October 25, 2016

Tuesday: Debuts and Reviews

Welcome to this Tuesday's post! 

There's not a whole lot happening in news about sweater and logo changes, but there has been a few new debuts this past week! The Flyers suited up in their new Anniversary Jerseys against a VERY similar color schemed Ducks, on the 20th. Kinda an odd opponent if you ask me... (image via
I really don't understand these... The gold is annoying and distracting, and the template is super generic. They don't exactly scream Flyers to me. The Flyers have been known to wear sleeve length yokes, but this has none of that. If the Flyers got rid of the gold, and made the numbers orange, I could get behind this as an alt... But that's it...
My rating: 4/10

The LA Kings then played their first game in their new 5oth Anniversary jersey against the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday. (image via 
I have to say, that these are much better in action. The gold is a perfect accent, and the grey base is amazing! I also really like how the stripes on the breezers really match the sock and arm stripes. (It also made the lackluster Canuck sweaters look much worse in comparison...)
My rating: 7/10

The Winnipeg Jets also took on the Oilers in the Heritage Classic on Sunday afternoon. The sweaters aren't necessarily new, but the Jets did tweak the throwback to fit the current brand a little bit better...The Oilers also are wearing the orange jersey as a full time alt already, so that one isn't new ...(image via
An absolutely beautiful match-up!!! The Jets, however, looked very close to the Rangers... But there is enough difference to set them apart. The logo has been fantastically updated, with a new Jet in the Red Circle, and a color scheme that matches the Current Jets. The polo-style collars on both jerseys are also fantastic! 
My Rating: 10/10 all around!!!!!

We also have the Calgary Flames competition going on right now. Here are some of the latest entries... 

Matt D.-

Lucas D.-

Those both look fantastic! Don't forget to submit yours, and don't forget to VOTE!!!!

COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)

On to the Concepts!!!


Alan H.- Miami Hurricanes (NCAA) 

Alan imagines the sweaters for the University of Miami (Florida) if the Hurricanes had an NCAA hockey team! And I'm going to cover all three jerseys at the same time, as the alt is just a recoloring of the main jerseys...
  • Well you give Miami some much needed originality, especially compared to their "current" (I'm not even sure if they still have it as a club sport) Flyers rip-offs 
  • These jerseys really do fit and look like one of the most iconic Miami football uniform eras. 
  • I really like the half and half collars, which turn into the logo at the bottom
  • Good execution 
    • Good job on the little details, like the ACC patch, and the Reebok logo under the collar
  • This concept idea has the potential to be overly busy, but you kept it simple and clean, nice job!
  • The pants stripes don't really match the rest of the jersey
  • The logo on the orange jersey gets a little lost. Maybe try a white and green logo. It work's better on the green jersey though...
  • Also I feel like the orange helmet also looks a little out of place.
My rating: A very solid concept that really works with the Hurricane's branding. 8.5/10

Lucas D.- Winnipeg Jets; Heritage Classic (NHL) 
 I'm going to guess a little, and say that Lucas made this as a redesign of the Heritage Classic sweater, and it looks fantastic! 
  • The striping is much simpler, and doesn't look like the Rangers anymore!
  • I really enjoy the update that the Jets made to the old logo, so great choice there!
  • I also like the navy and red color scheme. 
  • The un-italicized numbers look great as well
  • No execution errors...other than what I'll mention below... 
  • Mark Scheifele is not #45, he's #55... Now I know that there are some people who have made concepts with jokes on the back, but I can't see any, unless it's going over my head...
  •  Scheifele is also the Alternate Captain of the Jets, so he'd need an "A" on his sweater
  • I'd also like to see equipment, as the jets had some very nice breezers and gloves for the Heritage Classic
My rating: Well because you gave Scheifele the wrong number, I'm giving you his current number of a 5.5/10...

I'm kidding, of course!!! But seriously, that does bring it down a little bit... 8/10

Lucas D.- Calgary Cowboys (NHL what-if, Original 7)
Lucas continues his what if Original 7 series, this time with the Calgary Cowboys! 
  • Good job on choosing the correct name! I'll bet that most people would just put down the name as the Calgary Flames, forgetting that the name "Flames" comes from Atlanta and the Civil War, and doesn't have much to do with Calgary. So way to pay attention there!
  • The sweater really feels like just that, a sweater! 
  • Good logo choice, borrowing the old, simple, WHA Calgary Cowboys logo
  • I also would love to see how this uniform would progress to today. I think you should also do that to the rest of your series!
  • This isn't necessarily bad, but it's not the best either... This uniform looks like it belongs in the early 1900's, not the 40's and 50's of the Original 6 (Or in this case 7). Your whole series has been this way as well. But I won't take off any points for this, it's just something I noticed. 
My rating: This is definitely a very vintage sweater! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!

Justin M.- Alaska Aces (ECHL)

Justin redesigns the Alaska Aces, and brings in a double blue color scheme!
  • I like the striping pattern on the home and road, and I like the colored sleeves on the home
  • Good choice in adding an Alaska wordmark, even if it doesn't match the road logo.
  • I really like the puck shoulder logo on the road and alt.!
  • The #OB of the alt looks good
  • I do like the tie-down collars on the main set
  • Unfortunately the numbers and wordmark font are two hard to read. They look much better filled in like the alt. 
  • The breezers and gloves look a little too bare. 
  • I also wish you used the light blue a little more in the home and road...
My rating: A nice concept that would suit Alaska well... 7/10


Well that's all I have for today, see ya next week!!!!

October 24, 2016

Monday: Keystone Concepts

Welcome to the Monday post!

While it isn't really traditional jersey news, we saw a team trade out a long time alternate for a more recent outdoor jersey, as the Boston Bruins have dumped the modernized 20s jersey they've had since 2008/09 and using their fauxback 20s jersey from last years Winter Classic, funny enough close to the 1 year anniversary of that jersey being unveiled (that being today). Overall I'd call it a lateral move, as both jerseys are pretty good and it all depends on which style you prefer. Personally I like the fauxback logo a little more, but preferred the modern jersey a little more due to it using true white rather than wheat. If only Montréal would use their WC as an alternate so a) the people who got Price on that jersey wouldn't be so SOL and we'd have a chance to see that jersey take on the Arenas jersey the Leafs will likely wear for the Centennial Classic in January (won't comment on it until it's officially unveiled but it looks all but confirmed).

Let's check out the Calgary Flames Redesign entries that have come since last post:

Zeke G.

Ben S.

Cole W.

David K.

Avi S.

Nice stuff, don't forget you have until Friday at noon to get your entries in, and remember to read all the rules carefully before sending your entry in, especially if you plan on taking until right up to the deadline.

COTW has reset for the week, cast your vote on the side of the blog!

COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)

On with today's 4 concepts:


Pittsburgh Penguins 50th Anniversary Logo Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ While I love the Pens current patch, I do enjoy the simplicity of Luca's redesign, it's very clean, but not boring
+ The shape of the logo is very appealing, the yellow triangle makes for a great shape to base itself around
+ Nice typeface/logo choices as well
+ Great execution

- A small presentation note, I wish the logo was slightly larger as it doesn't take up even half of the image, though I do like the striping pattern on the right of the image 
- It's a toss up which looks better, but swapping the 50 and logo may look better, but I understand wanting to put some separation between the two numbers
- Scrapping the edges of the ribbons and using just a simple curved banner would make the logo look even cleaner 

Rating: 9/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concepts (By: TG)

+ I'm loving all the variations people have come up with for the Flyers striping while keeping the pattern intact, this is a good example of it, and a good edge remix of the 2001-06 alternate in a way
+ It's so simple but I love the numbers on the shoulders
+ Black alternate looks good
+ Good execution

- The black upper arms would look better if they were like the white jersey where the main thick stripe is black and the underneath remained orange (hope that makes sense)
- It's not the worst example of it but I'm not crazy about the vintage white on the black jersey
- If you're going to use a template that shows the front of a helmet, don't forget the helmet numbers

Rating: 8.5/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ While I like the Flyers current 50th logo, something as simple as a 50 with wings looks just as good, and is a little more creative
+ The upper jersey looks fantastic, with the welcomed return of the Hextall era striping
+ Good execution for the most part
+ Keystone captain's patch

- The bottom of the hem stripe or lack there of is dreadfully plain and it kills the upper jersey. To fix this, add a white hem string of the same thickness, that's it
-The left back arm is missing a TV number
- The placement of the anniversary logo is odd, looking number on number, when there's room for it on the front of the jersey

Rating: 8/10

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: Justin N.)

+ Right away this is one of the fullest concepts we've had on HJC, featuring not only a full uniform kit but merchandise and an ice surface. Love the effort!
+ Custom logo is a good mix of the Kachina pattern nostalgia loves and the current logo
+ Jerseys are almost identical, but I like how the home looks like Boston's alternate and the away looks a little more traditional, but they still match decently
+ The great looks great, that jacket has a solid retro vibe to it, as does the ice
+ Brown great that doesn't look vintage
+ Good execution

- Not really getting why putting beige on the white jersey was necessary

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me

October 23, 2016

Sunday: A Tale of Two Teams Part 2!

Hi everybody. If you guys remember last week, I did a story on the San Jose State Club Hockey team and how they're trying to make a name for themselves on the campus. They were part one of my two part series.

This week, I'm talking about a team who plays not to get noticed, but because they still want to play. This team is in the shadow of the Juggernaut varsity team but they don't care. They'd rather let their record do the talking than the numbers in the seats. I'm talking about the Boston College Club Hockey team.

I've always had a love for the Varsity team because of the history and the schools identity has always been one of my favorites. So when the guys over at Rebirth told me that they had the task of giving the club team it's own identity from the varsity team, I felt that it was only right to give some recognition to a team who's success doesn't get as noticed as it should. So without further ado, I give to you the Boston College Club Hockey team's uniforms as done by Rebirth Sports.

All photos and mockups from Rebirth Sports
 After talking with Michael Gilfillan from the Club team, he stated that the club was trying to go with a past and present theme for the uniforms this year. For the crests, they choose to go with the Vintage "BC with eagle" logo and a "Boston College Script" on the Light, while using the current "BC with eagle" logo on the shoulders of both jerseys. The classic style striping is beautiful with the Red-Gold-White color scheme. Overall, I say that Boston College Club Hockey scored big with this whole uniform design. Unfortunately these beautiful creations aren't for sale to the general public, which is sad because I'd love to have one of these.

Like Michael said to me, they work hard in practice so they can keep the high standard of hockey at Boston College, regardless of who sees them do it. To the boys of BC Club Hockey, it's about the game. Not the fame.

We have a new competition going on this week so get your concepts in and don't forget to vote for all the COTW!

COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)

Chris Weidler- Neumann University Knights
Positives: I had to look this school up and they do have a hockey team and the jerseys are pretty basic. This gives them a much needed upgrade. The striping is much more attractive than the what they have now and it gives them a better identity for their hockey team.
Negatives: Chris I get that you go by "Deked 73 designs" but please put your name as well on the concept because for all we know you could have copied this off of another website. Those italicized numbers on the primary jersey don't really work on this overall design. And Finally, make the sock striping match the uniforms.
Overall: 8.75/10

Justin Nahhas- Carolina Hurricanes
Positives: Yes the hurricane flag striping is on this! getting past that, this is a pretty good looking design too. The minimalist approach that you take actually works with this design compared to what the Hurricanes actually wear. The white jersey also looks really nice too with the red ends.
Negatives: Why the red pants for the alternate? Also, get rid of that white on the socks. Finally, why does this look like a picture?
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE

Lucas Daitchman- Carolina Hurricanes 
Positives: The striping on the primary set looks really good and it impresses me a lot. It give me a 90's vibe but looks traditional at the same time. As for the alternate, love to see the flag logo on the front and part of the striping as well.
Negatives: That striping on the dark primary is kind of strange as compared to the light. Just make the one stripe white and there you go, two identical looking uniforms.
Overall: 8.5/10

Danny Romkes- Carolina Hurricanes
Positives: I have no problems if the hurricanes change to the alternate logo as the primary on the jersey. Also, that striping is actually pretty interesting. Sure, it boarders being too much but it works for a team called the Hurricanes.
Negatives: I'm not sure where you were going with that alternate jersey. It looks sub-par compared to the primary jerseys. The design of the alternate overall is really nice, minus the white on the sleeves, but what is with the H logo? It looks like something a Junior Canadian team would use in the 80's.
 Overall: 8/10  

Well that's all I have today guys. No I have no club hockey team to talk about next week. This is more a monthly thing and the two teams were something I wanted to try. How did you guys like it? I'm leaving it off to Jets for Monday and you guys have a good rest of the week.

October 22, 2016

Saturday:The Streak

Avi's current winning streak here on HJC continues! As you will read, Avi continues to destroy all that are in his path. This streak can only be compared to other great streaks such as Gretzky's 51 game point streak. Or the Flyers' 35 game unbeaten streak. Or Brian Boucher's 332 minute shutout streak. Avi has posted at least one type of win on HJC for 3 straight weeks now and he could make it 4 by next week.

The winner of the 3rd Quarter Vote was Avi.

Full Results

Avi's Las Vegas concept will face off against Josiah's Hamilton Bulldogs concept in the first COTY Semi-Final, to be held in late January 2017.


The winner of the COTW vote for October 7-13 was Brooks F.

Full Results

Sherbrooke's logo plays really well on many concepts. Brooks proves that here with this week's win. Congrats. Jeez, Brooks has been slacking a bit. This is his first COTW win since early August. And now everyone who has not won a COTW gets angry at me.


The winner of the Carolina Hurricanes ReDesign was Avi!

Full Results

This is Avi's 2nd straight competition win, as he also won the Ottawa Senators ReDesign. With the win, Avi's concept has moved into the COTW vote.


The new COTW nominees for the week of October 14-20 have been listed on the side of the page. You can click the link in the poll to see the concepts. If you have a Google account and are logged into it the poll will appear to you and you will have until Friday at noon to place your vote.


I know I said that a Colorado Avalanche ReDesign would be next, but we did one just over a year ago. Because of this I have changed this week's competition to a Calgary Flames ReDesign. The last Flames ReDesign that we did was 2 and a half years ago. Many of the people who entered that competition have moved on. I will have fun comparing this group of entries with those as the rules are very similar. Click the banner at the top of the page to read all of the rules. Entries are due Friday at noon Eastern. Good luck to all.


Last week's poll asked what your favourite team is. Here are the results:
The Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins have the most fans on this blog followed by Leafs fans, Red Wings fans, and some other fans. We will see who wins the Cup this year and if it influences this answer when I ask it again in a year's time.

At the top of this poll I mentioned Wayne Gretzky's 51 game point streak. That inspires this week's question asking what you think the most remarkable Wayne Gretzky hockey achievement is. The results will be revealed next week.

Soon to be replacing the Weekly Poll for a bit will be something I'm calling "The Season". It will be a Saturday exclusive competition where we only have a certain number of entrants. Those entrants will be anonymous and only represented by a team. They will submit a concept which goes head-to-head each week against another team. A new concept will be submitted for the playoffs and then another new one for the Final. I think it's something neat that you guys might like. I'll have complete details next week.


COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)

October 21, 2016

Friday: NHL Uniform Countdown - Part 2

Hello folks!  Last week I began to rank the home and road uniforms of every NHL team, and I'll be continuing to do that today.  In case you missed that post, here's the list so far...

30.  Colorado Avalanche
29.  Calgary Flames
28.  Ottawa Senators
27.  Buffalo Sabres
26.  Anaheim Ducks
25.  San Jose Sharks
24.  Los Angeles Kings
23.  Nashville Predators

Also here's the link if you want to go check out that post.  That's enough about last week though, let's get to the teams ranked from 22nd to 15th...

22.  Carolina Hurricanes
Despite having no hurricane-flag pattern, I still Carolina's jerseys have a few things going for them.  I like the white jersey, especially the name in the extended yoke, and I'm also a fan of their font and red pants.  I don't like the red jersey though, simply put it just lacks character.

21.  Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks are might favourite NHL team, so you might be surprised to see them this far back on the list, and to be honest I didn't expect to have them in the bottom ten either.  They have one of my favourite colour schemes in the league, and I also like the striping patterns of both jerseys.  But I have some major issues with the jerseys as well, I don't like the main logo, I'm not a fan of their number font, and I think the collars need some green.

20.  Tampa Bay Lightning
I think Tampa Bay's jerseys look quite good.  They're also very plain, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but in my opinion they could be improved by adding some unique elements from their original jerseys (like victory stripes and contrasting shoulder yokes).  I do like the Lightning's logo, but I don't think it needs a wordmark on the road jersey.  I also love the lightning bolt on the pants, but I dislike the addition of black to it and the numbers.

19.  Columbus Blue Jackets
There's nothing I really dislike about the Blue Jackets' home and road uniforms.  The striping pattern is very simple (especially on the home jersey), but don't think it looks bad.  I think the red pants are key, I wouldn't like the simplicity of the jerseys if they wore blue from head to toe.  I also like their logo, and they have a decent enough number font for me.

18.  Arizona Coyotes
I was surprised at the negative reaction towards the Coyotes new jerseys when they were unveiled prior to last season.  I liked (and still like) the design, it's simple without being generic, it's modern but not too crazy, it's something I wish I thought of.  Their new number font and shoulder logos were also big improvements in my opinion.  My only complaint is there's too much black on the white jersey once you add in the black pants, I almost think they should go with maroon pants on the road.

17.  Winnipeg Jets
Coming in at number 17 is the Winnipeg Jets.  I like their colour scheme, and I think their have decent logos and a good number font.  Their striping pattern is good as well, it's a good balance of modern and traditional.  The sleeves stripes crossing the yoke on road jersey isn't my favourite, but it doesn't ruin the jersey for me either.

16.  New York Islanders
The New York Islanders have classic uniforms.  They use bright colours, an old school logo, and a traditional striping pattern.  It's a good look, but I think they're the wrong version of their classic uniforms.  I'd prefer the variation they wore during their dynasty in the 1980's, which used a different striping pattern for the blue jersey, and had an extra blue outline on the white jersey's logo.  Their current jerseys aren't bad though.

15.  Dallas Stars
I love the colour green, and back in 2013 when we found out the Stars were getting new jerseys I had high expectations.  Apparently I let my expectations get too high, because I was disappointed even though the Stars unveiled good looking jerseys using a great shade of green.  My problem is the home jersey looks like a Stars jersey "in the style of the Chicago Blackhawks", which does look good but I'd prefer if the Stars create a style of their own.

I know some of these rankings will be unpopular, so feel free to tell me why I'm wrong in the comments.


The COTW vote will be reset sometime between now and tomorrow's post, here's your voting reminder for once it's up.  There will also be a new competition announced tomorrow, which Ryan may or may not have hinted about last Saturday.

COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday, Oct 28 @ noon Eastern)


Belleville Senators, by Ryan C:
My first reaction upon seeing this concept was "I've seen this before".  It turns out I haven't, it just feels that way since Ryan has already used this exact striping pattern at least once before, and this specific font for at least five other concepts (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5).  I bring this up because I don't think anyone can improve their concepts by recycling their old ideas, the only way to improve is by trying something new (also, seeing the same idea over and over again is boring).  Putting that aside, the design of the concept is pretty good, and I like the decision to use red pants.  However, I think the wordmark in the logo should be flipped, so that the top of the letters are on the inside.
Rating: 8/10

South Carolina Stingrays, by Ryan H:
We also have a concept from the other Ryan, which if  he hadn't procrastinated would have been his entry for the Stingrays contest held on Icethetics.  I like how the stripes are red on one half of the jersey and white on the other, it's unique and matches the logo.  The shadowing on the numbers are also unique and match the logo, but unlike in the logo they just don't look 3D to me (I don't have any suggestions how to fix it, I could never figure this shadowing out).  Lastly, the crescent moon and palm-tree shoulder logos look great.
Rating: 8/10

Victoria Royals, by Taylor R:
Taylor, who's been impressing us lately with his WHL concepts, takes on the Victoria Royals today.  These are a huge improvement over the Royals current jerseys (which actually aren't too bad by CHL standards), I like how the striping pattern avoids looking generic even though it only uses hem and arm stripes.  I'm also a fan of the blue helmet, and the decision to use the Winnipeg Jets font.  There's really nothing here that I don't like.
Rating: 9/10

Vancouver Canucks (Original 7), by Lucas D:
We'll finish up today's post with an "Original 7" Canucks concept from Lucas.  I love seeing the old school Johnny Canuck logo, yes it's very dated but that's exactly why it works so well for this concept.  I also think emphasizing green over blue on the jersey was a good decision, it gives the jersey more character.  The striping pattern is also good, the font fits well, overall everything is very believable.  I've got no real complaints, but on a day when both Taylor and Ryan C scored points for equipment choices, I will suggest adding some equipment.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


That's all folks!