersey competition.

COTY Semi-Finals votes (ends next Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Jan 13-19 vote (ends next Friday @ noon Eastern)
Maple Leafs 3rd vote (ends next Friday @ noon Eastern)


Columbus Blue Jackets, by Tyler M:
We begin with Tyler who has made some alterations to the Blue Jackets current jerseys.  He's switched to their third jersey's font, added silver to the sleeve stripes, added more stars to those sleeves, and replaced the hem design.  To be honest I don't really like any of those changes, but that's just my opinion, there's nothing inherently wrong with them.  I might like the new hem design if it and the cuff trim were the same colour, and I'd be okay with the stars if they were lowered to make the sleeves look less crowded.  Execution is fairly good, but the logos (both primary and shoulder) are a little too small.
Rating: 7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins, by Tyler M:
Tyler also sent in a "Road Alt" jersey for the Penguins, inspired by their 1992-2002 white jersey.  I think that's a good jersey to throwback to, especially now that they've embraced yellow once again.  I also think it was a good decision to use the skating-penguin logo, as their robo-penguin logo doesn't seem to be popular among Penguins fans (I like the robo-penguin though).  Making the arm and hem stripes a consistent thickness was also an improvement, but I don't like this new curved yoke.  The straight lines of the original yoke matched the triangle in their logo better.
Rating: 8/10

Team Canada (EA Sports), by Mike F:
Mike can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the idea behind this concept was to design better international jerseys for the EA Sports NHL games, since EA can't use their actual IIHF or Olympic jerseys.  That's a cool concept idea, and I really like the end result.  The primary jerseys look good, the plain maple leaf works surprisingly well on the front, and the leafs in the sleeve stripes are a nice feature.  But the vintage jerseys are the real star of the show, I love the giant off center maple leaf (and big leaves on the sleeves), it's a great callback to Canada's 1972 and 1976 jerseys.  My only complaints are fairly minor, I think the red stripes on the black pants should be thicker, and I think the Canadian flag should use the shame shade of red as the jersey.
Rating: 8/10

Arizona Coyotes, by Zack H:
Next up we have two concepts from Zack, starting with a new set of jerseys for the Arizona Coyotes.  I love seeing the Coyotes' Kachina pattern return, and I also think their Picasso coyote-head logo works well for this concept, it looks a lot better in this colour scheme.  As for the rest of the design, I really like the dark jersey, it's colours are balanced well, but I think the light jersey could use some more maroon.  Speaking of the light jersey, I like the use of sand instead of white, it would be unique in the NHL.  The execution is good except the shoulder logo uses a different shade of black than the rest of the concept.
Rating: 8/10

Colorado Avalanche, by Zack H:
Zack's second concept is a much needed redesign of the Colorado Avalanche.  This is a simpler and more old-school take on the Avalanche's identity, with a simple and bold striping pattern, and their simple C logo as the primary.   That simplicity works here because there are still some unique elements, like their unique colour scheme and number font.  The blue pants and helmet are also unique, plus they remind me of the franchise's origins in Quebec.
Rating: 9/10

Arizona Coyotes, by DT Concepts:
We also have two concepts from DT Concepts, coincidentally for the same two teams.  His Coyotes concept also brings back their much beloved Kachina pattern, but it keeps a somewhat similar look to their current jerseys as well, and I think it all meshes together perfectly.  I also like the yoke that transitions into the upper arms, and I just now noticed the sublimated sun-ray pattern on the lower arms, that's an awesome detail.  However, I think the logo could use an outline on the dark jersey, and the sock stripes should be contoured to follow the template (see Lucas' concept below).
Rating: 9/10

Colorado Avalanche, by DT Concepts:
DT Concepts' Colorado Avalanche concept also combines old and new, using a mountain pattern and their older colour scheme with their newer alternate logo.  Once again, I really like that combination of old and new, and I particularly like the new way the mountain pattern was used on the upper arms.  The goalie's helmet and equipment also looks good (although that's besides the point, I wouldn't subtract any points if I disliked the goalie gear).  There is one small execution error though, the shoulder numbers on the player model go outside of the template lines.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!

New York Rangers, by Lucas D:
To end today's post we have a New York Rangers concept from Lucas.  Of the two jerseys, the blue one looks the most like a normal Rangers jersey, it's sort of a combination of their current home and third jerseys but with their shield on the front.  The white jersey is the most different, with it's sleeve length yoke and blue underneath the hem stripe.  I think both jerseys are good as concepts, I don't think they're better than the Rangers current jerseys, but for concepts I enjoy seeing some new ideas tried out.  I feel the same way towards the blue pants as well, I prefer the Rangers in red pants, but I find the blue pants interesting.
Rating: 8/10


That's all folks!

January 19, 2017

Thursday: RedBlues

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Not news or anything today really, so let's get right to it.

Before we get to the concepts though, there are a few votes to talk about. As always, we have the COTW vote. Along with that we have the Toronto alt competition, which is almost over, so make sure to wrap up your entries soon. Last, but most importantly, we have the COTW 4th quarter vote. Soon after that we have the COTY vote!!! It's what the entirety of 2016 has come down to, and the few people who remain in the running have the chance to have their concept named as the best among hundreds, if not thousands, of concepts submitted over 2016. Yeah, it's a big vote.

4th Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW Jan 6-12 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Maple Leafs 3rd entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

Leafs Entries:

Zack H.

Ryan C.

Matt G.

Burkus Circus


Adam G. - New York Islanders
+Ah the four stripes...typical Islanders look (though not necessarily a bad one).
+Good color balance throughout the set.
+I like the look of white cuffs and hems on a dark color, and I think it looks good here.
+I think this concept does well at staying within the Islanders' brand while bringing something new to the table.
-The logo is very pixelated. The name is also a little pixelated.
-The relative small size of the stripes plus the large amount of them (7 if you include the spaces in between) plus the hem and cuff coloring makes this design look a bit busy.
Overall: 7.5/10

Avi S. - Chicago Blackhawks
+Well, at least it's something different than a slight adaptation to their white jersey.
+I love the slight historical nods in this one, while keeping those nods minimal enough to not overdo it for the modern era.
-I think the hem would look better either with a white stripe above it or just flat out matching it to the arms.
+Good color balance.
+The collar looks really nice. I love single color collars.
+The placement of the centennial patch also is much better than where they actually decided to put it.
Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D. - Chicago Blackhawks
+Another historical inspired Hawks set, this time staying much close to their current look.
+The recolored "shoulder" patch looks great, and I like the placement of it. The vintage primary logo looks nice too.
+I personally love the look of single color numbers, and I think they look great here too.
+The shoulder stripes look really nice on the white jersey, and is easily the most different part of this concept from their current uniforms.
Overall: 9/10

Lucas D. - Toronto Maple Leafs
+Much better than their actual new uniforms.
+A more vintage look is perfect for a team like the Leafs, plus this is already a callback to their own history. A win-win.
-I think it would look better with an extra hem stripe on each jersey. It makes the hem look a bit more full and also matches better historically.
+The Arenas logo fits well on the pants.
-Unless it's just the template or something, the sock stripes look smaller than the jersey stripes. They should be consistent.
Overall: 8.5/10

Steven G. - Vancouver Canucks
Since there's technically 2 concepts here, let's review them separately.

New Look:
+While I may not aesthetically love all of your new look concepts, I really love the idea behind them all.
+While the last thing the Canucks need is another identity change, I honestly think this would look pretty good on the ice. 
+The historical nods are are really nice touch (such as the flying V reference on the arms)
+The font looks great on this style of jersey.
-I know there aren't many that agree with me, but I hate the Johnny Canuck logo as a jersey logo. I just think it looks too cartoonish to be a hockey logo. I'd stick to the stick-in-rink logo.
-Your pants logo should be cut off a bit, it's too far to the side the way you have it.
Overall: 9/10 

Ideal Look:
+This one honestly makes more sense for the Canucks since it doesn't depart much from current and historical designs. This design really fits them and it looks great.
+Like I mentioned earlier, I love the single color font. The font itself is a really nice fit, too.
-The same comments I had about the Johnny Canuck logo above also apply here.
-I think the outer stripes should be thicker. They'd pop more if they did.
-Same comment as above about the pants logo.
Overall: 9/10 and this concept set gets my COTW Nomination

Tyler M-S. - Calgary Cowboys
-This concept makes it seem like the Cowboys never folded and the Flames never moved to Calgary. If that was the case, their original color scheme of red and white would make more sense, as the yellow doesn't make much sense to me here.
+It doesn't look bad by any means, though.
+The two arm stripes keep the arms from looking too empty, while the single hem stripe keeps the hem from looking too busy. Great combination. I think this would have worked well for the Leafs.
-I'm not sure if this is just an execution error...but the red socks don't really go well with a white jersey. In fact, not a single NHL team uses dark socks with a white jersey (at least not this year).
Overall: 8/10

Zack H. - Calgary Flames
+This is the type of set the Flames need: something that calls back to their history yet modernizes it.
+The name/number font was a great choice.
+I love the removal of black, too.
-I think you need some separation between the yellow and white, mainly on the home jersey. It begins to blend together a bit.
-I think a pants logo would be a benefit here.
Overall: 8/10

Zack H. - Chicago Blackhawks
-Not a very creative concept, but this looks more like it's supposed to just be a fix, so it can slide.
+For a fix concept like this, it's best to keep close to the Hawks' current look.
-I think the pants would look better with some red still, and a logo.
-Make sure your stripe lengths stay consistent. I can tell that this is just an execution error, but on the left arm of the bottom jersey the top black stripe is a bit thinner than the rest.
-I like the thicker stripes on the white jersey, but I think they're a bit too thick.
-The name, and especially the numbers, look squished.
Overall: 7.5/10


And that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!

January 18, 2017

Wednesday: Under Fire

Today I'm at an interesting crossroad for myself as a hockey fan. I never like to hear about people losing their jobs. I will be sad that Jack Capuano has been fired, however from a hockey perspective it was 100% the correct move, though hopefully not the only move. This Islanders team has underachieved. Many say it's Capuano's tactics, others say its Snow's poor free agency, many say it's a perfect storm of both. We shall see as the Islanders continue the season with Doug Weight at the helm on an interim basis.

Meanwhile at HJC here, nobody has been fired as it looks like the blog is performing well. Let's continue with the business as usual, with a bit of UNusual business here:


Toronto Maple Leafs alternates are wanted. They scrapped a nice one this season as part of their huge rebrand. So we need YOU to replace it!

Current Entries:

Jared L:

Ryan H:

Avi S:

John E:

 Dino W:

David K:

Taylor R:


Ok maybe that is usual business, but eventually it leads to....


Three concepts. One semi-final spot. COTY is coming. Set up the brackets and vote for the 4th quarter concept!


Avi S: Columbus Crew SC (MLS) Concept

About 2 and a half years ago, the Crew announced a major rebrand, dropping the original Three-Men logo for a newer and more German-inspired logo, also rebranding the team name from  "The Columbus Crew" to "Columbus Crew SC" (thankfully not FC). This is arguably the perfect day to have an MLS themed crossover, as I am a major fan of soccer, specifically MLS soccer. Crew SC has a nice black kit with a sublimated checkerboard pattern on the body of the shirt, and Avi does well to translate that here. Good call on not bringing their horrible current secondary kit here and going with a matching white with the sublimated checkerboard pattern alongside yellow and black trim. I'm not a fan of the Adidas stripes, but they exist on the original set so I'll leave it be. Good call on the font, using the font you see in their logo for the 96. Better look than the standard MLS font. One point I'd like to make last: When I did my MLS crossover series a long time ago, I made it a priority to have the main logo front and center and to dump any of the advertisements you see on the actual kits. It would be nice to see that here.

Rating: 78%

Jake M: Team Netherlands Concept

The Netherlands are known for orange. Normally their solid color uniforms in all sports are orange with black trim, maybe with a red white and blue flag pattern trim as well. However their ice hockey team (have to clarify because the Dutch REALLY love field hockey and are quite good at it) uses navy alongside white and orange, and Jake does that here. Sort of. On each jersey he leaves off one of those three colors. Each jersey also has a two stripe pattern featured on each arm, combined with one set featured in a different position on the main body of each jersey. Absolute class here. Not a fan of the Adidas stripes but blame the NHL and their World Cup of Hockey for that. If only the striping thickness was consistent between the two, this could be perfect.

Rating: 94%

Ryan C: Edmonton Oilers Concept

Ryan takes on the Gear logo style and color scheme and tames it a bit, similar style to what the Oilers have now. Ideally with a bolder logo like that, it doesn't necessarily bode well with a traditional set up. Colors balance nicely, though maybe a second outline would help both numbers. It's a good set. It's a realistic set. It's a usable set. It's not an ideal set. I would rather see this logo used with a more dynamic jersey design.

Rating: 80%

Tyler M-S: Cincinnati Stingers (WHA) Concept

A classic design that definitely would work well in the NHL had Cincinnati been given one of the WHA expansion teams in 1979. It reminds me a bit of that Sarnia Sting alternate designed by former HJC writer Dylan A. The difference here? One set of stripes on the arms, no yoke outline and black as the main set color and not yellow. I think, based on the logo, that the number font used here could be rounded off on the corners a bit. Also, maybe yellow numbers on the white jersey, with, dare I say it, a triple outline like the logo? Quality concept that could use just a bit more.

Rating: 95%

William B: Crowsnest Pass Timberwolves (AJHL) Concept

William shows that he was the one behind Crowsnest Pass during The Season. A beautiful logo you have designed and a much improved logo compared to their current one. But William, I think this concept shows that you're a bit rusty. Numbers and name are sized incorrectly. TV numbers are too far down the sleeve. Pant stripe goes too far up. Socks have the incorrect Reebok logo. However I do have to give credit where it is due. The tree pattern in the striping is nice, the fading pattern on the hem is brilliant, though I wish you could've used it on the road whites.

Rating: 72%

Zack H: Boston Bruins Concept

Zach uses inspiration from the Bruins Winter Classic uniforms they use as their current alternates. The numbers are within the striping, which now has a nice trim on the inside. The trim is also placed on the upper portion of the hem striping and on a newly made yoke. A nice mix of eras. For the matching road whites, Zack keeps black between the yoke and arms, as well as below the hem stripe. I absolutely love this. Just make sure the pant striping overlaps the the template lines.

Rating: 98%

Zack H: Edmonton Oilers Concept

This concept tries to make slight changes to the Oilers primary set. First, we eliminate the spacing between the stripes and angle them away from the body of the jersey. Interesting move, and something bold for the Oilers. Not a bad move though. However as I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am not a fan of orange as the secondary color on the road whites, as I'd rather have blue. The mainly blue logo is balanced a lot better with orange as a simple trim. Double outline on that jersey is no good either.

Rating: 82%

The Winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Looking back on the post I linked above in Zack's Oilers Concept review, I decided I should update you on road trip plans.


2/9 NYI @ PHI
3/14 NYI @ CAR
4/8 NYI @ NJD

Of course if you ever want to meet up with me at a home game or any three of these Islanders away days, tweet me @PhilBeckDesigns and I'll be happy to meet up with you and talk jersey design. Also I'm going to talk to Ryan about a few ideas regarding HJC, so stay tuned. Maybe I'll have an update for you next week. See you later!